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With a crackle I was brought back to reality “Ok pill time they are still talking about you punishment so you will need to wait” I quickly swallowed my pills and had a long drink while I waited after several minutes and male voice I did not know come over the radio “Ok cum pig we are going to take you to be punished now when we get there you will guess what the punishment is if you get it right you only get the punishment but if wrong you get the real punishment and what you ask for” a collar and leash was attached and I was lead like a price pig to my punishment getting slapped on the bum as I past people after maybe 3 minutes I was there I was in the men’s toilet before asked I yelled “So I’m being used as a urinal am I” the radio crackled and said good piggy you will drink at least 10 bladders full of piss and not spill a drop if you spill it will not count and an extra one will be added and you have a maximum time limit of 1 hour to reach zero or you get punished again” I quickly said in a piggish voice “this dirty little pig would like to drink piss please” I was lead over to a corner and still blind sat there with my mouth open and waited it did not take long and I was in use he started with a streaming and I tried to let it flow down my throat I was doing good until I up to my sixth customer when I hit my first hurdle all the guys before taste like of sweet with a little sourness but this bloke tasted like rotten eggs I tried to keep swallowing but started gagging. I was not told but I now had 6 to go until I was finished the next 5 blokes taste almost as bad but I managed to drink it down on my last guy I failed again he started with a fast steam and I could not keep up with it this set a downhill run I’d get close to finishing and something would happen like I’d start gagging, unable to swallow fast enough or I’d burp finally my hour was up and I heard the dreaded “SHHck ok you filthy little sewer rat you did good you drank down 70 loads which is impressive but you did not reach zero so after your pills a different punishment”.

I was walked out and given my pills then again I had to wait after 5 full minutes “SHHHHhhhccckkk sewer rat we are going get you to choose simple do you want the men’s or women’s Idea” I without hesitation choose the women’s as I was thinking they would take it easy on me. My sister Merri’s voice come over the radio “Silly tart the ladies had the worst of the two ideas but you choose So enjoy” I was then pick-up and laid chest up on a table then my arms and legs are tied so I could not protect myself from what they were about to do to me. After I was tightly fix in place my gag and pussy and ass plates were inserted meaning whatever they wanted to do was going to involve my fun bags. I started with people rubbing my tit with ice giving my goose bumps and making my already erect nipples go painful hard after several minutes they stopped and I waited after what felt like minutes the first burning drop landed on my right breast I had chosen to have my tits covered by candle wax a shower soon started and I wanted to scream I wanted to run but i was bound and gagged So I had to endure it all It took about 10 minutes for them to finish covering my throbbing fun bags I was left while the lost pieces dried. Over the radio “your tits look great now you going to eat a woman out and if you can make her come in 10 minute your punishment end if not then we will coat either your cunt or ass in wax then you will be given another chance then your other hole then punishment again after pills. In short I did not make the women cum in time and my pussy and ass where sealed in wax.

I was now midnight I had been here for 6 hours and I had been fucked used as a toilet and my tits ass and cunt where covered in wax I could not think of anything that would make this worse but I knew they would I was naturally given my pills and again lead my a lash but I was taken to different room I know right away from the smell that I was in the women’s toilet this time I quickly asked sarcastically “So what am I going to do here” without a second passing my sister answered but it was Amy this time “we ran out of toilet paper to wipe our pussies so that’s your job to lick clean the outside and the inside of all the ladies that want your service until we choose to let you go back to used by the blokes”” FLUSH” and I had my first customer she walked over pulling my face to her crutch and I without hesitation lick the pee from around her flaps and was about to start stimulating her with my tongue went she walk away my next two come straight after and the same just a quick clean and off they went this went on for dozens of women but I knew they were waiting for me to drop my guard so after number 20 I started not trying to get the girls off I just cleaned and I happen number 25 walked over I cleaned stopped moved she hands to jam my face in when I pocked out my tongue and started licking her clit and sliding it into her labia she walked away before cumming but I had shown everyone I was starting to understand the game and it quickly escalated soon I was licking sperm from chicks while getting sprayed with their love juice and I was loving it but alas it was 1 am and time for my pills I swallowed my pills and washed them down with a mix of love juice and sperm and the wax was peeled off and I was back to being a fuck pig the next 23 hour went fast in a hazed of love making the whole time not hearing or seeing a thing.

I could not believe when it was time to finish but I knew these people must be have to go get some sleep I needed it I was cover buck up with my pads plates and gag and was carried back to the van and driven home the whole time thinking I love my birthday gift it was not as bad as the twin wanted it to be. Upon entering my apartment my sisters helped me to the bathroom and sat me in the shower chair was they went and striped off and joined me turning the headphone off and removal of my gag I said “I’m really sorry about everything I have done to torment you both over the years I understand now after being used and abuse this week end but I kind of enjoy it after a while so I’m going to go think of a way to make it up to you both. After I get back from my trip I will give you option on how you can make me feels even for all the evil I did.” By now the girls had gotten my latex neoprene body suit off and I showered with my sister something I had not done in over 20 years then crawled into bed

The end of chapter 3

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With a huge crack my headphone roared it was my other sister Amy this time “Time for your pills trollop” again pill where feed to me and I was given a sip of water then my breast where cover up with the pads and I was shifted on to my back with my head and legs fell over the edge then my pussy plate was removed. This was it I was going to be used and in seconds I felt the first dick touch my mouth followed by another at my pussy that in unison slowly started pushing into me, I was so wet from the pills and sweat I did not need any lube, after reaching as far as you could reach they were not big maybe 4 inches but I did not care I was not yet ready to take anyone big yet the guys stayed at a steady pace for several minutes than I felt both dicks starting to throb they were about to blow thinking to myself “finally my first loads” but both men pulled out and walked away I was starting to hate this game starting and stopping then starting and stopping again this went on for an hour as you stopped and I was given the pills and a drink and I was move to another area or I could of just been turned I could not tell and hear “SHHHck ok 10 people are going take turns to eating your pussy you will have 30 sec each to tell us if it’s a guy or girl If you guess right on 5 or more you get to cum for these lovely people but if you guess wrong you get punished ready” I took a sec to take it all in and replied “this disgusting nympho is ready to start” and I felt a think set of lips start going down on me and after a few seconds yelled “It’s a guy” then the person got up and was replaced with a very thin set of lips and I could fell a moustache so I yelled “another guy” again a different person started and I called chick as they seemed to know what was what the next 7 I called 4 guys and 3 chicks after several minutes my gag and pussy plate where fitted and the radio crackled “Very bad news you called 6 guys and 4 chicks but they were all chicks So punishment time” I was then raised and place on the floor sitting on my knees and my hands behind my back after several moments I felt someone messing with my blindfold which confused me how was removing my blindfold a punishment.

Second later I understood the reason the blindfold looked blocky was that it was empty and has a slanted ram init leading to my eyes. I sat still and waited the light burning my eyes and without a hint of movement some woman walking into sight with a plastic jug and started pouring the contents in to the blindfold. I was cum and as soon as it touched my eyes I started burning from the saltiness it took only a second to fill the device and they quickly covert top again and I was left in darkness with my eyes burning I was lifted up to the table again and remained sitting on my knees and waited after a 3 or 4 minutes I could taste the cum draining down my throat I wanted to taste it but with the gag in my mouth I could not move the cum around so I could taste it. I must of look funny moving my head around trying to taste the sperm as I quickly heard “Now you see what the punishment is not being able to taste the creamy cum you milked out of the men earlier”. Every few minutes they would remove the top of the blindfold device and it was refilled this continued until lot of pills pill time it was 9 pm I has spent 3 hour so far and although humiliating I could easily handle the next 27 hours. I got a small taste of cum when my gag was removed and it tasted a hundred times better than normal. No sooner had I swallowed the pills than I was pulled off the table and my pussy and ass plates where removed and I was bend over the table after several moments I felt the cold chill of lube being place around the entrance of my anus and the person then slowly inserted a finger into me and coated the lining of my ass then removed their finger and placed another of lube on my ass and re-entered my anus but with two fingers this time their some move to three then four soon after their removed their finger and I was left for several second than “SHHHhhhcck AND WE OFF” quickly my pussy, ass and mouth where being stuffed with cock after being rammed for what seemed like hours I felt the cock in my ass beginning to blow his load followed closely by the other two. “shhhck hold that cum in your holes for at least 60 seconds” I tried hard but the cumin my pussy was so watery and I was so wet it only took 4 seconds to drop over the radio “shhhck fine after your next lot of pills you will be punished” and then I was a free for all I was pulled to the floor. I was fucked in all my hole and the pads on my removed I felt people sucking, pinching and biting them with no regard to how I felt about it. After I started cumming and I started to forget I was a toy to these people and started relaxing and enjoying myself as waves of orgasms washed over me.

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HELP! I need some way to stop biting my nails. Daddy always gets mad at me when I bite them. I don't know why he's making such a big deal about it :( But I love him sooooooooooo much so I'm gonna try and stop....even if it's hard!

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I'm in marion,IN until Friday morning. Are there any disciplinarian in the area? Please PM me

Not looking for sex. Strictly spanking.

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I have finally accepted the over 400 friend requests that I have received. Thank you all for your patience. I would love to spank all of the individuals that I have accepted. Hit me up when you are ready. I am so due for someone to spank, @my number one Michael.

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I am bored I actually miss school.

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i would like to take this moment to send prayers n let all my UK friends ( n non friends) know i am thinkin of u... i am so sorry for u havin to go thru this ordeal.... as usual i suck at the right thing to say but my prayers n thoughts r with u ( HUGS)

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I live in Manchester, UK last night there was a bomb at Manchester Arena where Ariana Grande was playing. The bomb went off at the end of her concert. 22 people has died and 59 people injured but some of them are critically. So please pray for the people who lost there lives and who are injured.

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Hello all!

I'm currently in a marriage where my partner is very vanilla. But I know I need to be disciplined for my laziness, messiness, rudeness, and many more infractions.

I have come here for help. I am a faithful wife but still need strict discipline. So I've decided to ask for help here. I will make videos of me disciplining myself each week per any directions I receive on this blog post.

Implements I have: Wooden spoons, bath brush, rubber paddle, riding crop, leather belt, flogger, switch, and other household items.

Thank you for reading.

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After downing the pills and my mouth was free I inquired “You have to be joking I don’t know that NTZ but the Sildenafil and Citrate doses are meant to be taken once every 12 hours, Benzoylmethylecgonine is just cocaine without the high and that a daily dose and the progestin levonorgestral is the plain B pill and it’s twice the normal dose and you are going to feed me this cocktail every hour? Have you both gone mad? You will kill me”. Amy and Merri laughed for a good five minutes before answering together “We talked to your Doctor and got a treatment plain, she loved the idea, you will be fine the only side effect after will be that your knocker may grow larger but will return to normal after a month or two.” I calmed down when I was given a note from my doctor telling me she approved of the drug treatment and that my sisters know what to look and do if I had a reaction. I sat back and said “Ok I’m sweating like a pig now I understand why you said water or sports drinks. Ha Amy can you please bring me my gym bottle from the fridge” she walked out and got my bottle and remarked “don’t worry at the party there will be plenty of drinks should you need one” then she sat next to me and all three of us girl chatted about all the gossip. I started to feel the effects of the drugs after about a half hour and was amazed at the sensations I was weightless and could hear my sisters hearts beats and smell the coffee from the kitchen my body went from restricted to feeling like I was in water. I told my sisters about the experience and both of them said “Ok next weekend we will try the cocktail just to see how we like it” and we continued with your chat after my second lot of pills I said “sorry ladies but I need to pee can you help me walk to the toilet” they both jumped up and Merri said yes we will take you to pee but You can’t wipe so we will place you in a shower chair and you can use the shower then we will hoes you down” after peeing and being sprayed the girls helped me back to the couch and we started watching the news. All of a sudden Merri’s mobile rang after chatting for a few minutes she walk over to me and said “They are ready to get you now I have to place the blindfold and gig on you and turn the headphones to silent until told otherwise but I can still talk to you through the radio”.

Marri and Amy quickly place the gig and blindfold then switched off the headphones I was now in complete blackness and silence after maybe 5 seconds I heard the crackle of the radio and heard both Amy and Merri’s voice “Ok now we forgot to say the event starts at 6 pm and it will last until 12 midnight Monday meaning you will be a live fuck doll for the party guests of 30 hours have fun BITCH”. And with that I was in silence again I then started thinking about how on their 18th birthday I had gotten them dates with Pauly D and Ronnie from the show Jersey Shore, hide a spy cam in the hotel room then when they started having sex on live feed it to the world. I was a bitch for that and should have left it at that but I had to push it more. By their 21st they had dropped their guard and I took advantage of them again this time I drugged them with scopolamine then watched as their boyfriends broke every limit the girls had on their sex life and after that both men dumped them before the birthday party and started to remember other occasions where I treated my sister like shit and who they always tried to be nice to me with that I choose to do anything and everything I was told during my ordeal.

After sometime I was lifted over someone’s shoulder and carried out of my apartment and down to a van and driven to a location, to this day I’m still not told where, and was bundled into a room and placed on a table I felt my sisters hand on my arm comforting me and I waited for the event to start and be used but an unknown amount of people. I felt the gag being moved and then the crackle of the radio it was harder to hear what was said over the buzzing but It was my sister Merri “Ok slut toy it’s time for the next lot of pills then everyone can start” my gag was removed and the pills where inserted in my mouth I downed then without water and said “my I please have a drink and pee before we start” the radio went silent for a moment and then “SHHHHhhhhhck Ok they are have giving you a choose you can pee but you have to then drink it or you can guzzle a 2litre bottle of water but have to finish it in 1 minute and wait a 1/2 hour but the catch is if you take more than a minute you have to wait a full hour. So choose” my mind raced trying to choose I really needed to pee but I didn’t want to drink my own pee but would I be able to hold for 1/2 hour I quickly choose to drink and with a that a bottle was placed in my hands and I heard “read set go” I downed the drink as fast as I could and after finishing I waited in silence for several moments then “SHHhhhck good one whore you made it with 2 seconds to go” after radio died I felt the pads over my breast being removed. I was thankful as my tits had started to prune from all the sweating I was doing. My tit hang there for all to see for some time then I felt a cold hand cover my left breast and they started gently squeezing my tit and lightly ticking my nibble than they just stopped and walked away after some time again a cold hand grabbed my right breast this person was rougher with the squeezed and lighter on my nipple but same as before they just stopped and walked away this kept on happening until I felt someone lift me up by the underarms and “Shhck Ok times up we are taking you to pee in the shower” and I was lead the bathroom and my pussy plate was removed I was told to squat and I waited then I was finally told to pee. I expected to be hoes or something after but seconds after I finished the plate was replaced and I was lead back and sat back on the table. I waited for people to come back and play with my tits but nothing happened.

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Just before 3 pm my front door burst open and my sister Amy (Merri’s twin) came in carrying a large box, I had gotten court up with some silly chick flick and lost track of time, I jumped up and kissed my sister on the cheek and helped my sister place the box on my dining table. She smugly said “Merri told me you did get bruised up last night are you still tender please say no” as she started to frown I reassured her that I was fine I just needed to let the alluvia cream sock in, With that she smiled and asked” are you ready for your birthday gift it took the tailer 3 weeks to customize this outfit to go with the perfect event we found to celebrate your 30th” then Merri come out of one of the bedrooms and opened the box and started pulling a black latex neoprene body suit that looked about 2 sizes too small for me, a match full face hood made of the same material and a black and silver pair of 10 inch platform knee high boots. I shockingly said “Ok I know you both owe me for what I did for your birthday but What the hell is all this?” the twins look at each other for a second or two and in unison said “all you need to know is that you will be locked in this bodysuit for a long time” as Amy picked up the hood while Merri picked up the body. Amy continued by herself “there are removable panels that allow access to all your hole, your tits and a removable blind fold” as they removed each piece “once the parties starts you will be used as a fuck doll by all the party goers but you will be chaperoned the whole time but one of us or one of her trusted friends. Also this hood has a noise cancelling headphone that is connected to a radio so you will only hear what we want you to hear” She got a very scary grin on her face as Merri said “Now go get some alluvia cream and come get dressed”

I quickly walked into my room removed my house clothes and grabbed the cream and walked back as I got to the table my sisters laid me down covering me in talcum powder and slowly helped me pull the suit up my legs went we got to my crutch they each took a blob of cream and smeared it over my ass and pussy then whipping their hands pulled up the front of the suit to my bellybutton and reached on to the table and replaced the ass and pussy panels that they had removed earlier then helped me stand and pulled the suit up and pushed my arms in to the sleeves and adjusted the suit as they got to my shoulders and started pulling up the zipper it was tight fitting before they started but after I felt like I was being squeezed by a snake next the girls brushed my ash brown hair in to two pig tail and place ties to hold them in place and pulled them through the holes in the hood and pulled it down over my face tightened it to the point It felt like my own skin then separately tested the headphones, the funny looking blocky blindfold and the mouth gag. After removing the gag and leaving the headphones off. Amy said “Ok how do you feel now that you’re in your suit” I reply “I love it it’s a bit tight but I could wear this for the night” the girls both laughed and out of now where Merri pulled out a padlock and lock the zipper’s and cords of the suit making it impossible for me to remove the suit. Amy looked at Merri and said “I’ll do the boots if you do the gloves” nodding Merri got up and grabbed a set of gloves from the box and the boots. Quickly the girls placed the items on me and again locked them in place. It was not until they finished that I realised that the gloves fingers where one piece which stopped me from using my fingers independently only my thumb could move by its self.

Amy and Marri picked me up and helped me walk in my super high platform boots over to the couch as I sat Amy’s alarm went off and she giggled as she said “it’s 4 o’clock now one more thing starting from now until the end of this event every hour you will be feed a cocktail of drugs to maximise the experience. There are 9 pills which sounds like a lot and each was a special pill has a prepose” as she walked over with a large pill container. Opening one of the compartments and spilling them on the table she reached in to her pocket and started reading “100 mg of Sildenafil to keep you horny, 100 mg Citrate to keep you wet, 150 mg of NTZ to increase your senses, 150 mg Benzoylmethylecgonine to prevent you from sleeping and 30 mg of progestin levonorgestral to prevent pregnancy and remove your sense of direction.” As she placed each one in my mouth and started purring water into my mouth forcing me swallow the pills.

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I'll start wearing men's underpants when panties stop making my bottom look this good

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I'm all for caning as a consensual activity between adults, but publicly caning men just for being gay is awful.
Fucking religious zealots of all persuasions!

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Here am I, an accredited masochist, but with a contradictory addition to my non-bucket list. I DON'T want to go to Las Cruces, New Mexico, to experience the hottest chillies in the world. Thanks for the suggestion, Globe and Mail, but no thanks.

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Last weekend Jen and I travelled to Co.Wexford to a beautiful old house in the middle of the countryside for our meeting with the Circle. It had been decided that this time everyone would dress in Ancient Roman dress;basically Jen and I had wrapped bed sheets around us and used a few brightly coloured ribbons. Us ladies out numbered the guys this time round. There was six of us ladies and only four guys,so the chances of a coup de -tat was very high. It was a great weekend,one for us adults who like to dress up and a partake in some correction. The Emperor played by Sir D sentenced us poor ladies to each receive a mild flogging for laughing,uncontrollably I might add,at him when we saw him dressed as a Roman Emperor.

Sir D as the Emperor Spankabottomus!

We had so much fun and the best thing was we were so secluded in the house Miss C had chosen for us.After us ladies were flogged we were set the task of cleaning the house under the watchful eyes of the Our Gentleman Friend,Mr.F and Mr,K, who saw it fit to dish out spankings when their authority was challenged. However our little get togethers is not all about spanking,we like to cook and had some good food and even better wine and we sat outside and enjoyed the mild weather.Just as well no one came calling or they would have been met with a very strange sight indeed. Now sometimes it doesn't take a whole lot to make me want to spank someone so while preparing some pizza Miss C decided it would be a good idea to throw some salami at me. I immediately complained to the Emperor who gave me permission to spank Miss C in full view of all those in attendance.Miss C can be very cheeky and actually had the Gaul,pardon the pun,to suggest that I could not spank her any harder. I saw this as a challenge and within a few minutes I had Miss C struggling over my knee and wishing she could recant what she had said.I was deafened to her pleas and continued the spanking until the Emperor decided Miss C had enough. Jen received a spanking from the Emperor himself for winding him up about the Punic Wars,must admit that was my idea,but Jen kept her mouth shout. Alas,there was no sign of Hannibal so us ladies decided to take things into our own hands and depose the Emperor and his three Pretorians on Saturday evening. A fight took place in which Mr.F was mecilessly flogged by all six of us ladies. The Emperor and his remaining two Pretorians were eventually captured and tormented with threats of bare bottom spankings,our Gentleman Friend did receive 6 of the best. Eventually our exertions got the better of us and it was decided to have a little symposium and consume good food and wine,although Sir D had a Guinness. All in all we had a lot of fun,but our next meeting will be much more sober;a vote was taken to keep the dressing up part going so next time it is going to be school uniforms all round,term begins in three weeks time back in Co.Wexford and staying at that beautiful old house.

Have a great week my friends.

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I really need to remember Master reads my blogs, and acts on them too.
Going upstairs to give the cat her dinner, Master said, "What are you doing now ?"
I said, "I'm going to the loo then going back downstairs."
"Right well you can get into the bedroom instead." He gently pushed me into the room, and pushed me over the bed, hitching my skirt up over my bottom.
"I understand from your blog that you knew I wasn't happy with your attitude this morning, you knew you spoke disrespectfully, and that you would be in trouble for it." He spoke firmly, getting the Giant Devil Paddle out of the drawer.
He started firm but not mega hard, hitting one cheek then the other then across both, finally across my sit spot, over and over again.
"This is what happens when you don't have you're morning spanking, why did you speak to me so disrespectfully ?"
"I was really tired, you know I've been up most nights with the dogs." I said.
"Is that any excuse to take it out on me ? Is it ? Didn't you go to bed early last night ? But instead of sleeping you watched TV." Master lectured me.
"I watched a little, but I was asleep before 9 PM. I shouldn't take it out on you, I'm sorry." I managed to stumble out, whilst getting this spanking, my bottom was now feeling it much more, it was burning hot and each hit felt like a sharp hard slap. I think by him going slightly more gentle is actually worse as the pain builds up more intensely.
But he continued whacking my ass, if I tried to stand up he pushed me back down with the paddle.
"Do not move again, or I will just start again." He ordered.
Putting the paddle back, he brought out the High Impact Cane.
Swiping my butt from side to side, this cane doesn't take much to have you begging for mercy.
And I don't beg Master to stop very often, but today after the paddling, my ass was on fire.
"Ok Ok Ok, I'm sorry, I shouldn't take it out on you." I begged him to stop and stood up.
"Back into position, I don't care if you're sorry now you're getting punished for it, you just shouldn't do it at all. How many spankings have you had because of this ?" Master asked me.
"I don't know, lots but I'm sorry." I cried out, as I balled up the sheets in my hands to stop me from standing up again.
"I'm sorry, what ?" He asked, his voice getting sterner.
"Master, I'm sorry Master." I begged him to stop.
After God knows how many strokes I had he stopped.
"Stand up and look at your bottom. Do you want this every day ?" He asked.
"No Master I don't." I said quietly.
"Well behave and don't give me attitude again. Understand ?" Master told me.
"Yes Master." As he came and hugged me, telling me to continue what I was doing.

A short time later, we were downstairs, it was near to my bedtime when G asked me something and I snapped back at him.
"Eeerrrmmmm what did you say ? I hope there was no attitude then. Do you want a repeat of your spanking because we can right now before you go to bed, do you ?" Mastered ordered.
"No Master, I don't want a repeat, I'm sorry." I quickly told him.
Then started to tidy up ready for bed, before I could say anything else to get me in trouble.

But one thing is certain, when I don't get my morning spanking every day, I act up, become disrespectful and bratty.
I guess Ii need it to keep me in line.

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After much soul searching and a few let downs I have decided to take the awful decision to dabble in SELF SPANKING. In recent days I have began to look at my hairbrush in a new light and have come very close to grasping it firmly and giving myself some slaps. Is this the action of a desperate young lady? So far I have fought against the urge to use my hairbrush on myself,but I feel I am going to snap!


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Let's have those knickers down, its high time you had your bare bottom smacked ...

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Chapter 3
It was waken at noon my sister Amy calling my mobile “Hi sis enjoy last night I not know where or who you left with but normal I just wanted to let you know you’re still not allowed to eat anything but you can have breakfast drinks until 1 pm than only coffee, tea, water or sports drinks until 3pm then after that only water and sports drinks, you can disobey and eat or drink passed the times but it will be unpleasant you will understand when I bring your gear I should at yours no later 3 pm.” I half asleep said “ok sis I love you and I will do as you ask bye” as I hang up I slide out of bed stiff n’ sore and walk to the bathroom. I almost hit the roof when I dropped all my weight on to my ass and It all the fun of last night come flooding back and I slowly sat back down and to pee but as I started peeing waves of flames shot through my body I finish and patted myself dry and walk over to my phone and started reading up on after punishment care and found I should have rubbed some type alluvia based cream into my skin before I went to bed but I could still use it to remove the tenderness but my marks would last days. I walked over to the mirror looking over my marks I started counting there was 4 nice red lines on each of my breast and 2 U-shape marks that where a mix of blue, red and purple but you could not tell what had made the marks I then opened side mirrors so I could get a look at my lushes ass and almost fell to the floor laughing as it looked like a mix between a checker board and aboriginal art with a mix colours. I then heard my other sister Merri in the kitchen. I strutted out naked into the kitchen as I entered and she looked me up and down and said “dam are you alright look at those bruises” I just laugh and want to the fridge grabbing 6 UP & GO then said “it’s not as bad as it looks I just had a bit too much fun lost night you should see the marks on him. Would you like some of his cum it’s the flaking stuff on my tits” In one motion she walked over and picked a small piece off place it in her mouth and let it melt before swallowing and commented “nice and creamy just the way I like it”.

I quickly downed my drinks and announced “I’m going to have a shower if you want to chat?” and dived into the shower. Slowly scrubbing the layers of tears, sweat and cum from the privies night I kept asking myself “Why did I let him do that to me? Why did I get such a great feeling from it? And why did I jump him and suck my juices out of his mouth then ask him to give me an extra punish?” I was lathering myself up for the third time when my sister walked in and joined me placing a chair next the shower and asked me about what I did last night I slowly told her the full story but to look good I did not tell her what was used on my tits and I told her that I had used the belt and hair brush on his hairy ass and I finished by kicking him in the balls then had him masturbate til he blow then gave him one last kick as I throw him out of the apartment. She giggled and said “I love it I would of done the same to him but I would never let anyone punish my pussy with anything but their tongue, fingers and toys.” I quickly seeing she was in a chatty mood said “So what do you have planned for tonight?” She just got up and said “Just drinking and partying” and walked away looking like she was not hiding thing from me. Finishing my shower I quickly dried myself when to my room and caked on a ton of alluvia on my breast, buttocks and fanny turning them a slim green. I went over to my dresser and put on a pair of old gray sport bra ‘n shorts and a robe then exited to just relax watch TV and wait for things to take their course.
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So recently I acquired an online Dom. Well it lasted like 2 days and now he's not my Dom well kinda. We are still talking and he's still punishing me. Sigh its all very complicated. Anyway today I got punished and he saw me on cam. Oh huge step for me...

He had me paddle the crap out of my left cheek. Its still sooooo sore. But he felt that I learned my lesson which I did so he didn't make me paddle my right side. And while that's a good thing in a way I feel so out of balance. I am literally half baked. I have never been half spanked before. So now I either have to be bad and pray he just attacks my right side or I have to be good until my left side feels better and OMG what are the chances of that????

But all in all the lesson was learned and he's a good Dom. I shall over look this...


Good Spanking C4S