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I'm flicking through stuff on spanking tube while my wife snores like a farting hippo
Ah domestic bliss and I've got ear plugs in jeez!

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Need a spanking asap! Message me if you travel to Oklahoma or live in Oklahoma!

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Hi everyone out there in the spanking world. I'm Rickker, I've Been into spanking forever... And wanted to make it into a business before 75% of the spanking company's out there... But life has had its set back's... So I'd like to get some honest answer's on what he sales are like for some of you out there??? Personally I'm not seeing 10% of what I thought i'D BE MAKING....




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In going to self spank tonight. Does anybody male or female(although prefer female) want to Skype with me and direct it? I'm open to any and all. Just respond here or direct message me. This will be a Monday and Wednesday thing from now on. Thank you. I look forward to this. :)

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A fellow had just taken a senior position in a new job - and one of his team was a particularly awkward lady (You get them sometimes - she wanted to "Control" everything!)

Anyway, on the day in question, he was out for a drive, relaxing and looking round the local Countryside - not a care om the world - UNTIL!!!

As he approached a bend in the road, a car came in the opposite direction, wrong side of the road! He saw it was a lady driver, but worse, it was THE lady he was having difficulty with! - she only just got back to her side of the road, and as she passed, shouted "PIG"! - In his agitation, he replied "COW" - but instantly regretted it - it was NOT the way he knew he should have responded! So it was, with this feeling of remorse, that he went round the corner, and ran straight into the pig!.....

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asi soy yo.
Un apasionado del spanking en todas sus versiones.
52 años de edad. Creo que me conservo casi bien.
Empece en el spanking con 20 años y creo que nunca he parado.
Siempre buscando amigas y amigos que disfruten de este mundo , para hablar, charlar, o jugar en real.
En la actualidad comparto juegos periodicos con amiga spankee aunque la distancia que nos separa es grande y no siempre podemos jugar como nos gustaria.
Me gustan todos los tipos de spanking posibles, pero siempre busco la complicidad en mi compañera de juego donde ella pueda estar mas comoda.
Me gusta el roll player y los juegos de disciplina domestica.
La mano es mi utensilio preferido pero todos los demas son bien recibidos, para jugadores con algo de experiencia el uso de la caña es otro de mis favoritos.
Vivo en España y solo hablo español. Me ayudo del traductor para comunicarme con los amigos de habla inglesa u otra nacionalidad.
Espero encontrar muchos amigos en esta web.
A passionate of spanking in all its versions.
52 years old. I think I'm pretty much all right.
I started spanking with 20 years and I think I've never stopped.
Always looking for friends and friends who enjoy this world, to talk, chat, or play real.
At the moment I share periodic games with friend spankee although the distance that separates us is great and we can not always play as we would like.
I like all types of spanking possible, but I always look for complicity in my playmate where she can be more comfortable.
I like the roll player and the games of domestic discipline.
The hand is my favorite utensil but all the others are well received, for players with some experience the use of the cane is another of my favorites.
I live in Spain and I speak Spanish only. I helped the translator to communicate with English-speaking friends or another nationality.
I hope to find many friends on this web.

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Anything one from upstate NY out there? Message me!!

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Seems the children didn't like my rules so they were put in foster care. They have never had any discipline or rules in their life so living with me was just too much for them. I understood this but They weren't willing to give it time. So I am free to get on with my life and the purpose I am on this sight. So who wants to spank me first?

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Raven rested on her stomach. David's rough hands applied the minty balm. It tingled and reignited the sting momentarily, then with a sensation like menthol she felt her skin cool. The deeper tissue was hot and bruised. That strap was heavy. It's tongue had done a lot of damage.

His touch, though gentle, was painful. She was quiet now, relieved it was over but big salty tears continued to gather in her eyes and overflowing, they spilled down onto her pillow.
He was not being as hard on her as she probably deserved. She was grateful yet she was very emotional. It was almost as she wanted him to be harsh as part of her redemption.

David tended to her lovingly. He washed her face with a cool cloth. He gave her a fresh pillow. He removed the tear soaked case and replaced it with a clean one. He kissed her forehead. He was a bit concerned. The strapping was mild by her standards. Her tearful reaction puzzled him. She was usually able to reign in her reaction rather quickly. This entire episode had seemed to unravel her. He found her vulnerability very sexy however it was so atypical, he couldn't help but wonder what was going on with her. He'd try to be patient and hope that she would grow to be more candid.

“I'll have Olivia check on you and bring a tray up. You know, Raven, this isn't easy on me either, because I'm really trying to see your side of things. This tendency you have, to say what I want to hear does not serve either of us well. It just makes a bigger issue inevitable. Honesty is the foundation of any good relationship. You've always known where I stood. I'm not a client, for you pacify. This really is a defining moment. You need to really absorb what I'm telling you. It's serious this time and it's not about the punishment and forgiveness, it's about our future and if there will be one. Don't make me regret my kindness. I'm going to give you some time to rest and think. We'll talk again and hopefully proceed, but on that note, I'm going to test your resolve. I want to see how committed you really are. Now dry your eyes and get some sleep. You're going to need your

“Yes, David. Thank you. You have been very sweet in spite of it all. I do love you.” She closed her eyes as the door shut softly. She was too exhausted to think. She just let herself drift off, there would be lots of talking later. Maybe it was best she didn't try to make any decisions now. She wanted to keep her mind and her heart open.

David was trying his best to concentrate on business but, he was distracted by thoughts of Raven and his daughter, Janie. He'd trusted Evan to train her without interference. It really went against his grain but if they we're going to be married, he'd have to learn to let go. He'd left them to their own devices but he worried. Maybe he'd just call the club. He had people there that kept an eye on things. He'd left word not to be disturbed unless it was an emergency, so there must not have been anything too serious. He should just leave it alone. Even as he told himself, his fingers were dialing the phone number.

He put down the phone. His face was so flushed, it was almost violet. How dare they! Did Evan have no common sense at all?! Where was Dylan for God's sake.of Her thought he'd make sure nothing went off the rails. Evan allowed, even encouraged it seemed, to have Janie punish men and women in HIS club, in front of the entire community? He could hear the tongues wagging now….”The Dragon King indeed!, His own daughter is out of control!” Some of his enemies would love to see him embarrassed. Now, he stepping down as the Lodge President was impossible. It would look like he resigned in shame. He would never do that! He spent a lifetime building his reputation and in less than a week, they may have destroyed it.

As his thoughts turned to the repercussions, realized it also meant Raven could not go back to seeing clients. Because it would make everything worse. Damn it!! Wait until he got his hands Evan.....and Janie, He didn't begin to understand what went on in that pretty little head of hers, but this, their taste of Independence, it ended now! He was bringing her home TODAY. David grabbed his keys and left the house, without a word to anyone.

David arrived at the Club, ignoring the greetings of the staff, he went to find his informer. He was the food and beverage manager, and he always seemed to know the inside story on everything that happened. The wait staff, were often invisible to the patrons, so they overheard and saw all kinds of things. They were like a little family and they all brought all the information back to their Daddy, the very handsome and personable, Ryan.
He was very discreet as a rule, but was forthcoming to David, as an owner. He felt it was his due and David had given him his position, after a bit of a scandal at his last place of employment. He demanded the facts of Ryan, who without embellishment, said that Janie and Evan had participated in a game of Beat the Clock, and then the next night, Janie had won at Beat the House. Both games entitled the participant to punish staff. Janie had indulged in both, spanking both female and male staff members. In the gaming room, she'd been recognized and applauded. David was furious. He asked why he wasn't called at once, but poor Ryan explained, they were told not to disturb him. David nice his head grimly and thanked Ryan.

“What room are they in?!”, David questioned.

“214, Sir.” Ryan replied. He felt terrible for Janie. He knew there was going to be trouble. She was a pretty girl but hey naive. He was glad he hasn't volunteered the information, but I've asked directly, what could he do but answer.

Janie and Evan lounged around in bed. Last night had been wonderful for both of them. Janie had taken control in the gaming room and Evan had loved the confidence it gave her. It turned him on. It made it all the sweeter to be her master. When they returned to the room, he couldn't keep his hands off of her! Though she was technically a virgin, he'd taken her in the ass last night, after spanking her sweet, perky bottom to the color of a ripened apple. It was the single most mind blowing night of his life and he envisioned their life together. He fantasized about her occasionally spanking him. He could see the strap in her delicate hand. She was not weak in yielding it, though. She was forceful and regal. Mmmmm… He put his hands around her. He pulled her bottom towards his erection. She was sore no doubt, from the reaming out he'd given her but he couldn't help it. He wanted her again. He reached for the lubricant as she stirred from sleep. He'd wake her up with his stiff cock going up her bum hole. He could barely keep from cuming, he was so excited!

Evan rubbed her bottom. He could feel the tenderness, the swollen skin beneath his fingers. He remembered strapping her. He could see each stroke he delivered in his mind’s eye. Her beautiful behind was poised on the bench. He'd loosely restrained her before he began. He could feel the vibration of it making contact. He could envision her recoil, and frustration as the bindings held her onto the bench. He saw once again, her back arched, silently begging for more. He was happy to give it to her. Her bottom grew to the most fabulous shade of fuchsia. Her pale porcelain skin made for such a brilliant contrast!

He rubbed his prick with the gel then, with a dab on his fingertip, his pointer finger entered her. Janie’s big, bright, blue eyes popped open as he reached the gate. She was wide awake now! One of his arms was wrapped tightly around her. His other hand was penetrating her. She was still so sore.

“No, Evan, please…. It hurts.”

“Only for a minute, sweetie and then I'm going to make it all better. Just breathe, Janie! Oh God, I want you!”

She closed her eyes, trying to relax. She could feel him in her, as they started to join. She was so happy, despite the pain. She'd found her prince and he was nothing like her father. She would be able to be herself and to be happy…. free! She pictured their beautiful life together.
They would be the perfect couple! Soon they would have little ones to share their joy. She smiled as he began replacing his finger with his cock.

He pushed, as she squealed, his thick erection pushing aside her tight walls. He let her breathe through the pain and entered slowly. He finally couldn't wait and buried himself to his nuts. She protested half heartedly, with a whine and a sweet little “Oooouch!”

Suddenly, the door burst opened and both of their heads turned in shock, to see David, standing there. His face was mottled in rage. Janie's hand flew to her mouth, as she tried to detach himself from Evan's cock. Evan was all hands and feet, trying to cover them and pull out of Janie, but it was too late. David had seen everything. He knew that Evan had done what he been forbidden to do before the wedding. He'd had sex with her and David didn't give a damn how he did it! He'd promised David he wouldn't! He'd stolen his daughter's innocence and there would be hell to pay!

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Been browsing on SpankingTube for many years, never really signed in or knew about the community on here. I usually use fet or to find like minded friends. Please feel free to message me if your in the seattle area and want to learn more about me. My fet name is gentlemanstatus

I'm a pretty busy entrepreneur with my own company. Friends would call me driven, ambitious, confident and genuine. Some things I enjoy are spanking naughty bottoms, sporting events, sushi , hiking and nights in watching whatever. The life of most parties. I just love a good conversation. I am a big personally with a big sense of humor. My favorite implement is the paddle but can deliver a hell of swat with my hand. There's been some instances where someone wanted the belt instead of my hand Shocked

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Well once again my need to have my bottom well strapped has ended another relationship. Im back at home in ny and wont even try another relationship with out it having regular domestic discipline as a core to it.

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I know I've mentioned before but I still think beating the buttocks releases some kind of magic chemical in me no sooner than I have warmed myself up my mood lightens .
I have felt rotten for a few days and as soon as I took the stick to my bottom I cheered up and my grouchy mood disappeared ...the power of spanking they should sell it in a bottle!

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I don't know if any of you guys have had punishment sex, but I've done it a few times, it consists of throat fucking , cum swallowing , and very hard ass fucking, no lube, I do it with 2 guys, one guy shoved his cock down my throat and the other fucks me as hard as possible , while spanking me with his hand

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Let this be a lesson to you young man my wife said and raised the wooden bathbrush high over my bare bottom. A second later she began spanking me good and hard. Right cheek, left cheek, right cheek, left cheek. Alterning between my cheeks in a fast pace my wife really let me feel that hardwood bathbrush on my quickly reddening bare bottom. I tried to cope with the stinging pain and take the spanking my wife was giving me as best I could, but quickly she had me squirming and bucking over her knees. This really irritated her and she scolded me sternly and told me to stay in position over her knees.
But it just stung so bad that I kept it up until she finally had enough.

My wife took her right leg out from under me, pushed me further over her left knee and locked my legs with her right leg. Now you are really going to be sorry young man my wife said sounding very angry.
And sorry I was very soon. My wife increased the force of the spanks and consentrated on my sitspots. This quickly had tears forming in my eyes and a dozen spanks later I broke and felt salty tears streaming down my face.
I begged and pleaded through my tears for my wife to stop, but she just kept spanking me good and hard.

God it stung and my shrieks of pain and suffering fell on def ears. I truely felt sorry for myself as my strict wife turned my bare bottom bright red with the wooden bathbrush. I had fought the best I could and tried to take my spanking like a man, but my wife had quickly reduced me to a sobbing little boy. And sob I did as my wife held me firmly in place over her leather clad knee, while spanking my bare bottom very hard with the bathbrush.

After 10 minutes all rescistance in me was gone and I just layed limb over my wifes leather clad knee, absorbing the hard spanks she was giving me and sobbed like a naughty little boy over mommies knees.
Finally after a dozen very hard spanks my wife stopped spanking me and put the bathbrush down. I was allowed to try and compose myself for a minute, while my wife lifted her right leg of of mine and unlocked my handrestraints. Then she stood me up, grabed my earlobe and led me back to the corner.

You stay there and think about why I had to spank you tonight young man. Keep your hands at your side at all times and no rubbing that sore bottom young man or I will put you straight back over my knees she said sternly.
You will stand here for 30 minutes and then I will give you a repeat of the spanking I just gave you my wife stated in a firm way.

I was sobbing and crying all through my cornertime and really dreaded a repeat of the spanking my wife had just given me. My bottom stung and burned bad and I desperately wanted to rub the pain away. But I did not even think of daring to do so. I stood very uneasy in the corner, shifting from one foot to the other.

After 30 minutes I heard my wife taking her seat on the spanking chair again. I was getting very nervous now and really did not want a repeat spanking. But I knew what was comming and then my wife called me over to the spanking chair again.
I walked over to my wife with tears in my eyes and stood before her.
There were no excitement showing this time, only trembling moves from my side.

Save your tears young man, you will be needing them very soon my wife said sternly. Yes Maam I said almost whispering. My wife then locked my handrestraints togther again and picked up the wooden bathbrush.
Over my knees young man.
Obediently I placed myself over her leather clad knees and felt her lock my handrestraints to the front leg of the spanking chair. Laying over both leather clad thighs of my strict wife, I was so worn out, that I did not even beg or plead.
My wife then lifted the wooden bathbrush and started spanking me again.

If the first spanking had hurt and stung, it was nothing compared to the one my wife was giving me this time. Only 30 minutes of cornertime was more than enough to make my bottom very tender and primed for the hardest spanking of my life.
The sting of that wooden bathbrush had me crying within 5 spanks and I knew I would be a sobbing mess by the time my wife would eventually stop spanking me.
Held firmly in place over my wifes leather clad knees, I recieved the hardest spanking she has ever given me. I cried hard, sobbed and bawled like a naughty little boy trying desperately to cope with the pain my wife was implementing to my allready sore and well spanked bottom.

I just had no energy to fight the spanking my wife was giving me and layed limb over her knees while she punished me.
After 15 minutes I was a blubbering mess and my wife decided, that I had been spanked enough. My bottom was crimson and blisters were beginning to form on my well spanked bottom when she finally put the bathbrush down.
I was bawling hard trying desperately to apologize for my behavior, but I could hardly speak.
My wife unlocked my handrestraints and put her right hand on my well spanked bottom. I hope you will learn from this young man she said and then told me to stand.
I did still sobbing and stood before her on shaky legs.

March yorself back to the corner and put your nose against the walls young man my wife said with a stern voice. And keep your hand at your side and no rubbing your bottom. I will be watching you and if you disobey me young man, I will bring out the long cane and punish you further. Is that understood young man? Yes Maam I stammered and walked back to the corner and obediently placed my nose agaisnt the walls.

I did 30 minutes of cornertime and was just crying softly, when my wife told me to go and clean me tear stained face. I did and saw how red, bruised and swollen my bottom was. It stung bad and I could not sit down for the rest of the night. It just hurt to much.

Today my bottom is still very sore and still red. I have to sit on a soft pillow or lay on my side in order to feel comfortable.
My wife said it was long overdue, the spankings she gave me last night and that things would be getting back to normal soon. Meaning for me, that spankings will be more frequent, if I do not start behaving myself.

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For people that are concerned about Infinity2017(Missy).Her internet phone everything is down at the moment,a storm knocked it all out.It may take some time before it is fixed,she wanted me to let everyone know.She will be back when she can.

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I grew up with a whole bunch of doms and subs in our house hold.

I love food...honestly who doesn't?

Currently in college

I currently have 2 subs. One's a male and the other is female

I'm barely 5'3

The rest of my family is taller than I am.

I'm a Dom/Mommy Dom

I'm 21

I always wanted to get into the spanking business one day.

My first name starts with D

I'm very nice and kind.


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having their bare bottoms smacked in public after keeping their hubbies waiting , just might improve their punctuality ....

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Master and Serf wanted to try other things, getting more into BDSM toys.
Master bought a wooden tit clamp, he had seen them being used on videos

He also liked the idea of hot dildos, they had used frozen ones, but never hot.
So he bought a set up where the dildo fits on a little stand, plug it in and as it gets hot it glows stronger. It's not hot enough to burn you, but hot enough to certainly feel it burning inside.
Master put it on so it was at its hottest.

Once Master had clamped Serfs tits, she was already in tears, her tits are extremely sensitive to touch. But Master told her to be quiet and chill.
CHILL, I mean, could you chill whilst your tits are clamped.
I'm sure if Serf clamped Masters balls, he would be in tears.
She hated the thing, begging to undo the clamps, but Master wouldn't.
Then he told her to ease down onto the dildo. Give her arse a treat, he said.
Serf flinched as her asshole touched the hot dildo. The little balls at the sides scraped her hot insides, as she tried to lower down. Master started to cane her ass until she lowered further down.
Still in tears, the warmth was beginning to feel nice, her juices started to flow. But her tits were so sore, she begged some more.
Master told her to stay in this position for 15 minutes, turning the dildo on so the heat continued, Serf soon felt it and started wriggling to get away, but she couldn't move, her arms were tied behind her back, tits still closed, ass red hot with a hot dildo inside her.
Serf controlled her breathing, trying to relax into the pain. But her tits were far too sore, she tried to think only of the dildo, deep breathing to calm her down.
Eventually 15 minutes was over, Master slowly released the clamp, bringing on excruciating pain to her tits, she broke down crying.
Master untied her arms, let her up off the dildo and hugged her tightly.
Good girl, my little Serf you took that very well. Come and have a shower to soothe those titties of yours. Good girl.
Master kissed the tip of her nose, and led her to the bathroom.

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