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I have always loved the outdoors, and combining hiking and camping was pure pleasure. The following story is 90% factual and it was one of the greatest experiences of my camping / spanking life.

A long time ago I was camping with the girl I was dating. We were in the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York State. We hiked into the forest about 3 miles to a lean-to by the side of Cascade Pond, actually it was the size of a small lake. The lean-to was only about fifty feet from where the pond emptied over a natural rock spillway. Naturally the sound of the water rushing over the rocks was very soothing, but loud.
We were feeling very horny one day and I bent her over the opening to the lean-to, undid her pants, pulled them and her panties down to her ankles and gave her a spanking, which she loved getting. The sight of her rose colored bottom put me in an excited condition. It didn’t take much coaxing for her to turn around and suck my cock. Positive that we were alone I got behind her and gave her a good fucking.

It wasn't long after we finished, in fact I hardly put away my cock when we heard some noise on the trail on the other side of the stream. Two women were hiking alone. We invited them over to our lean-to, hospitality is important on the trail, and they came over to rest. We all looked at each other rather sheepishly and we knew that they had seen us. Like hospitality, privacy is also important in the out-of-doors. I asked them how long they had been watching us. At the question, their cheeks turned bright red. I ventured back with the comment that apparently they had seen a whole lot more than they should have and such invasion of privacy should not go unpunished. I looked at my girlfriend and asked her what she thought would be a suitable payback. She did not hesitate to offer the suggestion that they should get a dose of what she herself had received not long before.

Nervously, they wanted to know what she meant. I said that undoubtedly they had seen us having sex, but before that I had given my girlfriend a spanking on her bare ass. They were alarmed at the thought, but I explained how violated we felt and if the tide were turned how would they feel. I vouched that they would not be raped or sexually molested, just spanked. To guarantee that nothing else would happen, my girlfriend would oversee. They wanted to know why they should trust her. I told them that as a guarantee, after their spankings they could both spank my girlfriend if that’s what they wanted. You’ve never seen a head shoot up as fast as hers when I said that. They relented and reluctantly agreed but they made me promise not to spank them too hard. I assured them that I would only spank them as hard as fit the crime.

Then, one after the other they went over my knee, first spanking them over their hiking shorts and then on the bare. They did their share of complaining about how hard I was spanking them, but I actually did go easy on them, after all I was teetering on the brink of assault. They managed to look at my girlfriend with a grin as they took my offer to spank her seriously. One held her arms and the other one pulled down her pants and bent her over their knees and gave her a harder spanking than I gave them. She was telling them to stop because they were hurting her. I told her to lie there and be good and I would reward her later. After, I invited them to stay for lunch, which they did and talked about camping. I invited them to stay with us. They were attractive women and I was beginning to get excited at the thought. They said no, because they knew we needed our privacy (they smiled at that) and we are going to need privacy of our own. So I said, I'm sure you do. Later that day my girl and I fucked again like crazy imagining the women watching us.

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for me its the worm feelings I get after bieng spanked :), what about you?

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Hey guys. So first off I'd like to say thanks for all the positive comments and support. You really make me feel welcome and appreciated, so thanks. Secondly I'm thinking my next few vids will be more self-spanking, but only a few. After that I won't make another vid till I can get a partner in it as well. I'll still upload self-spanking pictures so don't worry about that.

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i have decided to accept spankable male spankees to spank and monitor online and share the videos on the site. those who are interested send me a message titled "spankee"

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Anyone from NYC, Long Island wanna chat today ?

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. . . you're in a hurry to briefly convey the necessary information, your brain hesitates between "the bottom line" and "the bare minimum", and what emerges is "the bare bottom".

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For a number of years now Jen and I have been good friends with a guy who has an interest in corporal punishment just like us. We three have played many times. Last Sunday Jen came up with the idea that we should cane him;over some iced tea in the garden he had boasted that he could take the cane from the both of us without '...even a whimper....' Jen suggested that we put him to the test.I agreed and we retired to my study. He still did not take us serious as I locked us into my study and Jen reached behind the bookshelf and produced two canes,handing me one. He laughed and bent over my study desk but this was not good enough for Jen who insisted he drop his trousers and shorts. Now I could see the hesitation in him,his eyes gave off a look of uncertainty as if he suddenly remembered the times when he showed us no mercy and whacked away with the strap.Jen and I stared at him;defiance rose and he unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers,he smirked at us and turned around to face the table before dropping his shorts. I ordered him to bend over the table and both Jen and I left him in no doubt that we were going to give him a good seeing to.

I approached him first and placed my cane across his sit spot. I raised the cane up and watched him shuffle nervously. I brought the cane down,he made no sound. Out of concern I asked was he okay?,to which he replied,"Bring it on woman"!. I brought the cane down again.Jen had walked around the table so that she could see the look on his face,she began to deride him and promise him that he would never forget this. I administered six strokes and then Jen took over. She brought her cane down more centre on his bottom.He placed his forehead on my desk and I ordered him to keep his head up,I must confess that I was impressed with his resolve. Jen brought her cane down again and again causing him to rise onto his tip toes and bang my desk with his fist. Jen took careful aim again and brought the cane down,this was a hard stroke,he again placed his forehead on the desk and pounded my desk with his fist,he looked up at me,that stroke most definitely had brought water to his eyes. He smiled at me and looked back at Jen who was flexing her cane. He stuck his tongue out at her and she responded by delivering another stroke. This time he did cry out,I asked if he had enough?, he hesitated for a brief moment before shaking his head. I resumed my position behind him and delivered four stroked before he almost sank to his knees,he was laughing but I am sure it was really a sign to hide the discomfort he was in. Finally it was Jen who made him crumble and beg us to stop,he had taken 28 stokes in all. Hard well directed strokes. Afterwards we retired to the garden for some freshly made iced tea,he did have some trouble sitting more comfortably this time and Jen came to his rescue with a cushion.

As I type this our male friend,who is quite handy with his hands , is repairing our lawn mower with my niece's boyfriend. There was an unfortunate incident with the lawn mower which I may relate another time. Jen is at work and my niece is painting a fence around the front of the house,at least she better be! I do hope you all have a lovely day. Take good care.

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Jared and I had just wed, I was 23 and Jared 27. We met in business school at the University of Michigan, but as Jared had a head start on me, he was already working for his father's aviation company out of Detroit, Michigan, while I finished my senior year in Ann Arbor. We lived in the middle, in a small condo we could afford on Jared's salary. One day Jared would inherit the company, but he was determined to earn it, and to live within his own means in the meantime.

But as a Christmas gift, Jared had accepted a two week vacation in Italy from his father, because the gift was as much about his father as it was us. Jared's mother died of breast cancer three months before our wedding. She and Jared's father were married for 30 years, and were best friends since childhood. The trip was an opportunity for Jared's father to show us where he met his wife; and to relive their love by sharing it with us.

But on the eve of Christmas break, Michigan was in the bullseye of a 20 inch coastal snowstorm. Walking to my car after my last exam, I listened to 3 voicemails. Two were from Jared telling me to stay put because although Detroit was still clear, Ann Arbor was a mess. The 3rd voicemail was from Aubrey, Jared's father, offering to pay for me to stay in a hotel. He too said it was dangerous for me to be on the road, and that we would postpone our trip a few days, allowing the storm to pass.

I just couldn't be the reason the memorial vacation was cut short; so I ignored the messages and called both Aubrey and Jared's secretaries telling them to have the men and the plane ready, so that we could beat the storm.

I ignored at least 10 more calls from Jared and his father as I drove to the airport. The roads were awful and I nearly slid off the highway a half dozen times, but I thought it was all worth it when I drove onto the airport lot and saw Jared and Aubrey standing outside the small jet.

Jared was clearly pissed at me, but all he said was "sit down and put your seat belt on; we are going to beat this storm out, and then I am going to make a few things clear."

Jared and his father sat in the back of the jet, locked in serious conversation, their eyes eerily on me. After a full hour, they approached me together. Aubrey laid a folded blanket over the armrest of the bench I was occupying, pulled what looked like a wide belt from an overhead compartment, and then instructed his son to inform me what was about to happen.

Jared leaned down, sternly looking me in my eyes, "Belle, I am going to strap your bare bottom for risking your life on the road. You were told to stay put and I will not allow the woman I love to put herself at risk." He then reached down to unbuckle my seat belt, and pulled me up by my arm."

Jared had never spoken to me that way before, and it scared me. I tried to pull away from him, and was already chocking back tears when I begged "Jared NO. I'm sorry. Please NO. I just didn't want to be responsible for your dad missing his trip."

It was Aubrey that answered, "young lady, the only thing you are responsible for is putting your life at risk and threatening to take from my son the thirty years of happiness he deserves with you, that I already had with my love. Now, you bend over this armrest and cooperate for your husband, or I am going to strap you myself." He sternly pointed to the armrest.

There was no doubt looking at these two men, that fighting would be futile, so I slowly bent over as instructed, finding solace in the fact that I could at least now hide my tears in the seat.

"Jared, push her forward so that the middle of her bottom sits at the highest point over the armrest, and then pull her pants and underwear down to her knees where they are well out of the way," Aubrey instructed.

"Belle is a healthy girl, so if need be you can spank her from the top of her bottom down to this crevice at the top of her knees. (I could feel Aubrey's slight touch on the back of my legs as he spoke.) But for a first lesson, you should stick to her lower bottom and thighs to make it count were it hurts the most, with no lasting harm."

"I grabbed this strap from my office. It got thirty years worth of use on a woman we both loved, but out of respect to her, we won't mention that again. It's yours now." Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jared take the strap from Aubrey.

"The trick is to spread the sting as far and hard as possible by striking her with the strap flat. You'll need to stand about a foot back, and use your other hand to pin hers at her lower back. She is not going to be able to keep her hands out of the way this first time and you don't want to catch or cut a finger."

"You heard my father Belle, give me your hands," Jared demanded.

I begged, "Please NO Jared, I'm sorry. Please, handsome, you are embarrassing me." But Jared just forced my hands into his without even responding to my plea.

He then asked his father "how many?"

"Until she gives out. Don't keep a number in mind. When she needs a lesson, you spank her until she is out of fight and beg, and is all cried out. You'll know when she's done, and then your done. And when you lay down the strap you also let go of every bit of resentment and anger, understand?"

"Yes, Sir." Jared agreed.

Aubrey took a step back, "Good, then get started. Remember it's not about strength, its about sting and precision. Hit her flat, right on that tender sit spot."

I heard the lick before I felt it, and when it hit I screamed, jolting under the strength of Jared's hand. I was not expecting anything so painful. "Please, ouch, God NO more Jared..."

"Son, that was perfect, but you see how the red peaked then cooled in only a few seconds. You need to build a rhythm; lick her, let the color peak, then hit that exact same spot again before the color cools. And don't stop that beat. You just let her kick and cry and beg her little heart out. That's just the sound of a little girl learning her lesson."

Jared's next lick was followed by another, and another, and another....he had found the rhythm of agony. I screamed so loud I'm sure they heard me back in Detroit. I sobbed and begged and attempted every move possible to shield my sit spot from the strap - but Jared held me firmly in place. I even bucked my legs from the floor until they were flat on the seat across the aisle. This caused a slight pause in the strapping until I heard Aubrey say, "son, you just keep right on spanking her, she just made her sore thighs a flatter, easier target."

Aubrey and Jared continued to converse thru the duration of my spanking, but my cries of pain drowned my ears, and soon I could concentrate on nothing but the fire on my backside. Dozens of licks and sobs later, when Jared finally dropped the strap and let go of my hands, I jumped up and ran to the back of the plane, where I danced and spun in place, grasping my bottom, desperately trying to rub away the sting. I was bawling.

Aubrey left me with my privacy the remainder of the flight, but Jared joined me a few minutes later, pulling me into his arms as forcefully as he had first pulled me up from my seat. He tipped me back on his lap so that he could reach my bottom and help rub the sting away himself. I apologized to him again, by he just hushed me, and told me I was loved.

Aubrey never again mentioned to me the spanking, the strap, or my disobedience. And in Italy, at the spot where he first met his wife, Aubrey held me close, whispering in my ear "we always wanted a daughter, and now we have one."

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At the end of March, i was enjoying being on the tube, chatting to friendsand learning new things. Then i made a silly mistake, giving someone my personnel facebook details. My partner has always given me strict instructions, give no one your email, facebook or phone number, EVER ! But i did.
And that was the end of my account, my partner deleted everything then closed my account. He allowed me to rejoin, to chat only to the friends id already made, that was the deal. No blogs or pic or videos to be posted.
As some of you know ive tried very hard to get G to allow it, but he flatly refused, which often led to me having a mega strop, then ending with a burning, sore bottom for my behaviour.

But ive given this break a chance to concentrate on being a perfect little sub. Sometimes im able to, but then at times ive become a brat. Not always on purpose.
Ive new rules, and i have to write 100 lines every morning, in pencil, with the date in pen, no chance of cheating then, im to wear makeup every day, no exception, each to be photographed and sent to G to prove ive done it.
Any form of arguing im sent straight for a 10 minute timeout, either downstairs or if our son is home, im to go to our bedroom.
Instant punishment has become a definite.
The look and youre on your last warning, has become enough to make me realise ive pushed too far.
And saying im sorry is not enough to vent off a hard spanking.
Ive also discovered i really enjoy rough sex. Quite shocked at that one.
Ive also discovered i love icecubes up my pussy and my ass. The feeling is quite wild.
We always have made up ready, ginger icecubes that believe me, do the trick but not as much as figging, but i found the feeling lasted thru to the next day.
Icecubes in both holes, then plugs put in immediately is awesome.

I think thats my catch up completed, ofcourse there has been plenty of punishments, all serious, i still cant stay still yet but i am trying very hard.
Usually the threat of starting all over again, has been enough to keep me still.
And G has become much more strict, so if i do mess and move around, i know he will start the count again.
We are both still learning, but our journey so far has been incredible, hard to believe we only started any form of spanking only a year ago. But we love it.

The English Mansion
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all gave some.... some gave all.. please remember ...

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY everyone n God bless!!

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Hello everyone I am being childish but I do have a little girl inside of me that likes to throw things especially my food when i don't like it. What should happen when my mommy finds out

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Finally, my partner has allowed me to start blogging again, after my ban at the end of March. Due to a silly mistake i made.
Im so pleased as ive felt lost without it.
Im allowed to post pics and videos too.
So friends, watch this space. Xx

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I also like wearing bodytights. They are much thinner than a leotard and tights or a unitard. They are actually meant to wear with other dance clothes but I like wearing them alone with some nice heels or boots. My spanker likes to have me wear them for punishment spankings because they are so thin and the spankings sting even more. They still hold in the heat like regular tights so the effect of the spanking lasts longer!

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I love wearing leotards and tights! They feel so good and I get so excited when I'm wearing them. They make me want to get a long hard spanking. I love getting a spanking when I'm wearing a nice leotard and tights! The sensation of going over the knee when I'm wearing them and the sting of the spanking is wonderful! I wear a leotard and tights almost every day! I love wearing them to go shopping or to run errands.

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People be in my inbox all THE time asking me who is my Daddy so let me answer that question..My Daddy ALWAYS MAKES ME FEEL SECURE, So I know who I belong to! My Daddy is the first and the last, the beginning n the end, the keeper of creation n the creator of all, the architecture of the universe n the manager of all time, he always was, always is n always will be, unmoved, unchanged, undefeated, n never undone! he was bruised but brought healing, he was pierced but eased pain, he was persecuted but brought freedom, he was dead n brings life AND he is risen to bring power, n he raised to bring peace...the world cant understand him, army's cant defeat him, schools cant explain him, n leaders cant ignore him, the new age cannot replace him n no ONE can explain him away! HE LIKES ME AND LOVES ME! HIS LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL! HE WILL NEVER ABANDON ME! HE IS THE WISDOM OF THE WISE, THE POWERFUL OF THE POWERFUL, HE WILL NEVER LEAVE ME, NEVER FORGET ABOUT ME!WHEN I FALL HE WILL LIFT ME UP!WHEN I FAIL HE WILL FORGIVE ME!

He is light, he is love, he is longevity he is THE lord! he is goodness n kindness and he is MY KING! I will submit to him without hesitation, he is good n pure, his ways are right, his words eternal, my comfort n his love is unconditional the leader of all leaders , his mind is on me, I follow him because he will never leave me, never forsake me, never overlook me n never cancel my appointment in his book ,never mislead me, he will encourage me when I face problems, when I hurt he will comfort me and when I face lost he will provide for me and that is who i belong too! HE IS FAITHFUL AND PURE, MY SAVIOR AND GUIDE, HIS YOLK IS EASY AND HIS GOAL IS FOR ABUNDANT LIFE, HIS GOAL IS A RELATIONSHIP WITH ME, WHEN I FAIL HE WILL FORGIVE ME, WHEN I'm AFRAID HE WILL ENCOURAGE ME, and protect me, he is everything, when I'm weak, he is strong, when I'm blind he will lead me, in every way... and that is who I belong to, he is my Daddy!

The English Mansion
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All my videos are now on sale through Monday May 31 2016. Please remember to thank a veteran for their service. Without them, none of this would be possible.
Enjoy the weekend in peace

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Posted by a friend on Facebook.

If you're not being treated with love & respect, check your "Price Tag." Perhaps you have marked yourself down. It's "YOU" who tell people what you're worth by what you accept. Get off the "CLEARANCE RACK" & get behind the glass where they keep all the "VALUABLES". Bottom line is, "VALUE" yourself more!

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I was talking with Mommy and she said I needed a spanking. I of course didn't want one and tried to argue my way out of it. It didn't work so I was directed to give myself a spanking. Not fun. I had to use my new bath brush and my new paddle and not the nice side. The pyramid side. It hurts and sitting isn't much fun. I'm sorry Mommy I was being a brat.

The English Mansion
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I had to get a second spanking for getting that ticket in Chicago for driving and using my cell phone. I wore the same dress and boots with black fishnet tights this time! I got a very hard spanking and the video should get posted soon. I uploaded it yesterday. I hope everyone will like it! My butt is still on fire from that spanking yesterday!!!!!

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The summons, when it arrived, hit Jane almost like a punch in the solar plexus.

“Report to my house at 10am sharp on Saturday morning – full school uniform. You will come on the bus. I suggest that you be punctual as I shall be in no mood to put up with any nonsense. You are in enough trouble as it is!”

She had been expecting it of course – it had been a mistake to confess about bunking off work. But somehow – admitting it to Sir had also been a release. It had been playing on her conscience, giving her no peace. She did not want to be punished – but rather she “needed” to be. It was odd to explain.

And it would not be a pleasant experience – she knew that too. Sir had warned her that the next time she transgressed it would mean a caning. The list had grown too long and needed to be cleared. He had not yet had cause to cane her up until now – but she knew what to expect. He had allowed her to watch and listen when he had punished Pauline a week ago. When it came to a caning – Sir did not pussyfoot around.

How the poor girl had gasped and wriggled as the vicious rattan had cut into her taught knickers whilst she presented herself submissively across his desk. The whooping noise as it had sliced through the air. The dull thwack which had echoed mockingly off of the walls as it bit deep into her upturned bottom. The squeals of anguish – the tears – the vigorous rubbing of tender weals as she had pulled down her knickers afterwards, revealing the lurid marks emblazoned across the white flesh of her bottom and upper thighs.

Finally the shame, as she had been sternly reprimanded before being ignominiously dismissed. Jane closed her eyes and could recall it all in minute detail. On Saturday morning it would be her turn to bend over the desk. Her skirts would be raised. She would feel the coldness of the polished desktop against her cheek when she stretched across to grip the far edge.

There would be a moment’s respite while Sir took a couple of practice swings before taking his position behind her. He would be able to see her knickers. How shameful – yet she would push up on tip-toes, presenting her bottom towards him, hoping that she could take her punishment with as much dignity as the situation would allow.

Suddenly Jane felt the urgent need to rush to the toilet.

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