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anybody want to trade pics with me?

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Tonight is our anniversary, it has been 5 years of marriage for us. For the last couple of weeks Daila had been hinting around at things she wanted and I would say “This is our 5 year, what anniversary is that? Oh I know...its something like tin foil.” All the while, I fully intended on getting her this one stunning necklace with a gorgeous sterling silver and 18 karat cold butterfly pendent on it. I did not really have the money, but it was worth it to surprise her with . I walked in from the store last night to report for my inspection with it clasp around my neck. My neck is so think though that it was like wearing a choker. I had it covered with my shirt until she was ready to have me strip for my inspection and she saw it. The inspection went to the way side as she came over and took it from my neck with great excitement.

Today when I got home from work, she had set the set the table on the lanai for a gourmet dinner. Daila had been cooking for a while. The grill on the lanai was pumping out delicious odors and I was sat at the end of the table. She had fresh French bread with already softened butter ready to spread. She brought a huge baked potato to start preparing while she put the finishing touches on the steaks. When she was done, she pulled a huge T-Bone off the grill and placed it on my plate...and fresh buttered corn to round out the meal. The steak was very juicy and nothing short of 5 star in my book. I would venture to say it was the best steak I have had in my life to this date. The entire meal was perfect...including the dinner music she had selected. When the meal was complete she brought another surprise to the favorite French Silk pie. We were stuffed.

About the time that my food was finally settling, I noticed an envelope on the table. I pulled it up and it was for me. The outside said “Happy Anniversary to the husband who has everything.” I opened it to find this message:

Ryder...I love you more than you will ever know. I know we drive each other crazy sometimes, but at the end of the day I am so very happy to have you as my husband. You are my rock ! I would never make it through life without you by my side. I live you till the end of time and beyond.

The kicker was the P.S. on the other side of the card that read:

P.S. I looked up 5th anniversary gifts on the internet today and guess is “Wood”...Ha ha, so you will be getting a proper anniversary present when I give you a good boy paddling later this evening.

Who knew it would be wood? Well now at least I know that in a little while I will be laying across her legs in the bed while she gives me some kinder and gentler smacks on my ass the way we used to do our spankings back before they became punishment for me. This will be an excellent way to end the day and slip off to sleep in a nice sub space. What else could a man want.

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Noticing Rosypickwick's blog - I had a birthday 2 weeks ago, but got my Birthday Caning today! 80 hard strokes - Photos to follow soon, but the video will take longer! But it WAS a really great session roll on the next Birthday! He He!

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May 4th is Audrey Hepburn's birthday, one of my all time favorites...and Mine! Sure it's tacky to announce your own, but birthdays are too much fun not to share. Woohoo! *tosses confetti*

Friends are taking me out to lunch. It will be close to eighty degrees here by noontime so we're in a last minute scramble to find a place where we can eat outside. We'll have a good time regardless. Stand down, SpankWhisperer. I took a vacation day tomorrow : P

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This will be my final “poem” post, and as I bear an uncanny resemblance to Aleister Crowley who was known as the “Great Beast”. I thought I would start up a Beauty And The Beast thread. In the hope that other budding poets would continue with or finish.

This story revolves around a stolen rose,
How a girl's fate is sealed with larceny,
Will we see how a plain little bloom,
Would mean for her a life of slavery?

But, dear reader do not fear for Belle,
For all is not just quite as it seems,
Smoke and mirrors, a witches curse,
Will bring Belle to the love of her dreams,

But, that is yet very far down the line,
Happy endings are assured to come,
For to have an ending you need a beginning,
And this beginning is dark and glum,

As his carriage rattles along the trail,
Beast watches from his new castle wall,
This deal was made to save her father's life,
But soon Belle would have the Beast in thrall,

It was though not a simple romance,
When the Beast and Belle first did meet,
Her poor heart sank, and her face it fell,
As she saw his shaven head and boarlike teeth,

He though saw fiery tresses and snow white smile,
His hand then went down inside his pocket,
As the creature now inured to looks of disgust,
Pulled out a velvet band bearing a red rose locket,

The band he then tied around her neck,
The red rose contrasting her pale breasts,
He kissed her hand; she did not shudder,
So passing the first of her many tests,

He showed her around making her welcome,
He said, “this castle is now your domain!”
Though she still had rules to follow,
From the old building, she must refrain,

He told her the walls were unsafe,
So the old hall is full of danger,
Most would understand his concern,
But Belle was inquisitive, and wouldn't change her,

Like others, she had heard the rumour,
The Beast held the prince locked in a tower,
To free him from his captor was Belle's aim,
She knew from this creature she would not cower,

Through the old castle, she did wander,
Room to room, but no prince to be found,
Her candle then flickered in a sudden breeze,
Followed then by a terrible sound,

Her blood went cold as his voice she heard,
“You disobeyed me Belle!” the beast cried out,
Angered now by how she put herself in peril,
“I have these rules for reasons, not for you to flout!”

He approached her in what seemed a rage,
But, then she saw the fear in his eyes,
It was not of anger, but of concern,
He was worried for her she did realise,

“There is no prince in these castle walls,
no prisoners are here locked away,
No door to unlock, or shackles to unchain!”
The still fuming Beast went on to say.

Belle stood rooted to her spot,
Locked now in the creatures gaze,
His eyes burning bright and wild,
Made poor Belle's mind a total haze,

He knew that he would have to make his point,
And to his mind there was only one thing to do,
Grabbing her hand he led her from the hall,
Telling her unwaveringly that a spanking she was due!

In silence, they walked to the new castle,
There was no argument she did not demur,
But, feeling his strong grip around her palm,
Excited her stomach, made her thoughts blur,

The Beast though had another problem at hand,
Belle's dress and petticoats were so thick,
Negating effective castigation,
Even with a stick!

There was no way out, no other option,
He would have to lift her skirts to bare her nates,
Belle was thinking something similar,
Guessing at what fate awaits,

Reaching the castle drawing room,
The Beast led her to a chaise longue,
Her heart was hammering, but she did not complain,
For in her heart she knew she had done wrong,

He sat down and invited her across his lap,
She smiled sadly, but she did obey,
Her skirts she felt move up her back,
No tears from her, as it had to be that way!

With her now lying bared bottom up,
His eyes lingered on those pillowy mounds,
Palms felt at her soft yielding flesh,
Yet still from Belle there were no sounds!

The room then echoed with the noise of slapping,
His hand lovingly pounded her nice butt,
Still she took her punishment stoically,
No sound uttered, not even a tut!

Of course though this could not continue,
As the Beast was strong with a lesson to make,
From Belle's eyes, salty tears did flow,
For now her bottom really did ache!

He lifted her to her feet,
Her lesson now learnt,
Her cheeks now glowing,
Like they had been burnt!

From that moment on,
Things changed in the castle,
No more searching for princes,
For it was not worth the pain or hassle!

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The headmaster after receiving permission from my hubby pushed fingers in and out of my exposed pussy and anus for the next few minutes. After making me cum, he told me that my hands were not to leave the desk, or the count would be restarted to 0.
He lifted my already very short skirt, and tucked it into the waist band, exposing my soft round behind completely. Headmaster advised me that the protocol for non issue panties was 6 strokes, but since he was certain I was a repeat offender, I was going to receive 12. I heard him swishing the cane through the air. He told me my eyes were remain forward, so I couldn't see what he was doing.
The first stroke landed on my upper part of my bottom, and though I yelped, it wasn't nearly as hard or painful as what I was expecting. Strokes 2,3 and 4 were pretty much the same, they stung, but weren't all that painful. My husband spoke up and told the Headmaster that if the force of his strokes were what he'd fantasized about that was fine, but if he really wanted to use more force he was more than welcome to.
Stroke 5 was more like I was expecting, I shrieked in pain as I felt the burn, and my soft bottom jiggling after the stroke. I without thinking reached back and gently massaged my burning cheeks.

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Well, as I wrote about not too long ago, I have a FetLife account that has hooked me up with the fetish community in the LA and Orange County areas. Recently I explored the larger ocean of BDSM but found that it is really not for me. I am first and foremost a spanking fetishist. I am even a bit different from many people on this site that are just into the discipline aspects of spanking. I always marvel at those who say that spanking does not sexually turn them on. If spanking did not sexually turn me on, I would not be here. Pain for pain sake, no thank you. I have a number of other fetishes which include crossdressing, diapers (not to be confused with adult baby---at least for me), and female body worship---feet and well other beautiful parts of course. Recently I took a trait test that revealed to my surprise that I am 50% a switch. I am 72% submissive which I though would be higher.

What are you guys doing to discover what your likes and dislikes are?

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Last blog with your comments was deleted by mistake so thanks for the comments that was left and your thoughts on what my bum should be getting re the blog. Thanks for the inbox, emails and texts as well.
take care

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I attended a "Spanko De Mayo" party last night and had a great time. I was unsure at first and almost passed on going, despite looking forward to it for weeks. The two Dommes who've been spanking me lately were both unable to make it, and then the lovely switch who's spanked me once before became ill and was forced to cancel at the last minute. I was so disappointed - we'd planned to switch at the party, which would have been another first for me.

I knew the hostess would deliver a mercy spanking if I asked, but I hated to impose and figured it was time to take the bull by the horns, so to speak. I screwed up my courage and attended, with a plan to get myself spanked.

So for the very first time ever, I approached someone I didn't know well at a party and asked for play. I guess I was lucky I picked the person I did, a very nice lady who turned me over her knee and blistered the seat of my corduroys with a hairbrush, followed by a thin and sting-y cherry-wood paddle on my underpants and bare bottom. It was complete bliss.

I feel like I've come so far from the shy guy who sat and watched other people play at his very first party last fall, far too intimidated to approach anyone. I've made so much progress, and I can't help but think Julie would be proud of me if she could see.

Thanks to all my friends and the wonderful people in the spanking/BDSM community who've helped me along the way. I couldn't have made it without you.

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Hi all and welcome to my blog.
So i've been here for less than 2 weeks and have to say it's been great! I've been looking at vid's on here for years but decided to join so i could maybe get some spanking action back into my life. I've been pretty inactive for the past couple years. Mainly because i've been busy. Painting/decorating by day, night club bouncer by night. When i say too busy, i mean to busy for a relationship. It's not too difficult to get sex, especially working night clubs but finding random women who want their behinds warmed maybe not so easy. Although there was one delightful young lady last summer on holiday in my town (i live at a sea side town) but that story i'll save for another time. I have quite a few random tales to tell now i think of it. But i guess being a very keen spanker since my first encounter aged 15 and given my age now which is 53 years young there should be. The 15 year old me tale, i wrote on here the other day but when i went to post it i had been timed out. I've now discovered that if you open 2 windows with S T and keep playing vids on one whilst writing like i'm doing now then it seems to be ok. I've currently got the sound of Christie Cutie being heavily disciplined with a leather strap. Wow that babe can take it! I had a long D/D relationship with a very sexy woman who was very masochistic and could take the kind of beatings (and more) that Casey can handle. Some of our escapades will be getting a mention too. I have only been and am only into consensual spanking and most definitely respect a ladies limits. In fact i respect ladies full stop. I'm really not sure about some of the Eastern European stuff on here? Those women seem to be in real agony and distress and it sickens me to watch. Are they being forced into it somehow or are they just desperate for money? They are so hot too????
Well i'm gonna leave it here for now and hope this bloody thing posts lol. Thanks for reading and look out for more x

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It seems to me that every day Daila is coming up with new and more humiliating ways to spank me. Because of reader feedback on my blog, this weekend I have gotten spanked while in the diaper (ABDL) position with my legs pushed back toward my head. I have also had to take a good hard spanking while holding a 2 quart enema inside me and being threatened with a cock spanking if I were to let go of even a drop onto the carpet. Daila’s latest thing now is to have me tuck my dick and balls out toward her while keeping my legs together so that they are all presented for her enjoyment while she spanks my ass. She even takes a little time to swat my goodies with a back scratcher several times in the middle of my spanking. It is humiliating and very painful to have my balls squished between my legs and smacked while the skin is stretched so tightly. And all of this is in the name of twisted science as Daila experiments with these new ideas that have come in through the comments and emails that we have received since I posted “The Best Spanking Ever” thread.

Daila insisted, and I even got spanked good this morning for resisting writing to thank each and every viewer that has written to her with these great ideas. So with my bottom still very soar from just getting spanked I would like to say thanks to you all. Your participation and feedback are playing and essential role in my punishments. Daila has said that she already sees a huge difference in my attitude now that she has some new ways to strike fear in the heart of my stubbornness.

None of the spankings that I received this weekend were for bad behavior by the way. I have gotten no less than 6 extra spankings that I would not have received if not for your awesome input. I have been informed now that she has tried this all out, that the very next time I get into trouble, I will receive a spanking that will incorporate a couple, or even a few of these different elements...but the difference is, the spanking portion will be twice as harsh...and it will be video recorded so that it can be shared with all of you.

Now I must report back to the room, where Daila is waiting to rub my poor red ass down with some Palmer’s Oil and finishes the spanking she was giving me before she made me come in here to write.

Thanks again everybody...


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Most of the jobs are done and the man of the house
was obviously wanting some fun.
Throughout the day playful slaps had come her way.
Trousers had been pulled down making the butt fully exposed-
nipples had been tweaked and pussy played with just the same.
She was in a heightened sense of arousal long before the time had come.

So with the kids safely tucked up in bed he fetched her a glass of wine to calm her nerves.
The toys were taken to the playroom, though not the usual type of toys found there.
And she was summoned to give up all her cares.

Instructed to come as the day she was born
And bend right over so the fun begun
His hand was hard and made her quiver
He rained it down on her as he was such a giver.

See she had arrived in pants and gown and none too impressed was he.
This is not how she was told to be.
He allowed her to remain this way as he knew of other ways to make her pay.

the plans had been a slap and tickle
but now the game had changed.

The juicer came out from its black sleeve and entered her forcefully
making her want to leave
please use lube she begged him somewhat breathlessly
and as this was still fun he allowed it for now.

He twisted the juicer round the back door
she almost fell upon the floor
the pain, the pleasure, so surreal
the feelings made her kneel

Pushed down to be on all flours he continued to punish her back door.
She begged for clemency and when there was none
she accepted her fate like a good little un.
Surprisingly she felt most wet
The joy, the shame and oh how she wept.

It came out as quick as it went in
but then the paddle made contact with her bare skin.
He deftly brought it down time and time again
He was starting to cause quite a din.

She really was a slutty wife
Damp as damp could be she begged to be allowed to cum
He was in the zone though so no permission did come.
The strap came next and laid to rest upon the buttocks already raised and red.
The dampness turned to runs and embarrassed she was that she was showing such fun.

Hubby who was horned that day was really enjoying all this play.
He played and teased the whole night through
until she was completely bruised and blue.

photos in album and the glass juicer is a taste of heaven- pm if you want any details on it

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had good nite again. Amazing what vodka can can do.
yeah its vry early hours of morning and am drunk again. But i can get away with it. Hahaha evil chortle.
yes am bad, yes i am naughty but who cares cos i dont anymore. at least i did not go out with hot bum like last week. Very uncomfortable indeed.
oh well take care all
deleted wrong blog ooops soz thanks for comments

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Spanking for me as always been Male on male. Growing up my mother fully endorsed it but it was always my father who did the deed. I went to an all boys Catholic School taught by Mostly jesuit brothers (the few that were not were always men also) so in all my 18 years of growing it was guys getting spanked by men.

So I was asked if I ever had gotten spanked by a woman and the answer is yes I have. However she came as a MOM/DAD combo and it was made clear both would spank me as needed. So I thought I give you a few of my thoughts about that time.

First of all I have NO interest in women GETTING spanked and honestly would never seek a woman out but in this situaiton I had no choice and so I was spanked several times by this lady.

So what Did I think? Well she very strict and stern (not unlike my mother only mom didn't spank) and so I was totally able to respect her as a discipliarian. I also might add, that any thought I had that that a womam might go easy on me and NOT paddle like a man..HA!!! She tanned by hide with a venenage and you had to respect her ablity to paddle.

I hated taking my trousers down in front of her, but I not keen about doing that in front of man either. I did fell totally embrassed having a woman see me in white briefs and then off course when I had to take them down but It honestly didn't find it worse than a man. I am sure many men might feel diferenetly on that but that's my take on it.

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This isn't much really, just a little Saturday confection, a lighthearted ST twist on a southern classic.

Well, "fiddle-dee-dee," said Miss Scarlett as she tried fitting her hoop skirts through the front door of Tara. A final effort pitched her onto the porch and a sunny afternoon, the day her daddy held the annual picnic and horseshoe throwing contest for neighbors and friends.

"Land sakes, these damn hoop skirts will be the death of me yet."

"Why, Miss Scarlett, you better not let your daddy hear you talking like that."

Wouldn't you know Fret Butler would be here on the very day Miss Scarlett planned on captivating Ashley Wilkes, the handsome gentleman from the plantation down the road. Fret leaned against the porch railing and looked at her with amusement as he smoked his cigar. There was a filly that needed taming. Needed it badly, he thought.

"Never you mind my talk, Fret Butler. Why aren't you down with the other men pitching horse shoes?"

"Why, Miss Scarlett, it hurts my feelings to hear you dismiss me like that. Why would you want to get rid of me?"

Scarlett struggled on her toes to spot Ashley.

"Stuff and nonsense, Fret. I just have to meet our guests."

"You can't fool me, Scarlett O'Hara. Ever since your cousin Melody and Ashley Wilkes been courting you've had your eye on him."

The anger flashed in her eyes as she tried to push past him but Fret caught her arm.

"You leave those two alone, Scarlett. Besides, Ashley's not for you especially not with talk of war. You have too much spirit for a man like Ashley. You need a man who'll kiss you and kiss you often."

Scarlett wasn't used to a man treating her like this. Truth be told, she had most of men in the area, including her daddy, twisted around her little finger.

"Unhand me, Suh!"

Fret pulled her around to the side of the house, caught her in an embrace and kissed her long and deeply. Scarlett was unnerved, weakened, and felt herself responding. She fought loose and pushed him away. Fret could see her confusion and tears forming in her eyes.

"Leave me alone, Fret Butler. I'm going to find Ashley."

Scarlett tried to run away but Fret had hold of her again.

"You're not going anywhere, Scarlett. Melody is the happiest I've ever seen her and Ashley is smitten. You won't ruin this for them, Scarlett, although I know how much you want to. I won't let you."

Scarlett had fire in her eyes. He'd gone too far. It was no nevermind of his who she flirted with today or any other day. She swung her arm around to deliver a haymaker but Fret caught her wrist.

"Scarlett, your daddy should have horsewhipped you long ago."

Fret dragged her behind the house and off to the barn. Scarlett tried to fight but she was no match for Fret Butler. He closed the barn doors behind them, found a bale of hay and pulled her over his knee. He ignored her shrieks.

"Scarlett O'Hara, that stubborn Irish bottom of your is about to learn a painful lesson."

With that he lifted her skirt, all those petticoats and even lowered her ruffled pantaloons. Right there in the barn, Fret Butler delivered a long and painful spanking to one Miss Scarlett O'Hara whose wails were heard only by the cows. He left her crying on the ground as he went off to join the gathering.

Fret tipped his hat to Ashley Wilkes and turned his attention to the lovely young woman beside him.

"Miss Melody, you are the picture of southern beauty this afternoon."

Back in the barn Scarlett had stopped crying, brushed off as much dirt as she could and plotted a way to get back to the house without being seen. Something new and powerful was stirring inside. Scarlett would have to learn more about Mr. Fret Butler. Yes, she would. After all, tomorrow is another day.

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Last night my husband had me dress up in my school girl outfit, telling me we had company coming over. I assumed it would be a guy he was going to loan me to for sex, which isn't uncommon.
When our visitor arrived, it was an old man in I'd guess his late 70's.
He is a retired school principle, and had answered some kind of ad my husband had posted somewhere. He explained to me that he came from a long line of teachers and headmasters in England and that his grandfather had been a headmaster at a school that at the time incorporated corporal punishment. He told me that it had been a long time fantasy of his to act out an as real as possible caning scenereo of him caning a female student. I looked at my husband and he told me to do as I was told, and help our new friend fulfill his fantasy.
The headmaster had me stand in front of him and lift my skirt, telling me one of my teachers had informed I was wearing panties that were not regulation. I did as he said, showing him the front and back. He scolded me telling me that my slutty panties were certainly not regulation, and I knew what that meant. He pulled a cane from a bag he'd brought with him. IT was a much heavier cane than the one we had, and longer. He told me to slide my panties down and off, and bend forward over the table . I looked over to my husband and asked him to not make me do this, asking him to look at the cane , it was going to hurt far too much. The look on his face told me I was to obey our new kinky friend. I slid my panties down and stepped out of them, and the headmaster told me to hand them to him. He held them to his nose took a long deep smell then tucked them into his pocket. I leaned over the desk and grasped the edge on the other side firmly, preparing for what I expected to be a tortuous stroke of that nasty looking cane. The headmaster caressed my bare bottom, telling me I had the most beautiful bottom he'd ever seen and instructed me to spread my legs shoulder width apart. To be con.............

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Hello all, I'm sorry for my lack of attendance the last two weeks but I have been going through some personal things that have kept me pretty busy. (Not to mention 12 hour work days.) I just wanted to say it's good to be back and I've got some amazing news for everyone. I will be a disciplinarian for another young lady and she has showed interest in being filmed so expect more videos coming soon. She is also quite a brat so take from that what you will.

Before anyone asks who I'm not at liberty to say unless she wants to come out and do so herself.


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Boris was bright orange and fuzzy with eight spindly legs,

A creature of creativity and a master of spinning webs,

He graduated at the top whilst at Spinville Academy,

The number one scarer, for his peers it was a mere fantasy,

But like many of his kind, Boris was misunderstood and undesired,

An evil being designed to conspire could surely never be adored or admired,

So along came that fateful day,

when Boris had a hankering for a sweet blooded prey,

His tummy rumbled in its own twisted way, leaving no choice but to wander astray,

What was that that had caught his eye?

A beautiful young lady perched on a branch of an enchanted oak that almost touched the sky,

But it wasn't her beauty that old Boris had spied, nor the tree's heights that he might like to climb,

Oh no, the reason why his mouth had gone dry, was the need for that sweet looking rhubarb pie,

Her triumphant look told Boris the pie belonged to old mother hubbard,

And he wondered how she had gained access to such a forbidden cupboard

As his senses recovered he crept and then leapt,

He dangled right above her and began his descent,

Landing perfectly on the crust he had but a moment to adjust,

For little miss muffet was aware of his presence and was making a fuss,

She let out piercing shriek and hurled the pie,

Which twisted, turned and twirled through the sky,

But disaster struck when in its path was Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

The pie landed flat with a splat causing poor old Humpty to have a great fall,

When all the kings horses and kings men couldn't put Humpty together again,

Naughty Miss Muffet of course was to blame and was taken to the castle for a dose of the cane

Finally as all the chaos began to decline Boris looked at the rhubarb pie and thought “Yummy you're mine!”

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He sat upon a high backed chair
And thought he would begin his stare
Hands on head she heard him bark
My this was such a lark.

Ever the feisty one was she
No corner time for me
At least that's what he thought he heard her plea

Right my girl enough's enough
Don't make me make it rough.
I am the one in charge
Don't make my brush discharge.

The door was locked
There was no escape
Perhaps she should just leave it up
to fate.

What happened next no one will see
Suffice to say she wasn't making tea
In the end the dead was done
And all that played had lots of fun.

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I just ordered frozen yogurt delivery, I'm so fucking excited. Thought everyone would want to know. Happy spanking.

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