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Hello spanko’s! I would just like to thank everyone that participated in the last blog, it was really fun! For the most part everything it said about me was correct! Will be posting another one soon. Also and to everyone that loved the last video…” My Angry Session” thank you so much for your compliments.

Sometimes in domestic discipline you will get caught up in your feelings, whether that is sadness and tears or anger and Fears…I know I hate to cry during a recorded session, and it is never my attention to lash out at my Mentor, but for all of you who appreciate real sessions thank you for understanding, because that is a part of my life I don’t have to share, but I do sometimes, because Domestic discipline to me is very real. With that being said, there aint no telling what could happen when recording a live session, because it is not an act, it is that real life situations.

Anyway I just wanted to thank you all for your understanding, those of you who realize DD is about real situations and I’m not going to edit out everything, because a lot of people, like to see real shit lol. 16,000 views in a couple of days proved that. Anyway goodnight My Spanko Family!

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Just to let friends know our travels / expedition as come to an end.We have turned from heading North to South.
We are now gradually returning to home port.Will contact all friends upon return.
Hope you are keeping those bottoms warm.
Good Luck.........SRC

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I was born naked,first thing I remember there was a woman in a uniform spanking me.....Explains a lot....

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The story so far.It’s another hot day in the Delta, and not much is moving in the sleepy town of Hicksville, save for flies and mosquitos.

Bunny and Linnea are having a lesbian affair. Jim fancies Linnea and would dearly like to give her the old meat and two veg. Bunny is insanely possessive over her lover and will cheerfully point a loaded sawn-off at anybody who so much as looks at Linnea. Corporal Blunt and Matron Trapp are busy giving inmate Siri a hard time at the County Correctional Facility. I can’t really remember the rest – but ask Mike. His memory is better than mine!

Anyway, on the other side of the railroad tracks in the shed next to “Old Jim’s” trailer, “G” and Mike had stripped Daisy and Lisa, strung them up by their wrists, and were taking turns to flick the flies off of the girls’ asses with a bullwhip.

Meanwhile Jim was inside his trailer watching his Rocky Horror video. Whilst so engaged, he was also trying to work out a way of moving Bunny aside and making a play for Linnea. He was finding it real difficult to concentrate because of the noise coming from the shed. Eventually he flicked the remote pause button and went next door to investigate.

When he opened the shed door he was quite astonished to see what was going on.

“Listen guys!” he said. “Can you try to keep the noise down. I am trying to concentrate on Susan Sarandon, who is a very fine actress in my opinion, and all I can hear is these girls screaming. It’s very distracting and I would be most obliged if you would gag them or something!" (He glared in the ladies’ direction and asked) “What exactly is going on pray?”

Well naturally, both Daisy and Lisa both starts talking at once, complaining vehemently in the way that ladies in such circumstances often do, but Jim silences them with a gesture of the hand and another of his withering looks.

“Please be quiet ladies,” he said politely. “I am addressing my remarks to the gentlemen.

”“Aw shucks, sorry Jim.” said G apologetically. “We was just having a little fun. The girls have gotten syrup on their asses and we was just a-wiping the flies off for them.”

“Well I can understand you having fun but…… Syrup ...? I hope you ain’t been using my finest maple syrup for this purpose!”

“Well we ain’t used much of it.” said Mike defensively. “We tried to find some strawberry jam but you ain’t got any!”

“Jeez you guys……shut up ladies……..that was a present from my Auntie Anna up in Seabright N.S. I was going to have it for my tea on Sunday. Now kindly give it back or I shall be cross. Ladies I shall not ask you again!”

“But Jim!” piped up Lisa. “Surely you are not going to let these guys hang us up by our wrists like this and leave us alone with them. This is torture!"

Jim thought for a moment.

“Look.” he said wearily. “Don’t you think you are making a teensy-weensy bit too much of a fuss here? You ain’t actually “hanging” because any dumbass can see that your feet is mostly touching the floor, and anyone can see that the guys are only fooling around. They will let you go in a couple of hours and we can all have a big laugh about it. Now, if you will excuse me I have things on my mind, and I would appreciate a little peace and quiet!”

With that he retrieved the syrup bottle from Mike and went back to his deliberations over Linnea and Susan Sarandon.

Mike looked at G and shrugged. “Maybe that was bad of us to take his syrup without asking him first. Tell you what, let’s gag the ladies up and go and get him a couple of beers! He won’t be mad at us for long.”

“Okay!” nodded G. With that they gag the girls and hop into Mikes battered ole Chevrolet pick-up truck, then head off down to Misty Moo’s drugstore.

Meanwhile, Jim is trying to watch his RHPS video with little success. He is about to enjoy the scene where Janet sings ‘Toucha-Touch Me’ and all he can hear is a lot of banging and commotion coming from the shed next door. Starting to get just a teeny bit peeved, he goes to investigate.

What he finds is that Lisa and Daisy are still tied up, M and G are nowhere to be seen and an alligator is nibbling at Daisy’s ass.

“What the hell is going on here?” he yells. “I thought I told you girls to pipe down!”


“Oh boy!” sighed Jim, resigned to the fact that he wasn’t going to get any peace until he let them go. “Wait there while I get a knife.”


“Jeez will you gals shut up? Don’t be afraid of the gator, she’s tame as hell. She is only licking your asses to get at the syrup. In any case, she’s a bit sort of …well you know….likes girls. She’s a bit funny that way. Now c’mon Lizzy, leave my friends alone and git back to the reservation before I call the wardens. You can come over to tea on Sunday. I got some syrup left despite that rascal Mike wasting it on the girls’ asses.”

Lizzy looks at Jim a bit old-fashioned, as though she disapproves of Mike wasting the syrup like that too. She hates it when the wardens come and sedate her and stuff, so she makes herself scarce.

Once Lizzy has gone, the girls calm down a bit. Jim fetches a Bowie knife and has them cut down before you can say Kentucky Fried Chicken. But if he thought that they was gonna be grateful, then he was to be mistaken.

“You utter asshole!” yelled Daisy, as soon as she could remove the gag. “How come you let that beast in here? We could have been killed or something!”

“Yes killed!” echoed Lisa rubbing her wrists to get the circulation going. “And how could you let M and G do that to us and go off like that. We bin tied up for hours.”

“Well yes I am a bit cross about that myself, admitted Jim rubbing his jaw thoughtfully, “I don’t like them using my bullwhip on syrupy asses. It makes the tail all sticky and perishes the leather. Tell you what, why don’t we go into my trailer; we can watch the rest of my film, and I will lick the rest of the syrup off your asses myself. I got some root beers and jambalaya in the refrigerator that you are welcome to share. Do we have a deal?”

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Jewel's and my time in Oregon and Washington was wonderful and far too short. Portland and Seattle are two of my favorite big towns and I loved being in them again. Jewel has never been to Seattle before and I think she fell in love with it.

We divided our time between the cities and smaller towns and National Parks. We spent several days in Port Angeles. It is a picturesque working harbor that is also the stepping off place for the ferry to Victoria, BC so it sees a lot of tourist traffic too. We were having too much fun in the US to step across into Canada. Next time, perhaps.

One highlight of the trip for me was to walk out to Cape Flattery and stand on the very Northwest corner of the Continental US. The trail is only 1/2 mile long from where the road ends but Jewel left the the walking to me and our American Eskimo dog. When you get there, you really are on a corner with 100 ft. drops on two sides and a beautiful view.

Another great moment for me was ordering razor clams and being confronted with a heaping plate of these sea monsters! For those unfamiliar, a breaded razor clam is like getting a clam strip the size of your foot. (I will include a picture.)

Jewel loved the Ferry trip we took from Bremerton into Seattle. It is beautiful as the boat threads its way through the fjords of the Peugeot Sound and then watching Seattle approach you. She also loved the evening we spent on the jetty at Port Angeles watching the sun set and the lights come on in the town as they were reflected in the bay.

Sadly, we never found just the right place and time to talk about my discipline and I am sitting far too comfortably as I am writing this account. Jewel and I need to have a talk about this condition!

PS: How do you make the photos come out bigger in a blog?

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I very proud of my 20 year old son who is about to have his book launch party. My son who has had problems with learning has over come them and is still proving people wrong. I am proud of for finishing high school with no children or one on the way. Yes, I am a very very very very very very PROUD MAMA RIGHT HERE!!!!!!

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A Sequel

I wake. I yawn. I stretch. I reach to pat my husband on his tummy. HUH, no tummy! I open my eyes, look to his side of the bed, no husband. I think “maybe he’s making coffee.” I sniff, no coffee. I look at his pillow, a note. All it’s says is—


Golfing, it says golfing. Today is Saturday. Today is chore day. No golf on chore day. No golf, especially when I know nothing about it.

I get up and go to the kitchen. There’s a sign on the coffee pot—

“Coffee’s ready, just turn on.”

I hit the button and get the cream from the refrigerator. I put bread in the toaster and relax. The toaster pops and I prepare my toast and wait for the coffee to finish.

Coffee is finished. Pour and prepare coffee. I start to make a list of things that need to be done today.

Clean kitchen
Clean bath
Change sheets
Get spanking implements out.
Prepare woodshed.
Warm up my swatting arm.

Remember the last spanking I got in the woodshed, where I swore I’d get even. Today is that day. Shortly after, I purchased a “terror” braided loop. I found it on a spankingtube video by Dana Kane. It sure looked like sweet revenge to me.

Done with breakfast, I go to strip the bed and gather the laundry. I start the washer and clean the bathroom. I empty the washer to the dryer and put in another load. Go to the kitchen and start cleaning the counters, cabinet faces and floor. Dryer done, fold the laundry and put the washed load into the dryer. Next washing the towels and sheets. Start the dusting and organizing. Took out the vacuum and complete the living and dining rooms before folding the laundry and placing the towels and sheets in the dryer. Finish the vacuuming and had another cup of coffee while waiting for the dryer. Fold the sheets and towels and put fresh sheets and towels in the master suite. Fix lunch.

Now what should I do? I know, prepare the woodshed.

I walk to the woodshed, carrying the “terror” with me. Oh, I’m so excited. I dust, and place the strap, paddle, and the cane, along with the “terror” braided loop on the table. I smile. I go back to the house to shower and prepare for the afternoon activities. I use the lotions he loves the most, might as well smell sweet while I’m beating his pretty bottom to tears. I put on a sexy sundress, one that is easy to move around in. Strappy sandals are next, then just sit around and wait for my bad boy to come home.

It isn’t long before I hear his car. I get up and stand by the door. He enters and all he sees is me, in my sexy dress and shoes pointing to the woodshed. He gulps.


“Don’t honey me. How dare you skip out of chore day. And as you can tell, your chores are yet to be done. But first we have a little correction to apply to your bottom. Now, get to the woodshed. We will do all of our discussion there. I’ll be there shortly and you better be ready.”

(As an aside, J, this is for you. Thorough enough?)

I walk in the woodshed and there he is in all his glory, hands on head, looking worried. Personally, I think he looks damn good.

“Bend over the spanking bench.”

“Honey, can’t we talk about this, just for a little bit?”

“Oh, sweetie, I will be doing all the talking, and you will be doing all the listening, got it?”

“Yes, I got it.”

“If I have to tell you again to bend over the bench, I’ll get out the whip and put 20 stripes across your thighs.”

He bends over the bench, bottom positioned up. I attach the restraints and back away. Two pretty white targets facing me. I have every intention of taking care of them, especially the white part.

“Sweetie, just stay still and listen. You went golfing today. Now usually I don’t care if you go golfing, but you didn’t tell me. You left me a note on the pillow. A note! You thought I wouldn’t approve because it was chore day. But we’ve been through this before, you would just agree to do your chores on Sunday after church. And that’s always been OK in the past. You deceived me, you lied to me, if only by omission. That, my dear, is why you are in trouble.

“You might have noticed a new implement on the table. That’s the ‘terror,’ one of the implements Dana Kane promotes. It seems to be pretty effective. Only time will tell on that. I hope you are ready. I don’t like to be lied to and when I’m done with you, you won’t want to lie to me ever again. And I promise that you will not have a fun time sitting through services tomorrow, or anything else for the next few days. And that ain’t no lie.”

I pick up the cane, then reach over to pat his pretty white bottom. I bend to give each cheek a big wet kiss. I step back and measure the cane. Wap. Did I just hear a howl? 11 more waps before I put the cane down.

I reach to pat his bottom. I run my fingernails across the welts. I know how much he hates this, giggle, giggle.

“Are you doing alright, baby? What do you think the next implement should be? I know, the strap. Let’s start off with , ahh, what do ya say? 50?”

All I hear is a groan coming from the other end. I pick up the strap and notice that the welts are becoming more defined, turning an angry red. Oh, this strap is going to hurt real bad. I wave the strap, lightly scraping his welted cheeks. I reach back and pop. Did I hear another howl? Twenty-four more pops to the far cheek and thigh. I take a step back and apply the last 25 pops to the near cheek and thigh. I lay the strap down, pat his bottom gently, noting the his entire bottom and upper thighs are covered in very red strap marks.

“Now my love, it’s time for the ‘terror.’ I don’t know how this will affect you, so why don’t we start with 20 on each cheek and on each thigh. Then if I think you need more, I’ll give you more, it’s not like you’re going anywhere, right? Let’s get this started.”

I start slapping the right cheek 20 times. I notice faint loop marks appearing there. I’m not swinging the ‘terror’ too hard, but he is trying to wiggle away from it, the ‘terror’ causing more pain than marks. The left cheek and both thighs are next, 20 each. I see little loop marks all over his bottom now and hear him begging for me to stop. I pat him gently.

“It seems you don’t like the little ‘terror’ too much. It barely leaves marks. Let’s try another 20 each, OK? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t matter if you approve or not, the spanker has the last word. Isn’t this fun?”

I didn’t wait for an answer, I could only imagine what it might be. I continue with the ‘terror.’ The previous marks are darkening, turning almost purple. I think I might hear some sobbing. I finish with the ‘terror’ and put it back on the table.

“Honey, I’m going to give you a break before I finish you off. You didn’t forget the paddle, did you? Now stay where you are, oh, that’s right, you can’t go anywhere. I’ll be back in a little while.”

I walk out of the woodshed and up to the house to check any messages. My mother-in-law called.

“Hi mom, what’s up?”

“Just called to make sure the two of you are still coming for dinner tonight.”

“Oh, we are, see you at six. Can I do anything to help?”

“No, I have everything under control. See you at 6.”

I hang up and return to the woodshed. I listen and he seems to have calmed down quite a bit. I reach for the paddle and pat him gently with it. He jumps just a little.”

“I’m ready to finish with your punishment. Thirty with the paddle and we will be done. Hold on, baby.”

Thirty hard smacks and a great deal of yelling, and we are done. I give him a few minutes to recover and then help him up. I hand him his robe and we walk back to the house.

“Go upstairs and get your shower. We have to be at your mother’s at 6.”

“My mother’s, can’t we cancel?”

“You forgot again, and we are not cancelling. We are going to have a nice pleasant dinner with your parents tonight. Now get ready and while I’m getting ready, maybe you should stand in the corner for forgetting. And no fussing, or you’ll be sitting, bared bottomed, on your punishment chair in the corner.”

He headed off to get ready. After we were both ready we got into the car to leave. I was driving, I knew he wasn’t in any shape to do so himself. When we got to his mother’s we walked in, and I noticed that his father was standing in the corner. I pointed to the other corner and he walked over to it, hands on head.

“I don’t want to hear a word from either of you.”

I walked into the kitchen to say hello to my mother-in-law.

“Where’s that son of mine?”

“Standing in the other corner.”

We both giggled.

“That’s what they get for going golfing without telling us. Can I help you with anything?”

“Help me put things on the table. Then we can call the guys in. It will be fun seeing who is trying the hardest not to squirm around too much during dinner.”

“That will be fun. But you know they will want to get even with us.”

We both nodded and just giggled.

©2014 CLG0413

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I started liking spanking as a young fellow, between 8-10 years old, That is Someone Else being Spanked, I remember seeing Dobie Gillis's father hand spank his pajama covered bottom, Michael Burns getting his snug jean clad rump spanked soundly on Wagon Train.
I remember off screen spankings where you saw results but not the actual spankings, on Flipper, Bonanza, Movies, later Good Times series.
Then one day between 18 and 20 I happened on a movie titled
" MIXED COMPANY" about a couple who have several kids but adopt 3 more, one a black kid playing about 12, but who is actually 14 in real life, he really gets on the father's nerve and in a very unexpected turn the kid pushes one too many times, the father on camera turns the kid over his knee and hand spanks his round little brown Bare Bottom!
I found myself thinking about Spanking all the time and while playing around with family I would get in a swat or two it was not until college I actually got to spank another guy for real, it was odd how easy it happened, my room mate and I were arguing in fun and my inner thoughts came to the surface and I blurted out If I am right I am going to give you a good spanking! He really thought he was right and took me on! Of course I was right, but just knew he would work at getting out of it, to my surprise the next morning fresh from the shower in just his tightie whities he just said I guess this is as good a time to pay my debt, he came leaned over my one leg which was up on a chair and I gave about 6 - 8 spanks, not believing it was happening, LOL..... I WAS HOOKED! I found reason to spank 3 or 4 guys in college. Had a bit of a dry spell before finding spanking sites in the Eighties where spanking partners were more easily found.

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With it being Fall, what kind of plans do people have.....going to any harvests? Apple or pumpkin picking? Any Halloween plans yet? If you could incorporate Cosplay and spanking, what would you and your partner be dressed up as?

We are going to a event called "Zoo Boo" @ our local zoo next month with our daughter. We will be getting pumpkins for the front of our place but nothing as far as picking this year with Marie being pregnant. Speaking of which, I want to make her a preggy shirt somewhere that says "lil pumpkin in the patch" lol. If we could incorporate Cosplay with spanking.....Marie would be Cleopatra, and I would be her man servant/slave. I know the roles aren't a far stretch, lol, but we're not really into Cosplay/Roleplay, but we both love the Egyptian theme ;)

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It might seem a bit strange that a guy like Jim, an Englishman, should end up in a place like Hicksville, but when you come to think about it, where else would you expect to find him? He spoke Cockney English, with a hint of slow southern drawl, he was lazy as fuck, and the easy-paced life of the Delta just suited him down to the ground.

Jim was about forty years old when our chronicles began, five feet eight inches tall, bald on top and the hair that remained was close cropped but not shaven. He had a long nose, piercing grey eyes and a firm mouth, but the lines on his face and a ready smile for everyone he met, betrayed an innate good humour.

He had been born in London but had left home at the age of nineteen. Tiring of the English weather, he had taken off to see the world, bumming lifts and doing casual work when he had to; not all of it was strictly legal, but he got by. Having tired of Europe, he had worked his passage on a tramp steamer across the Atlantic, riding the freight trains a little and finally ending up in a bar in Hicksville where he had met Mike, who had offered to let him stay for a few nights at his shack near the railroad tracks.

A few days had turned into a few weeks, then months into years. Jim settled in, made friends, and without making a conscious decision to stay, found that he had no reason to leave either. He had applied for and gotten US citizenship, had eventually made a little money to purchase some land with a trailer on the outskirts of town, which is where he had stayed put.

Although he had been like a fish out of water to begin with, he and Mike hit it off from the outset. Eventually, by making good contacts in the town like Judge Beauregard, the town magistrate and Miss Kitty who ran the local cathouse, Jim carved himself a little niche in the hearts of the townsfolk. This was especially true when it became known that the moonshine which he made in the little still behind his shed was the best in the whole county.

Mike was a couple of years younger, slightly taller quite muscular, with dark short hair and a trimmed beard. The local ladies thought he was quite handsome, but none of them quite managed to get him to settle down, and he was virtually a confirmed bachelor. By day he was a teacher of science at the local high school, and by night he ran a BDSM parlour cum bar called the Enigma club, which he co-owned with Jim.

A third member of Jim’s circle was a guy known affectionately as “G”. He was a hunter and trapper by trade, who supplemented his income by making “Indian” souvenirs out of carved bone. These he sold through his brother’s shop in New Orleans, where there was a tourist market. Because of his profession, the two guys did not see G quite as often as they saw each other, but when he was home, they would often be found down on the bayou, angling for catfish.

It was Jim’s interest in corporal punishment that elevated him to something approaching celebrity status. He was, put simply, an artist when it came to using switches and whips, and he wasn’t in the least bit shy about using them on a female bottom or two. It was a trait that endeared him to both the ladies of the town who desired a good spanking, and to the husbands of errant wives who decreed that said women needed a bit of discipline in their lives to keep them in line.

Jim was so good at discipline that he was even able to charge a small fee for his services. Within a couple of years, he had built a small wooden barn, next to his trailer, where he would deal with his delinquent women clients. It must be said that there was no shortage of customers but, after all, he was pretty good at what he did. Put it this way: no one ever complained that his whippings were too soft.

The corporal punishment thing happened pretty much by accident. His first ever client was a lady called Susie who worked for the Town Council as an office manager. She was a fiery kind of woman with a bit of a temper, but deep down she had a kind heart and always felt guilty after getting mad with her staff.

She had met Jim at an Independence Day fete. Her department had been responsible for organising the event; she hadn’t really wanted to go, but she could hardly stay away in the circumstances. She had been sat at a table looking a bit miserable when Jim had come over, sat down next to her and began to chat. The upshot was that he invited her over to his place for a drink in the evening and ……


Well – you get the general idea. The Hicksville chronicles were born in the days when these blogs were a fun place to be. Characters from the STube clientele would often be included in the cast, thinly (or even ot so thinly) disguised as themselves. I have to admit that I have never had quite so much fun on the site as back then, when so many of us were interacting with the various sub-plots.

I am half-tempted to reproduce some of the stories (if I can find them) just to give the corrent readership a flavour of what it was like. Would anybody mind if I did?


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So I have an injured daddy long legs, not the long legged spider kind, the gangly flying ones, I think there also called crane flies. I saved it from a spiders web. I know that's not such a good thing to do, i should of really let nature do it's thing. I do feel bad now. Its just the poor little thing was really struggling and it's little hands where tapping frantically on the window like it was asking for help. It just seemed like such a horrible way to go. Plus daddy long legs really make me really giggle i love how they clumsily lollop about crashing in to everything. So now i have it a large tupperware box filled with leaves and flowers and I've been really carefully untangling the web with tweezers dipped in the tiniest bit of water but one of his legs is still a bit mangled. So now i don't know what to do, there doesn't seem to be much information on the internet on how to help, and i really, really, really don't want to kill it unless i absolutely have to. I feel really sad. I think I might have done a bad thing. Perhaps if i just make it as happy and comfortable as i can it might get some some strength back once it's well rested? I really hope so.

The thing is Alex said no more injured creatures in the flat, especially not bugs. so now I'm going to have to hide it. Or perhaps I should put it one of the plant pots outside? It's a nice plant pot. It might be happier there? Plus i might get spanked if he does finds the creature in the flat. He's away today and I'm supposed to be writing my personal statement so i can get in to college, but i can't concentrate at all now. I really wish we didn't have to write them, they're not so fun at all. I'm really struggling. Hopefully i will be able to make a bit more progress other than just an opening paragraph. Otherwise i think i will be in trouble.

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This is going to be fun! What does the last four numbers in your cell phone say about you?


So mines was- faithful, freak, confident, freak lol lets see what you guys get!!!!

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This is a follow up to my previous blog post.This weekends spanking unfortunately never came to be,I was disappointed to say the least.I had a feeling on Friday night something wasn't quite right when I sent him a text and never received a reply from him.I tried to tell myself it was no big deal he probably went out with his friends for the night.Next day which would have been Saturday I sent him another text confirming our plans, still nothing not so much as an acknowledgement that he had gotten my text.Sunday I tried one last time hoping to catch him before he left to go back home.My heart sank I knew he had played me for a fool.I couldn't believe this was happening again. Afterward I couldn't help but think to myself the last time he was in town visiting did he really have to rush back for work or was he lying to me? When he goes days or sometimes longer without responding to me is it because hes busy as he claims or purposefully ignoring me like he clearly did this weekend? I feel so stupid for believing everything he told me without question.

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New vid is up.

I have been busy with working and getting everything I need to get my drivers license back.
I lost it a few years ago for speeding and no insurance.

I'm extremely excited. My friend is looking for me a vehicle.

I did a stress relief spanking today. No video of that, but I will be doing one Thursday.
DL's=Vehicle=Business Opportunities=Money.

Life is good!!!!!!
Masters PlayGround.

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Yes, I've got a dirty mind...and you're on it... :-)

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Hi there:

Just wanted to let my friends know that I have a new vid posted on my page. I mistakenly called it Session II when it should have been called Session III. It gets off to a slow start but picks up. Enjoy. :)

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I lost the battle last weekend :(* And Im also suspended from work! But in my defense Who in fuck leaves a Michael kors Bedford purse just laying round like really? Oh well..... Sorry ClassyLady I was trying

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Based on a real life experience:
I just started dating a new girlfriend about a couple of weeks ago. She was
petite in height but was full figured and had a well shaped bubble butt, my
favorite thing. So I knew from what she had been telling me that her parent were
old fashioned and very strict. Same as mine actually. The both of us were in our
twenties but still lived at home with our parents. And there were "House Rules"
that both of us needed to follow to not pay rent and to continue to live
there. She was telling me she was to be home at a certain time and that
drinking and smoking were not acceptable in her house. But I talked her into it
this night and we had some whiskey and smoked a joint and I had gotten her into
having some sex with me. Well time flew by and it was now 11 pm and she realized
it was way past the time she was allowed out. When we arrived at her house
her mother was outside on the front porch tapping her foot, arms crossed and
looking furious. "Angie! I am ashamed of you, and furious with you! Look at
the time! And you young man have brought her home very late!"
Then she raised an eyebrow and sniffed.
" Have you been drinking booze?! Oh my god! Smoking pot too! You young lady
are in serious trouble! Be glad your father is away for a day or two on business.
I am going to punish you but good! You young man are in trouble as well. I had
a talk with your mother and she gave me free rein to deal with you. You will both
accept your punishments or move out. Do I make myself clear!"
We both nodded in agreement.
I never admitted it to Angie but my mother still spanked my bare bottom when I
broke the rules. I was hoping that was not in store for me. She grabbed Angie by
the ear and as she turned to bring her into the house she applied several hard
swats to the seat of her pants as we went in. "How..smack..Dare...smack...You...
smack..Keep me waiting..smack.. and smoke and drink...smack smack smack!"
Angie whined and said she was sorry. She then said something I will not forget.
" I know I was a bad girl momma. I deserve the seat of my pants to be warmed."
Her mother marched her inside and gave her about 6 more hard fast swats and then
said she would get much worse. She turned to me and said,
"And as for you, young man, you will be spanked just like I spank her. Do you
I begged and pleaded but she was firm and told me that was the only option other
than moving out with out anywhere to go and with none of our stuff. I accepted
it. I was going to be punished like a child in front of my girlfriend while she
would also be punished in front of me. Her mother turned back to Angie.
"Angela Marie, I want you to strip till you are Barefoot and Bare bottomed
young lady! Nothing on but your tshirt. I want that shame and punishment to sink
in so you learn a good lesson!"
Angie dropped her head sobbed a little and said,
"Yes mommy."
She stripped down to nothing but her tshirt and she walked with head down to her
mother. Her mother grabbed her by the arm and walked over to a chair and put her foot
up on it, reached down grabbed Angie, lifted her up, and put her across her knee so her
feet were off the ground.
"I want you to keep your legs slightly apart and your toes pointed and this is
to humiliate you further. When I spank this chubby set of bare cheeks you will
take it until you kick and cry like a well punished little girl!"
"Yes mommy, I am so sorry."
"What do you say now Angela?"
"I have been a naughty girl mommy. Please spank my naughty bare bottom to teach me
a lesson."
Her mom began slow at first then speeding up as she went along
landing them on each cheek. The sound reverberating in the room.
"There! I will spank those cheeks and make them wobble in shame right in front of your
naughty little boyfriend there! Look at those chubby cheeks wiggle when I smack
them. What a naughty, naughty girl!"
"Ow, ow, ow!"
She began to sob like a little girl. Her feet slightly kicking as the spanking went on.
Her cheeks turning redder with every slap. I was finding hard to control my excitement
at seeing this. I must have been blushing as well cause her mom noticed.
"I bet you think this is a little exciting for you seeing her bare across my knee. We
will see how excited you are when you are getting your spanking!"
Angie was now kicking a lot and crying like a little girl.
"Please mommy...ow...ow..I will behave...ow ow...Please no more!"
"You are a very..very..naughty girl! Smoking and drinking when I told you not to!"
Smack Smack Smack!
She let Angie off her knee at told her to turn around so I could see her well spanked bottom.
"You can rub your bare bottom Angie."
She did this as she walked over to the wall and faced it.
"Oh Angie I want you to turn around tonight young lady and watch me spank your naughty boyfriend."
I gulped. My heart was racing with the thought of being spanked in front of my girlfriend by HER mother. It was as much the anticipation of the humiliation and shame and the dread of the pain that I would feel. But I was excited and could not help it.
"Come over here young man. It is time for you to be punished."
I knew I had no choice. I walked over to her.
"I am going to undress you like a naughty little boy and give you a bare naked spanking in the diaper position. This will teach you a lesson you won't soon forget.
"Please! Not like that! Can't you just turn me over your knee and drop my pants?!"
"Please mom don't spank him like that."
"Angela Marie! I did not give you permission to speak did I? Come over here!"
Angie walked over and her mother grabbed her by the elbow and spun her around and began spanking her bottom again. Hard and fast on one cheek then the other. Her cheeks were wobbling and shaking and she was on her tip toes and crying again.
"Now go over there and stay quiet and watch me teach him a lesson !"
She proceeded to undress me completely. When she got to my under wear I grabbed her hand instinctively and knew I had made a bad mistake. She grabbed my wrist and spun me round and really warmed the seat of my underpants. she spanked hard and fast and it stung.
"Dont you ever grab me...smack smack smack...while I am ....smack smack smack...punishing you!"...SMACKSMACKSMACK
I didn't cry out but stood there and took it.
She pulled off my under wear and grabbed me by the hand and led me to a cot in the corner. She pointed at it.
"Lay down on your back with your bottom near the edge here."
I did as I was told. I couldn't help it. I was aroused. This added to my shame. I was not well endowed at all. I was quite small in fact. Angie knew and had giggled at first but enjoyed me anyway. I also shaved my privates because it aroused me so it made it look even smaller.But her mom smiled and said,
"Well I chose correctly. You are small and bare like a little boy."
She lifted my legs by the ankles and held them up.
"Try to keep you legs as straight while I am spanking you. Now hold still you naughty,little boy and learn your lesson and take you spanking!"
She began spanking my cheeks steady and firm. I felt so ashamed and humiliated. Exposed and aroused being spanked by my girlfriends mom while my girlfriend watched. At first Angie looked down. But then she watched and started to smile a little trying to hide it. I was seriously being punished. I was at her mercy like a little boy. I gave in and began to cry I could no longer help it.
"There, that's it. Cry like the naughty boy you are! How dare you bring her home late! Spank spank Spank... How dare you drink with her and...spankspankspankspank..smoke weed! I am so mad! I will teach you a lesson you will never forget!"
I cried like a child and Angie was now giggling behind her mothers back silently. This added to my shame. Legs in the air aroused slightly still and crying while my girlfriend was laughing at my punishment.
"I want you to call me Auntie B ok. Not Mrs. anything. You act like a child, and from what I can see, look like a child in your pants at least, you will be treated like one."
"Please Auntie B Please!! I will be good I will never do it again! Ow ow ow!!"
"You sure will think about before you do I garuntee it!" spankspankspankspankspankspank
My bottom was on fire and I was squirming now and bawling like a well punished child.
She dropped my legs and said,
"Get up and put your shirt on only. I am not finished with either of you. I will make you understand not to break the rules!"
{to be continued}

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Just so I can say I bought sex toys from the Kansas State government.

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