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That’s all I needed!!!!.I just got home to find four Officers in my house looking for something, acting like lunatics!!!!! Even in my cabinets, fridge and freezer. They checked under the air-conditioner and inside my bed mattress tearing it apart!! When I asked if they had a search warrant and what they were looking for they answered completely hysterically "Where did you hide it???? We know it's here somewhere!!!!" At least 1000 possibilities went through my mind…..but I thought I would let them search for whatever they were looking for. Let's see if and what they will find!
Approximately an hour later I watched one of the Police Officers look at his phone and then he shouted "Stop it! We are in the wrong house!!!!! Pokémon is 3 doors down!

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Psst, hey you!
Yeah, you!

Mann is composing as you read.
I'll take flight as soon as he's finished.

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party went well tonight.. a lot of people there I didn't know... had maybe just a lil too much to drink but I had drinks bein bought for me n didn't wanna seem rude ( HAHAHA me rude?)... anyways.. back home again n my kitty is snuggled into my lap .. ill sure be glad when hes back to his old self again....

Spanked Schoolgirl
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where I very much am that "lil girl" at times.. I by no means will resort to "googoo gaga shitty pamper" stage lmao

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In Loco Parentis: Anno Domini 1974
~ er ~
Gopher Prairie High Skool: A Pain in th' Hind End!

Brad's woman's Jill, who you an' I
knowed well at Gopher Prairie High.
Brad, too, sure knew them thick brick walls,
them musty rooms an' dusty halls.
'Twas Spring. We'd all be Grads right soon.
Them two got hitched th' end o' June.
Brad snuck t' skool late twice that May,
but jist got warnins, so they say.
Then, come one warm morn, this ain't cool,
Brad trebly broke th' "Tardy Rule."
So, Mister Perkins sealed his fate:
"Report right now 'bout bein' late,
cuz third time missin' Last Bell means
ya git three swats 'cross seat o' jeans."
Back in them days o' Rubiks Cubes,
skools' rules wuz writ by prairie rubes.
So,oft, fer Late Arrivals here,
sharecroppers' kids sure feared seared rears!
(This-here rural county's "Otter Tail"
but shoulda been named "Hotter Tail.")
He'd been eighteen a month that day.
So, Quite-Grown-Up, made bold t' say:
"Whoa, swats? Gee, I ain't takin' none.
Detention's fair fer wut I done."
Nope! Mister Perkins shot back: "Why?
Th' Student Handbook rules apply."
Then, Ol' Man Perkins huffed an' yelled:
Dreadin' Mister Perkin's paddle,
Brad sure wanted t' skedaddle
but knowed gettin' kicked out meant
his mom might dish worse punishment:
drear extra chores, like sweep th' shed.
Then, Zoinks! No supper, straight t' bed!
Brad wished he'd showed on time that day,
but tensed an' shrugged an' sighed, "Okay."
Brad's homeroom teacher wuz buzzed in
t' witness him atone fer sin:
Fine lookin', thirty, lush brown mane.
She went, "Rule breakin' earns ya pain."
Brad bent an' grabbed both ankles there,
an' poked cute fanny in midair.
A young 'un whose done got swats knows
he clenched them ten pink pudgy toes,
an' had to spread legs wide apart
an' hear th' poundin' o' his heart.
He prob'ly wore a flummoxed frown:
he seen th' room flipped upside down.
(Lord knows, Brad got swats more'n once.
It always made him feel th' dunce.)
Stout hardwood paddle arched way back.
It whistled down quick: WHACK! SMACK! CRACK!
There wuz six holes drilled through an', well,
that roasts rumps raw like Flames o' Hell.
Yup, Brad learnt them ain't soft "Love Taps."
They're scorchin', scaldin', scourgin' slaps.
Yeah, rich brats smirk, "It's kinda funny."
Naw, that's 'sposed t' sting ya, Honey!
He fought back 'gainst a salty tear,
stood up an' rubbed hot throbbin' rear.
Ya see wut discipline's about
in big wet eyes an' pissed off pout.
Then Brad got sent right straight t' Math,
pride pangin' from ol' Perkin's wrath.
Worn schoolbook grasped in calloused hand,
I reckon Brad preferred t' stand,
yet eased down 'pon that hard desk seat.
Darn paddle stoked fierce glowin' heat.
Then, all day long, it twanged t' set
right on th' spot th' "Spank Plank" met.
Thumped rump sizzled like 'twas deep fried.
Tho' Brad winced an' rued smacked backside,
Redneck kids ain't ones t' fuss
'bout sore Gluteus Maximus!
Come noon, they served chipped beef on toast.
Brad wryly quipped he'd got "Rump Roast."
A tad bemused, Jill winked: "Gosh darn!
When ya'll git home, sneak t' th' barn.
I'll meet ya after chores t'nite,
once supper's done, an' make this right."
'bout six, their bare feet padded soft
out back an' climbed up t' th' loft.
Jill squirted cool cream on her palm
an' smeared Brad's stunned buns with its balm.
Sweet plumply Jill wuz nonchalant:
she weren't no high-nosed debutante.
Jilly, soon Brad's blushin' June bride,
fondly rubbed his blushin' backside.
Kids like us wuz Hoi Polloi.
Snobs called ya' "white trash," girl er boy.
So? Bein' poor don't mean yer crass.
Young Love don't care 'bout social class!
Now, smacks done bruised Brad's teen boy hide.
But, wut hurt worse? 'Twas teen boy pride.
Brad seen he'd jist himself t' blame.
Jill's soft hand gently soothed his shame.
Brad grinned. His tingly, tender kiss
made Jill one wiggly, giggly miss
stretched out on fragrant, sun warmed hay.
Wut went down next? Gosh, may I say?
Cuz Jill knowed when t' spread her legs
an' not risk fertilizin' eggs,
a sweaty, squirmy, scrumptious hump
made Brad fergit his welted rump!
Raw pleasure, first found in th' shed,
still makes 'em grunt an' squeal in bed.
Folks lust fer fleshly fun, be sure.
Shucks, that's one *thang* ya git hitched fer!

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Part 2.

‘Dear Sebastian, you can't be a resident in Csejte.’ Katinka laughed cruelly. ‘ In this lonely place a Princess and the fairies make the rules. Everybody has to accept it. There is no possibility of protest at all. You have to deeply feel that you're a lazy boy and only a strict but loveful woman can save you.’

‘What can I do for you?’ Sebastian's voice quivered, his eyes downcast.
‘You must repent! Kneel down in the corner upon the sharp gravel, facing the wall. Put your hands behind your head. Now, listen to me! Hear the noise of my footsteps! Smell my perfume’s fragrance! Say again and again that you wish to atone for your sins.’
‘Yes, my lovely Princess, I wish to atone for my sins.’
‘Recall all the bad things you have done in your life! Admit them to me, and accept the penalty. Do not forget, for even a moment that you are a bad boy! Be grateful. Be happy because I will force you to become a better boy.’
Sebastian knelt in the corner upon the sharp stones. At first, the pain was slight and he could endure it. As time progressed, he found it harder and harder to remain still as his Katinka required of him. He kept his hands folded behind his head as his breath became more labored with the effort to obey. Finally, Katinka said, ‘I think we need to move along, Sebastian.’
‘What can I do now, ma'am?’ asked Sebastian. It felt like he had been kneeling for an eternity.
‘You know God created man without clothes and saw it was good. Now your Goddess orders you to be nude.
Now is a perfect time to take off your clothes. So, naughty boy, my request is clear: In this place only I can wear my own clothes.’
Sebastian was forced to take off his shirt and then his pants as well.
Katinka also went to get changed and came back in a swinging, close–fitting dress with angel's wings.

‘Those little pants of yours as well, boy!’ - she ordered Sebastian.
He slid his underwear off and finally stood naked in front of Katinka. She pursed her lips, looking at him with a sneer on her face. Her eyes caught Sebastian's penis. Sebastian felt ashamed of himself, but he also enjoyed that the princess was looking at him. He blushed as he felt himself rising.
‘Do not forget for a moment that you're a bad boy. Be grateful that I know your condition. Be happy, because I am going to ensure that you will be a better boy.’
‘Thank you. I appreciate your attention very much and I am happy, sweet ma’am.’
‘By the way ... Who gave you permission to expose your penis to me?’ she asked.
Sebastian hurriedly thrust his hands over his crotch attempting to hide himself. His face turned crimson and his lip quivered.
‘Do not be a prude, Sebastian. Do not try to hide your cock! I command you to insert it between your legs. Lean forward a bit and press your legs together hard’
Sebastian did as he was ordered. He thrust his boyhood between his legs and locked it there with his legs. He then stood straight as he possibly could while knowing he now looked like a girl down there: Visually castrated by his own actions. He wondered if his Goddess knew that he sometimes looked at himself like this in the mirror. He felt such great shame.
‘Have you ever been in a similar situation? Have you ever been to be forced by a woman to undress completely naked for her instructions?’

‘Yes, I was only 13 my mother did find a stack of my filthy magazines which I tried to hide. She was very upset as you can understand. She sat on a chair and made me strip myself naked in front of her. She ordered me to show her what I did when I looked at ‘that kind of smut’.
I tried to act innocent-like I didn't understand what she meant.
‘What happened after?’
‘She grabbed me by the arm and started spanking me with her hand until I admitted to masturbating myself while looking at the pictures. Then, I had to show her.
She watched as I played with myself and I got hard. Just as I was about to feel relief, she made me stop and held my hands away. I thrust at the air but the need subsided. ‘Oh no… you don't,’ she said. I looked down and saw one little, sticky drop oozing down from the head of my swollen penis. I was more ashamed than I had ever been!
Mom held my arm and started spanking me with her hand until I was dancing and crying and I was no longer turgid. Then she pulled me over her lap, with my ass up and my feet in the air, and picked up her hairbrush and paddled me good and hard while I screamed and kicked.

When she finished, she stood me up and took me to the wall by my arm. She faced me to the wall and had me fold my hands behind my back. I couldn't stop crying for a very long time. When I was allowed to leave the corner, Mother told me that, if she ever found books like that around again, I would find out just what a bundle of switches was for.’
‘It was certainly a painful experience, never forgetting that all your life. So everything will be familiar. What shall do with you. Now, I am going to beat your bare buttocks with my hands. Don't you dare let your cock out!’
She grabbed his testicles from behind and squeezed them.

‘Do you enjoy it? ‘Do you want me to stop it? No, no ... Put it back ... Don't you dare let go again! ... you are small for a bad boy! Yet you show your little penis in the presence of ladies!’ She laughed, ‘and how quick you are to shamefully hide your penis between your legs. Like a dog hides his tail between his legs.
She ran her fingers around the middle of the boy's body. She tickled him while he squeezed his cock between his legs.
Bad boy ... My little bad boy ... bad, bad, impolite boy, you need me to teach you.’
‘On your knees now!’
She grabbed him and forced him to his knees. She called her Hungarian retriever dog, Fickó, and took off his collar and replaced it on Sebastian's neck..
Sebastian was ashamed and even more humiliated.
‘What are you??’ she demanded.
‘What would you have me be?’ Sebastian asked in astonishment.
‘A man– a whore ... (so I call you )… or my slave... My playful little doggy. You know I can do whatever I want? Whatever a woman's whim dictates. And you can’t resist me. You were a proud man, weren't you?’
‘I was,’ Sebastian replied, and she pressed him to the ground by the shoulders and held him there with her feet.
‘In humility, we can help ... teach ... Poochie!’--and she pulled the boy's neck attached to the rough– looking, studded collar.
‘Just like a real dog! Now, you even look different, right? Like a favorite!’ she said, grabbing the leash and pulling Sebastian hard by the neck. ‘On all Fours!’
Sebastian stood on all fours and Katinka began to lead him. The boy stopped, but Katinka walked on. She stepped forward--soft, pretty, feminine. She strode and pulled on the leash. He was forced to follow her steps closely. They went to the castle’s courtyard, where no one could see. It was a summer evening. The moon was rising, the scent of flowers charged the air and everything was so romantic.
‘Now, we will play a little bit.’ Sebastian had to bring back Katinka's sandals in his teeth as she threw them then she threw him a bone to bring back. Katinka instructed him with small Words: Commands. Sebastian had to sit and beg like a dog. It was very humiliated and, grabbing the leash, he tried to resist.
'Bad dog! Are you disobedient?’
‘Enough!’ he begged.
‘What are you talking about?’ She grabbed him by his hair. ‘Stop???? Do you want me to send you back to America and into the boring life you led?’
Sebastian suddenly knew he did not want to go back to that life. He needed to be in this unusual situation in which he found himself. He jumped up quickly, and immediately ran for the Katinka's sandals.

(There are other chapters as well. Is there anybody who are interested at all them? If no response, I will finish th uploading the story..)

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well I have been up since 5, got the house cleaned up, made a double batch of "crack" for my step daughters bday party later today... got her gifts wrapped, the soda on ice n later have to make the baked beans but still time for that.. the party isn't until 5.... tension is thick again here today so I'm really lookin forward to getting out with the family later on...

Toby is doin better but still not back to normal..he has been eatin on his own since we brought him home n hes peein pretty good too but hes still not showin any interest in water so I have to give that to him with a shringe n its hard to tell if hes poopin yet cause he wont use the separate litter box we set up just for him , he goes back to the two old ones ...he is still sleepin a lot n I snuggle him as much as possible n his lil motor purrs away non stop.. I can tell hes put on some weight already too but my lil guy isn't all fixed up just yet...

well that's bout it for now I guess...have a happy Saturday everyone... :)

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Breaking the curse of Elizabeth Báthory
Written by Geraldine
@ All rights reserved.

Part 1.
‘How about a romantic visit to a mysterious abandoned mansion where a young princess severely punishes the disobedient serfs?’ asked Katinka Babarczy.

‘I do not know ... I never thought about that. This whole situation is so strange.’ — Sebastian replied.
‘Forget reality! Talk about your dreams.’ She looked at him with a beautiful, sleek, airy appearance Katinka. Her eyes were gentle, but filled with sarcasm, as if Sebastian were ridiculous in her eyes, but also at the same time she liked him.
‘I fear we are at an impasse. The 17-year-old boy of my imagination would certainly do as the Princess commands. Sadly, the old fogy that I actually am can not. I suspect you will not want to deal with me anymore and if that is the case, I understand.’
Sebastian looked down, ashamed at his own admission—not wanting to have to say this.
‘Dear Sebastian, I understand that the whole situation is too weird for you as I warned you. Let me say just a few words about my philosophical background.’
‘Well… we all live in a multiple reality. The physical, emotional and spiritual world is just a part of the wholeness. The Universe is only part of a much richer Multiversum. Physical reality is just one form between the various forms of existence. Fantasy and imagination can open up the channels to different worlds.
‘If you are able to cross the limits of the physical world, a much more powerful and colorful world opens up before you. I can show you how you may step into the hidden rooms of the castle of your soul.’
‘Dreams are nice, but we are living on Earth. I don't believe in miracles and fairy tales. They are nonsense!’
‘Trust yourself, Sebastian! You can do it!
‘The doubt holds you back, but faith takes you aloft.
‘Don't be afraid of shame and punishment. These hurt in the physical world, but are very– very exciting in the emotional world!’
A little bit later Sebastian asked a friend of his whether you can trust Katinka. ‘There is no risk’ - he said. -’Katinka is an interesting personality. Lot of people do not like her because she is very strict, but always fair. Her interest is in strange and risky phenomenon. Nowadays she is studying at the University of Alternative Sciences. The professors say that now she is the most talented of students. She is involved in a large-scale research work. Their hypothesis is that a strict punishment of humiliation is the first step in the spiritual rebirth of bad and lazy guys.’

‘And why she suggested me to a mysterious abandoned castle?’ ‘Her idea is that everything is connected to each other. The bad behaviors of the men come from the Past. Something happened in the Very Last Time, somewhere in a Faraway Place. That is the origin of all of the sins. The punishment and liberation have to happen in present, but in same place, where the original problem was committed. Dear Sebastian! Are you ready to have a mental rebirthing resulted my punishment? I am sure it will be necessary to solve all of your problems?’
‘That's everything that I want’, Sebastian said, when he met again with Katinka.
‘That's not enough! In perfection you must accept what I ask of you. Do not hesitate for a moment! and I'll take you. Follow me!
‘I will do my best, my Katinka.’
‘That's right. But never forget this is not a usual invitation for an easy walk. It's the greatest challenge for you in your life. You must step over the border of physical reality, and enter into a magical, fabulous unreality. If you do not behave yourself, you will never come. Not because I do not like you, but because only the chosen ones can enter the mysterious abandoned mansion. Understand me?’
‘I think I understand—I will do my best. I want to see this world you speak of and I want to please you.’
‘Do not forget, in the castle I'll be Katinka, Princess of Csejte, and you are my obedient servant. In that ancient building you will find your punishment and liberation. Do you accept?’
Sebastian nodded his head.

‘Oh, my wise and sweet teacher! I realize that my education at your hands will be harsh and trying for me. I understand that it will also be difficult for you as my instructor and I truly appreciate that you are willing to guide me. I know the world we are entering will be strange and different. I will accept your guidance.’
Katinka snapped her fingers.
Suddenly, they found themselves in an old, dilapidated, deserted medieval castle on top of a high mountain. The room they were in was huge. Tattered tapestries hung in shreds from the walls. Stones from the ceiling had fallen to the floor letting in the moonlight and the weather. The floor was awash with the rains of the past season. What bold knights had once defended this ancient fortress?

(to be continued ..... If at all anyone is interested in this ...)

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[b]To all those who have waited for a year or more I've lost track, do not despair. As of last night, I took and uploaded a new video. It should be posted in the next day or so. I apologize for my delay and I appreciate all of you who came by and checked on me over the last few years. I am happy and healthy and preparing to do a few more in the near future. For my Daddy it was his first video. Bare with me while we work out the kinks. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for following me.[b]

Spanked Schoolgirl
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Hi To Everyone.

For reasons unexplainable,and beyond my contol. It seems that every private message I send is being delivered multiple times.
Sorry for filling your inboxes with same message.
Please delete the surplus,thus allowing just the one continous thread.

Thanks for your Patience.
Hope the promblem is resolved soon.


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I am getting so discourage about finding a daddy to mentor me. I've had a couple agree to teach this naughty baby girl to be a good baby girl but they all are really just interested in sex. I'm not interested in the sexual part. Well maybe if there was a little romance . I have also come to the conclusion that most men think and fantasize about sex 24/7

I live in a small community and I either get the men in their late 20's 30's. I'm 64 and I have boys that age. I guess I just can't get past that age difference.

I was spoiled with my hubby of 22 years. He died 10 years ago and I truly miss the lifestyle of D/s . My hubby was loving and caring but also strict, knew how to bring a crimson color to my poor deserving bottom..

I know he would want me to find someone to keep me in line but so far no luck.

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Hello everyone I am being a naughty childish brat throwing a fit because I can't go swimming. Also when I was eating my plate of spaghetti for dinner finally after trying to starve myself all day I started playing in it and throwing it everywhere. I think it's fun to throw my food everywhere

Spanked Schoolgirl
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....just losing control of a huge load a half hour ago. "Mmm" You say. "Mmmmm" "MissValerie" "Oh".

I put my mouth at the head of your cock and open my mouth. I put just the tip in without touching your cock at all and just breathe hot air. It tortures you since my mouth is right there. Then I take my mouth off from around it and graze my lips lightly from the bottom of the underside of your shaft up to your head. I caress your balls with my hand and then trace my tongue from in between the inside of your thigh and pelvis down to your balls. I softly start licking your balls and sack all over and very thoroughly. I gently suck on each of your nuts in my mouth interchanging them one after the other. Then I lick the spot underneath your nuts right above your ass. Then back to your balls, licking them and making them feel so good. You can't believe your principal is giving you oral sex and amazing oral sex at that. I go up to your cock and start licking the underside, then sides, then the front side of your cock. continuously over and over and over until all the sides of your cock are excited and very warm. I take my right hand and enclose it around your shaft and start stroking you as I'm licking your large shaft all over. Then I light my mouth on top of your head, close my lips virginal-tight and shoot my mouth straight down your entire shaft, so tight and so wet. It makes you think of pussy. Warm, wet, tight pussy. Then I work my hand and mouth together straight back up your cock and back down again...up and down...again and again...sucking you so good and so hot....making your cock wet and long and so thick and hard. The harder and longer you get....the more intense my licking and sucking your cock becomes. I pick up the pace with my hand and mouth and as I come up...I catch your precum...taste it...lick it..and swallow it down. You taste so hot sex. As I'm intensely fucking you with my let out a moan...."Ohhh!!"...."I'm about to cum."

Your fiery load explodes hard and fast and I keep right on sucking you and use your cum to keep stroking you....this makes you spurt a few more shots of cum. "Ohhhhhhhhh". You moan. "Oh my god."

I get up and wipe my mouth off. I reach for the long wooden paddle again. "Bend over the desk." I tell you. "You've got to be kidding." You say. "Do you really think I'm kidding?!" I ask you. You know I'm not after all of the events today and so you comply. You can barely move, but you half-assed and weakly position yourself over the desk and bend over it. Your ass is already red from earlier. I spend the next 30 minutes working your ass over good giving you 1,000 paddlings this time. You break and start crying and shaking and trembling. "Please MissValerie." "Please!" "Oh my God." Your ass is hell hot and 100% red over your entire ass with not one white or light red spot anywhere.

I walk over to my desk, open the drawer, and put the paddle up. "Get up." I tell you. Bawling your eyes out, you get up and stand up straight. I bend over my own desk and raise up my skirt. "Come here." You start getting hard again and you don't know how after your ass being hell sore and blowing 2 loads already. I tell you, "You know what to do." "Pull my panties aside and give it to me good or I'll give it to you good." You get up behind me and raise my skirt a little higher. You rub your thick tip all over my black panties and up and down my ass crack. Then you pull my panties aside and try to pop your cock in. It's so tight, it doesn't slip in at first, but then it finally does and you thrust your cock into me. It feels so hot inside of me and so tight and wet....getting wetter by the minute. You furiously fuck me from start to finish with your huge 10 inch cock and you grab me by my hair right before you cum. "Beg for it MissValerie!" "Beg!" You say to me. "Ahhhhh!!" "Mr. Andrews, fuck me!" "Give it to me, give me your cock, I want it all!!" Then you grab my hair hard and instantly slam all 10 inches of you into me hard up to the hilt and you pull out and blast cum all over my ass in what seems to be an endless hot stream of lust. We both collapse.

Then we get up and get dressed to look normal like nothing ever happened. "I learned my lesson MissValerie." "Thank you." You tell me.

"Well, it is my job to teach my students and get it right the first time." I say to you. "You definitely do that well MissValerie." "I don't think anyone could not learn from you." You say.

"You're free to go Mr. Andrews." I wink at you. "Thank you MissValerie." "I'll never forget." And you wink back and leave taking the lessons of discipline and pleasure with you.~

Author~Valerie Valor~

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To ST world:

I get numbers of messages every day, at least ten per day. I am in Atlanta. So if you truly want me to spank that ass. You need to come out here to see me. I have traveled to different parts of the country. I am on other websites. But this website of people play too many games with me. Therefore, I will no longer travel to spank anyone from this site.
I am Serious About What I DO. SO IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT ME BEATING YOUR ASS. Then do NOT beat around the bush with me and my time. Move to the side and let the ones who are serious about their discipline step in. Thank you.

In about a month I will be in NYC!!!!

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This is a story I wrote that really happened in my life. I just changed the names. (There is more story, but a 3,000 character limit on here, so it got cut off)

First Time in Principal's Office:

You knock on my door. I tell you to come in. You step in my office rather sheepishly. I look up from my desk at you and give you a stern look in the eyes. You can sense from my stare that you are in a world of trouble.

"Come here." I say to you. You walk over to me. "Closer." I demand. You come closer, but still stand about 3 feet from my desk. I put my hands on my desk and get up from my chair. I walk over to you and walk around you in a slow circle all the way around full circle giving you a good once-over look from head to toe. Then I stop. My face is within 2 inches of your face, my breasts within 2 inches of your chest and my cunt 2 inches from your cock. I can hear your breathing pick up more rapidly as I glaze over your eyes and lips with my eyes. I lean in towards your neck and whisper to you, "And what are we in here for today, Mr. Andrews?" I can sense the nervousness in you coupled with excitement. "I decided to skip Math class", you say. "Oh really?", "We can fix that." I tell you.

I walk over to my desk and open my drawer and pull out a large wooden paddle. "Bend over that desk Boy!" I say. You bend over an office desk. "Hold onto the sides of the desk." You place your hands on the sides of the desk carefully. I walk over to you with my paddle in hand. "Stick your ass out farther." You stick your butt out more. "Raise it higher!" I demand. You do. Then I position my large wooden paddle over your jeans and start caressing your boy butt with it. Then I give your ass a few gentle pats before I begin to secure the landing spot. I give you 50 hard spankings. Then I set down the paddle.

"Undo your belt and drop your jeans." I tell you. You quickly do as your told for fear of more paddlings. "Now take down those pretty underwear of your's." "I want to see your bare bottom." "I bet you have a hot boy ass." You grip the sides of your underwear bands and pull your underwear down to your ankles. "Step out of your jeans and underwear completely." "You won't be needing them today." You oblige and take off your shoes and everything but your shirt. "Now take off your shirt." You do. "Stand straight up with your hands at your sides" You stand there obediently, not knowing what is next. I give you a good look and notice how handsome you are. I see you have a tall, slender physique and a very young, athletic appearance. You have a nicely developed 6 pack on your stomach. I take note of the sexy trail of dark hair on your lower stomach leading to your cock. Then I notice how massive your limp cock is just hanging there. Since your cock is 6 inches limp, I can deduce you are more than likely a very well-endowed young man. Probably about 9 to 10 inches in full length when hard and ready to go. I walk around you and see your beautiful legs and nicely groomed feet. I can see you have very nice hands as well. I'm interested in what your ass looks like, especially after those 50 swats you just got. Just like I had imagined, you have a very small, round and nice tempting young ass. Very spankable indeed.

"Okay Mr. Andrews." "Bend back over that desk and spread your legs far apart dear boy." You do this. I can see your ass is completely shaven and your little boy hole looks untouched. You look absolutely delicious. I walk over to you and start running my hands along your back slowly and softly and then trail down to your butt. Then I slip my hands down in between your cheeks right down your crack gently and back up again, stopping deliberately and briefly at your little hole and gently graze it with my finger. Then I start caressing the tops of your semi-reddened ass, making it feel good and relieved. Then I start softly kissing the bottom of your back and make a trail down the sides of your butt, kissing each of the sides of your bottom. I line your butt all over with small little kisses and it feels so good against your already stinging ass. Then I very gently put my claws on the back of your knees and gently claw my way up the backs of your thighs and this sends goosebumps of excitement all over your body.

Next thing, I grip each of your ass cheeks and spread them apart, far apart. "Mmm" "You sure have one hot ass babey." I tell you. You just moan. I get on my knees on the floor in front of your ass with you bent over and all vulnerable. I lightly make a slightly wet trail from the bottom of your crack all the way up to the top of your butt. I run back down with my tongue in another trail softly. I gently blow a long, hot stream of air from my mouth to your hole. You let out a sigh. I trace outward circles around your hole until I get to the center, then I start gently licking and pawing at your hole with my tongue repeatedly. You start moaning. After a while, I take the tip of my tongue and start flicking your sweet ass hole continuously for a time. Then I lick your hole full-on with my very wet tongue and make a couple trails up and down your crack again, and then right back at your boy hole. I rim your ass for a good half hour, french kissing it gently and making you excited. I stick out my tongue completely and stiffen it and plunge it deep into you, deep into your hole. You taste so good. So clean. So delicious. You start panting and trembling in the knees a little. By now, I'm tongue fucking you sweet and deep and wet, changing from deep fucking you to licking you and then deep fucking you with my tongue again. I stand up. "You're delicious." I tell you.

I grab the wooden paddle again and nestle it against your bare bottom this time. Pat your bottom a few times, and give you 200 blistering swats. Your ass is super red and hot. Now, you're almost on the verge of tears. "Please MissValerie." "Please no more.", You plead. "You're going to get the punishment of a lifetime Mr. Andrews.", I tell you.

I walk over to my closet and start putting on an outfit. You lean around from the desk and look, but can't figure out what I'm doing exactly. Then I open up a bottom drawer in my desk and fit my red 11 inch long by 6 inch girth cock into my strap-on band. You see this and feel fear and oddly enough, excitement and curiosity. I grab a bottle of lube and walk over to you. I lube up my hung, red cock really good. "Spread your legs and hike up that red, hot ass before I make it hotter!" I demand. You spread your legs as wide as you can get them and you arch your ass up. "Now keep it there." "Tell me you want my cock.", I tell you. "I want your cock MissValerie." You say. "Say "Please" and beg for it like you mean it." I tell you back. "Please MissValerie, fuck me good with your big, red cock, I want it." You beg.

I steady the head of my red cock at the entrance of your hole and slowly trace little circles around the outside of your hole, getting you used to the idea of what's about to come. Then I run the entire thick shaft gently up and down your crack over and over again, then back to your hole. I start carefully and slowly pressing just the tip up against your hole. You start strangely getting horny for this experience you've never had. You start wanting it and getting excited, anticipating it and moving to back up against the head of my cock, like you're starting to beg for it. Like you want it in you, your virginity popped, your ass taken once and for all. By your principal. When I think you're ready, I pop straight in head first and start fucking you slowly, but firmly with the first 2 inches. Your ass gets moist quickly from excitement. You are stroking your own cock as I'm fucking you with mine, which is really intensifying it and making it easier for me to fuck you. Now, I'm fucking you with 4 inches, then 5. You start really moaning at 5 inches and so I pick up the pace and give you 7 inches of unrelenting hardness in your tight ass. I have a firm hold of your hips and am fucking you with a moderate and steady pace. You are loving it and moaning so loud that anyone around can hear. Your cock is dripping precum by now like crazy. As soon as I see your cock dripping, I fuck you fast and deep with 9 inches now with only 2 more left to go. You start sweating from the excitement and the sheer size of me, the shock of it all. Still, you start begging and telling me how much you love it and how it's going to make you cum so hard. Then I plunge all 11 inches into you deep, thoroughly hitting that sweet spot within and after 5 of my fast thrusts, you groan loud and deep, and explode a massive, hot load of cum all over the desk and floor and everywhere. I carefully retreat out of you gracefully. You collapse on the desk.

I take off my strap-on outfit and sit in my chair. I point at you and motion with my finger for you to come here. You abide and walk over to me with a weak walk. You are exhausted from cumming so hard and so much. "Get over my lap boy." You bend over my lap. I spank your ass with my hand 500 times, making your ass beet red and stinging hot to the touch. "I've learned my lesson MissValerie." You say. "I'll determine when you've learned your lesson." "Boys never learn their lessons." I reply back.

"Go sit on that desk with your legs apart." "Yes, MissValerie." You say politely. After 750 spankings, an hour long ass licking, and an intense strap-on fucking, you're certain your principal means business. I come over to you. I touch your cock with my hand and it jumps, starting to get excited. I gently and barely run my nails up the underside of your shaft. Then I cup your balls softly with my hands and start massaging them and go back up to your shaft and begin running my hand up and down it. I sift my fingers through your beautiful, dark cock hair for a bit, then start stroking your cock with my hands. You start sighing and moaning. You can't believe how hard you're getting after...

Spanked Schoolgirl
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Today was “one of those days” at work … let me paint u a picture… other than the one overnight person I am the first one to arrive each day.. the 2nd person is our openin manager but she was half hr late…. I notice right away that one of our computers is down n soups never got iced n put away last night so they ALL had to be tossed out… when I left work yesterday it looked like it was goin to be a fairly mild day at work today but orders came in overnight n now we have A LOT of caterin.. AND our caterer called out … we get strawberries n blueberries in each day but our cantelope n pineapple only come in on Weds n Sats n I used the last of them yesterday n today I learn we have FOUR Large fruit bowls in that caterin order… then one of our line openers called out… lunch rush started super early n the computer guy comes right smack in the middle of it all.. we were down two lines because of the downed computer so we struggling harder to get orders out… now the cramped space we had to work in, n the mad rush to get everythin done was makin everyone cranky… people were snappin at each other… mistakes were bein made… n the tension was thick…………n right in the middle of it all I burst out laughin… my manager turns to look at me.. some of my co workers look over at me… my manager says “really donna!” which made me laugh all the harder… I bit my lip to try to contain myself but a platter of food goin crashin to the floor makes me burst out laughin all over again.. my manager shoots me daggers with his eyes n I laugh even harder… he stops n turns completely around n I said ‘I cant help it… its crazy here but I’m out in 15 mins n u all have to stay here n deal with this crap”… which made him crack a smile n my co workers laughed n the tension was broken for a lil bit….

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Part 1a -- sorry for the sloppy parts - frustrated by the limits on blog entries!!

Dana Gray was desperately trying to think of a new way to get her computer to malfunction.
It had to be just the right problem. Anything too complex and the guys in IT would simply replace the dinosaur instead of coming to fix it. Mentally, she ticked off the previous reasons she’d called them for help. There was the “accidentally” unplugged keyboard, which left her unable to type. Next time, she changed her printer setup, and then called to complain that her printer wouldn’t run her reports. The last time, she’d switched her work mouse with an old mouse from home, which had a faulty wire; that had allowed her to report that her mouse was inoperable.
All that time and effort was for one reason: to have another opportunity to see – and flirt shamelessly with – Chris Neely. Chris was a troubleshooter in the IT department at the small hospital where Dana worked. Anytime someone reported a problem with his or her equipment, he was the guy who responded. And ever since she’d first glimpsed him in the hall the week he’d started working there, she’d been plaguing him with her computer “problems” so she could meet him, talk to him, and basically do everything she could to try to get him to ask her out.
After all, the man was beautiful. He had the chiseled jaw line of a Hollywood A-lister; the deepest hazel eyes she’d ever seen; dark, curly hair that a girl just longed to run her fingers through; and a set of full, sensual lips that put Angelina Jolie’s to shame. It was all she could do to keep herself from drooling every time she saw him.
So far, she’d had no luck getting him to ask her out. But she did feel like she’d made some progress. He knew her name. He even said hello when they passed one another in the halls, or at lunch.
Tonight was going to be her big break, though; she could just feel it. Everyone in her department had left already, getting a head start on the long holiday weekend. But Dana knew for a fact that Chris had volunteered to work late, to let his married co-workers all leave early to be home with their families. She had planned it just right – it would be only the two of them, all alone in her deserted little department when he came to fix her computer issue. Who knows that might happen if they had some uninterrupted alone time together?
Now, if only she could think of something to call about to get him to come over...
A wicked grin spread over her face. With a couple of fast clicks with her mouse, she deleted two of the most used program icons from her desktop screen. There. That should do it. Her grin widened and she stifled an excited giggle as she reached for her phone.

A slow grin spread across Chris Neely’s face as he listened to the voice on the other end of the phone.
“Sounds like you need my services,” he said in a low voice, even knowing she’d surely miss the double meaning of the inflected last word.
“Oh, I do!” She hurriedly agreed. “I really do!”
He bit back a chuckle. “Well, then. I suppose I’ll be right there.”
Shaking his head, Chris hung up the receiver and let out the laugh he’d just held back. Miss Dana Gray... That girl was a piece of work.
He wondered if she seriously thought that he didn’t know that she’d been sabotaging her own workstation. She’d have to be an idiot to think she was fooling him – either that, or she thought he was an idiot to not catch on to her games.
He wondered what she’d think if she knew how he was planning to handle the situation.
He’d been hoping that she would call again today, although he’d half expected that she’d left already, as all the administrative departments had closed for the weekend, and there was only the clinical staff to worry about. As long as he paid attention to his pager for incoming calls, he could take as long as he liked responding to Dana’s call. There would be plenty of time to give proper attention to convincing her to stop her nonsense, in favor of pursuing a more traditional method of attracting the opposite sex. Chris mentally rubbed his hands together as he thought of teaching the cute, curly-haired carrot-top a thing or two about manipulation.
She was a novice; that was for sure. He’d seen through her charade the very first time, but he’d been too flattered by how far she was willing to go for his attention to call her on it. Instead, he’d responded professionally to each call. Perhaps if he hadn’t been attracted to her, it would have gone differently. But he liked the one-on-one moments her contrived computer issues allowed them. He enjoyed scuttling around her desk, “investigating” the problem, while out of the corner of his eye, he was ogling her shapely legs. He liked the nervous way she looked at him when he first walked up to her desk, as if she expected him to call her on the carpet about her devious behavior. But what he liked best was watching her blue eyes warm and light up when she smiled at his little jokes and teasing comments.
She might not be smiling later when he told her what he had planned for her...
Then again, she might. Some girls liked that kind of thing. And, sometimes the ones who didn’t like the idea of it at first, found out that they actually enjoyed it.
He was curious to see what category Miss Dana would fall into. He hoped she’d fall into the ‘like it’ camp – or even that she might love it. Crossing his fingers, he stood up from his desk and started off towards the accounting department, where Dana worked.

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Part 1b
Dana didn’t appear to even be working when Chris came upon her in her cubicle. She sat, tapping her pen along with ‘Chain of Fools,’ which was playing on the nearby portable radio. She began to hum, too, and Chris felt his groin tighten at the throaty, sexy sound. He longed to rest his fingers on her breastbone, to feel the reverberations there as she purred.
Suddenly, she rose from her seat. Hips swaying to the music, she spun around unexpectedly on him. Her bright eyes, dancing with the pleasure of the song, lifted and locked with his in surprise. To his disappointment, she immediately stopped her dancing and humming, flushed deep scarlet, and covered her mouth in embarrassment, her hand shaking.
“Oh, God!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t know you were there!”
Chris smiled sheepishly. “No, I guess you didn’t.”
“Boy, you’re sneaky! I didn’t even hear you come in here!”
He wiggled his eyebrows at her playfully. “I could have stolen in here and kidnapped you, and no one would have been the wiser. Is that what you’re telling me, then?”
He wouldn’t have thought that it was possible, yet she blushed still hotter at his flirting.
When she was finally able to meet his gaze again, she shrugged. “If you had a mind to, I suppose that you just might have gotten away with it.”
Chris let his gaze linger on her overheated face, let her wonder and think on just how serious he was being. Then he clapped his hands and shifted his focus deliberately to her glowing computer monitor. “Well, let’s see what we’ve got going on here, hmm?”
Dana gave the monitor a distracted glance over one shoulder. “Oh, yeah,” she said, as if he’d reminded her that there really was a work-related reason for his visit. She gestured vaguely to the remaining icons scattered across her Windows desktop. “I don’t know what happened, I swear. They were all there this morning when I booted up. And then all of a sudden, I noticed that Client Server and Navinet were missing.”
He held back a smirk. That was the one thing about these staged visits that really irked him. Chris liked smart women. And he knew that Dana was smart. Yet, every time she called him, she pulled this dumb girl act where the computer was concerned, acting like she hardly knew how to power the machine up. It pissed him off, even though he understood that she was only doing it because a girl who was computer savvy wouldn’t need to call him for help as often as she did. Still, it rankled and he found his hand itching. He wanted nothing so much as to stand her up and slap her bottom for the deception.
Patience, he reminded himself. In due time, he would get around to addressing that desire...
“Well, let’s have a look,” he said. He pulled up a chair from a nearby cubicle and gestured for Dana to sit back down beside him. Commandeering her mouse, he pretended to scavenge around inside her hard drive, “investigating” her problem.
“Sorry I had to bother you with another dumb problem,” Dana said. “I don’t know where my brain’s been lately. I hate to be such a pest.”
Although his hand itched again, he waved her apology away. “Don’t be silly. This is my job. I’m happy to come over and see you... help you.”
When he looked away from the computer monitor and glanced at her face, her eyes were as big as saucers, staring at him. He smiled gently and looked away again, refocusing on the computer.
It didn’t take long, of course, to fix her problem. Chris pretended to find some reason behind the icons’ sudden, mysterious disappearance, and then set them back up for her.
“I really appreciate your help,” she told him as he turned away from the task. He couldn’t be sure, but she looked a little disappointed that he was done so fast.
“My pleasure.” He studied her face closely, gauging what her reaction was going to be in a few minutes when he brought up the other topic he wanted to discuss.
Before he had a chance to broach the subject, she said, “Do you have to go back right away? I thought maybe we could take our break together...”
Chris grinned and nodded. “Yeah. Sure. That sounds good. There’s something I want to talk to you about, anyway.”
Her eyes easily filled half her face now. He resisted the urge to chuckle. “Are you ready?”
“Y-yeah! Um... yeah, sure.”
He watched as she scrambled to grab her purse and lunch bag, tossing both over her shoulder.
As they started down the hall towards the nearest break room, Chris took a deep breath in and let it slowly out. Praying he wouldn’t lose his nerve, hoping she wouldn’t tell him where he could go stick his weird ideas, and crossing his fingers that she didn’t report him for sexual harassment, he mentally rehearsed the speech he’d practiced in his mind.

Spanked Schoolgirl
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Part 2
“So,” she said, turning to him as they walked, “what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?”
He could almost see the wheels turning in her head, and he felt like a heel as he imagined the kind of flowery ideas that might be flashing through her mind. In a moment he was going to crush those romantic notions, and she would probably never speak to him again.
“Well, it’s about all the times you’ve called me for computer help.” He forced himself to charge on. Even if he didn’t go through with telling her everything, he at least should put a stop to all this intentional sabotaging of her workstation. He leveled her with a serious expression. “Have you really needed me all those times? Or were you just kind of looking for an excuse to see me?”
The way that she looked at him made him think of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. For a moment, she simply stared at him, then she abruptly looked away. A dark red blush crept up her neck, staining her cheeks.
“You sound pretty sure of yourself, you know,” she said, sticking her nose up in the air. “Suggesting that I didn’t really need help, and was just calling because I wanted to see you?” she laughed nervously. “Why wouldn’t I just come over and see you at lunch if that was all I wanted?”
He shrugged one shoulder. “I don’t know.” He studied her a moment, letting her squirm under the steadiness of his gaze. “But for someone who’s so offended by my suggestion, you sure do have a guilty flush across your pretty face.”
Her eyes darted back to his face when he touched her right cheek with a light thumb. Beneath his finger, her skin heated up even further. Chris arched a questioning brow at her, resisting the urge to smile.
Damn, she was cute when she looked guilty.
Dana sniffed daintily and attempted a wounded look, which only succeeded in further revealing her tension. “You think that I deliberately sabotaged my own computer just to get some alone time with you?”
Chris nodded.
Dana rolled her eyes. She folded her arms across her chest. She huffed out an exasperated, exaggerated sigh. Then, reluctantly, she met his gaze. Briefly, she squeezed her eyes shut, shaking her head. Just as he was about to grab her by the shoulders and shake an answer out of her from pure frustration, she opened her eyes and whispered, “Oh, hell. You’re right, okay? I’m guilty. I did mess up my computer on purpose.”
Chris repressed a smile. “I knew it!” he said with vindication.
Dana groaned. “Oh, God, this is so embarrassing!”
Inwardly, he snickered. If she thought this was embarrassing, just wait! He could just imagine her reaction when he told her what he had in mind for her.
“Please don’t tell my boss,” Dana pleaded. “God, I can’t lose this job!”
Chris turned to her and clasped both her hands in his own. Briefly, she looked down at their hands, as if in awe that they were actually touching so intimately. “Relax. There’s no real harm done to your computer. There’s no reason, as far as I’m concerned, for this to go any further than between you and me.” He squeezed her hands and gave her a wink. “Okay?”
Dana let out a visible breath. “Yeah. Oh, boy. Okay. Thanks.”
“You’re welcome. But maybe you don’t want to thank me just yet.”
Her eyes grew big again, and he could practically see her pulse quicken in the pale skin of her slender neck. “Why?” she asked, her voice hedged with apprehension.
“Well, you did waste an awful lot of my time. Not to mention all that nonproductive time that you basically arranged for yourself. Really, when you think about it, you were lying to me all this time. Plus you were playing around with a piece of hospital equipment. If you hadn’t been careful, you might have actually done some real damage.” He shrugged. “I don’t know. It just seems to me you deserve some kind of punishment for all that.”
“W-what kind of p-punishment?” she stammered.
Chris let loose the grin he’d been holding back for so long. He gestured towards the break room they’d just reached. “Step into my office and I’ll tell you all about it,” he invited darkly.

Dana wasn’t sure if she liked Chris enough to take a spanking from him.
That was what his idea had been for her punishment. A spanking. She had never been spanked in her entire life.
She knew that he could tell she was uncertain. After describing to her what would happen in more detail than she particularly wanted to hear, he gave her a gentle smile.
“Am I scaring you?” he asked.
She shrugged one shoulder and toyed with a potato chip from the lunch that she’d hardly touched. “I don’t know. I’m not scared exactly, but... uncomfortable. Wary...”
A slight tinge of red stained his face. “You know what? Just forget it, okay? I shouldn’t have brought it up.” He looked heavenward, and then shook his head. “I’m the one who should be asking you not to report me.”
“Oh, don’t worry about that.” Dana reached across the table and laid her hand briefly on top of his. “I wouldn’t think of doing that to you. I promise.”
For a long moment, they sat in silence, just staring at their hands. Then Chris turned his over and laced his fingers together with hers.
Hesitantly, she met his eyes. And she winked.
“Maybe, um... we could try it,” she suggested shyly, and she could see that Chris reeled from her response. “I mean, I guess I do deserve it.”
Recovering quickly from the shock of her acceptance, he grinned and nodded his head. “Absolutely. You definitely do.”
“Okay, then.” She took a deep breath. “So, what now?”
He indicated the lunch spread out in front of her. “For starters, missy, finish that food. You’re going to need the energy.”
Raising an eyebrow, her mouth curving on one side, she said, “Okay...”
“And while you do that, I’ll go and get us ready.”
“What?” she dropped the chip she’d begun to raise to her lips. “Wait! Do you mean you plan to... to...” God, how ridiculous, she couldn’t bring herself to say the word out loud.
“Spank you right here? At work?” he supplied helpfully, a smug look on his face.
Mutely, she nodded.
In answer, he nodded right back at her. Dana gulped.
“But not here in the break room,” he amended. “I think your desk would be much more appropriate and private. Don’t you agree?”
She could only stare at him in silence. He grinned and left the room, off to get things ready. Dana stared at the food in front of her and wondered how she was going to finish it and manage to keep it down, knowing that she was about to get her butt spanked right at her work desk.

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Part 3
“We’re really going to do this now?” Dana asked Chris as he led her back through her department to her desk. “Here?”
“Absolutely,” he agreed. There was a little too much relish in his tone for her liking.
“What if someone sees us?” she stage-whispered, looking nervously around the deserted, dark room surrounding her one tiny, lit cubicle.
“Nobody’s around except for you and me,” he reassured her calmly. “Security and housekeeping have been through already, and everyone else went home hours ago. We’re alone. The department’s locked up, even. It’s safe.”
Dana bit her lip. “Someone’s sure to hear us, though,” she insisted.
He flashed her a wicked grin. “Not if you can manage to keep quiet.”
To this challenge, she had no comeback. How could she know how she’d react, let alone how loud she might get?
“Enough stalling,” Chris declared. “You agreed to take this spanking. You’re not chickening out on me, are you?”
When he looked at her like that, how on Earth could she back out? Maybe it wasn’t dinner and a movie with some hot, heavy kissing and petting on her couch over a nightcap... but it was still Chris Neely... all to herself and touching her fanny, no less. Beggars couldn’t be choosers.
Taking a deep breath, she shook her head. She closed her eyes and gave him her hand. He took hold of both hands instead, and quickly eased her into a bent position over her clutter-free desk, resting her there on her forearms. Naturally, her bottom stuck out at an extreme angle, just awaiting his further attention.
Before she’d really had time to process all of this, Chris was suddenly whipping her skirt up above her hips. As she sputtered in angry protest, trying to spin around to stop him, he casually tucked the hem of the skirt into the waistband.
“How dare you?” she hissed, trying ineffectively to round on him, and losing miserably against the steely hold he had on her.
“Oh, I dare a lot worse than that, believe me, Dana,” he warned her darkly. “Be glad you’re getting to keep your panties this time, sweetheart.”
This time...
As Dana contemplated the implications of those words, she vaguely noticed that Chris was rifling through the cache of office supplies that she kept on her desk in a space-saving organizer. By the time she thought to look up and see what he was after, he’d already found it.
Much to her despair, in his hand was her thick, wooden ruler.
Oh, crap...
“Wait!” she exclaimed, looking over her shoulder as Chris stood with the ruler next to her nearly naked backside. “Hold on, let’s talk about this!”
“We’ve already talked about this, Dana,” he reminded her. “And you agreed you deserve a spanking.” He fixed her with a shrewd look, his eyes twinkling. “Maybe you need a reminder of why you’re in this predicament? Maybe we need to go over it again?”
With that question, he flicked the ruler suddenly, fast and hard across the center of her bottom cheeks, and Dana hissed at the lick of fire left behind by the innocent-looking wood.
“Ouch!” she complained, stomping her foot in distress.
“Acting like a child is not allowed,” he said and dealt her another hard smack. Damn him, he sure sounded like he was enjoying this!
Remembering to try to be quiet, she took a deep breath.
“Now,” Chris said, “why are you getting this spanking?”
Groaning at the indignity of being made to list her transgressions out loud, Dana received another smack.
“I asked you a question, Dana.”
“Okay! Jeez! Ow! Give me a sec – oh! – second!”
But it seemed that Chris had lost his patience. Fast and furious the ruler moved, striping her scantily covered behind, leaving bright pink, crisscrossing lines on her pale skin. Even through her silk, lavender panties, the color was visible.
“Why,” Chris repeated between swats, “are you being spanked?”
“Because...” Dana panted, “Because I made up... reasons... for you to come out... and check my computer... just so I could see you.”
“That’s right.” He slowed the spanking, and Dana let out a sigh of relief. “Know why else?”
Nervously, she twisted to look back at him. He chuckled, and to her surprise, set the ruler aside. With a small smile, he tapped the tip of her nose with one finger. “I can’t stand it when a smart woman pretends to be stupid,” he told her. “It drove me crazy to see you playing the dumb girl every time you conned me into coming to your rescue.”
“Oh,” she said, her eyes wide.
His gaze traveled from her surprised face down to her semi-clad bottom. He cleared his throat and stuffed his hands into his pockets. “Well, I suppose I’m through here. You can stand up and turn around now.”
Still looking at him with an uncertain expression, Dana slowly turned to face him, her hands immediately going to rub her tender cheeks.
“No,” Chris scolded, reaching behind her to grab her wrists. He pulled them back to the front of her body. “No rubbing.” Lightly, he tapped her bottom with his hand, and a shot of pure desire ran through her.
“Sorry,” she said.
He grinned at her. “If I didn’t know better, I might think you actually enjoyed getting spanked with that ruler.”
Dana made an unladylike sound that was somewhere between a laugh and a snort. “Hardly!” she declared loudly.
“Really?” Chris glanced pointedly at her hard, erect nipples where they strained against her blouse.
Dana blushed hotly and crossed her arms over her chest. “That doesn’t mean anything,” she insisted.
“Hmm.” He mulled over her hot denial, then leaned in close to her and whispered, “I bet if I put my fingers in you – right now – you’d be all hot and wet and ready for me. Now wouldn’t you, Dana?”
Her blush deepened and for a few long moments, Dana was very aware of her hot face, blazing tush, and molten pussy. She ached to reach out and rub her body shamelessly against Chris, to take his hand and shove her panties aside so that he could do what he’d suggested.
Instead, she forced her gaze to boldly meet his, and said, “You’re just going to say things like that to a girl, when you haven’t even kissed her yet?”
He chuckled lightly, still so close to her that she could count the tiny crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes. “What are you doing for the holiday?”
“Uh... nothing...”
“Excellent. I’ll pick you up at noon. We’ll have ourselves a picnic at my place.”
She blinked mutely at him.
“Nod your head, so I know you hear me.”
Silently, she nodded her head.
Smirking, obviously pretty damned pleased with himself, he said, “Well, all right then. In the meantime, behave yourself, missy.” Leaning in close to her ear, he added, “’Cause next time, those panties are coming right down.”
He walked away from her then, leaving Dana staring after him, confused, angry, excited, and – most of all – horny.
Rubbing her bottom just to spite him, she was already trying to think of the next thing to do to her computer – just to see if he really was a man of his word...

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