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kendra had decided that she wished to continue her journey on her own with her new Dom, Well after careful consideration and much discussion with her new Dom she has decided to continue with us on a limited schedule and will be around for guest shoots and special projects, We still wish her well with her new Dom and hope she is happy and well in all her endeavors

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Words of "wisdom" were recently shared: Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

I saw this poem and thought it was appropriate:

There you were dancing,
Your bottom bare and red,
Oh, yes, you were dancing,
Dancing in the rain...

Do you now regret
the rash words that you said,
Now that you are dancing,
Dancing in such pain?

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Bem, como eu já disse em minha última postagem deste blog, foi logo na infãncia que comecei a ter estas fantasias.
Na escola quando eu estava logo na primeira série eu já comecei a fantasiar situações na qual eu apanhava da minha professora.
Minha professora da primeira série era muito bonita, ela tinha olhos verdes, cabelos negros bem longos e mãos e pés lindos.
Se ela me pegasse de chinelo eu iria adorar.
Eu sempre ficava imaginando ela me dando muitas chineladas.
E você? Já teve fantasias deste tipo também?

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Question I saw the mobie trailer of the new 50 shades of grey but I know it comes out next year Valentine's day but what about the one before that I only got to c the bathroom scene on youtube of iy where do I get the whole movie just that lil bit excited me I cant wait to c more Omg

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I was just corresponding with another male person that enjoys much the same things as I do. Spanking can be used of course in various ways. I love the submission and surrender to a female spanker as a stress relief. It can be sensual which is my favorite or it can be a higher level of pain which is the punishment zone. I also hope for a verbal control and lecture/scolding before and during a spanking I am receiving. Submissive mood clothes should be a part of it too. Physical control is very desired too. I feel safe when my spanker takes me otk and locks my legs by locking her leg above mine or pressing down on the small of my back as she applies the paddle. Love to hear from male and female tops and bottoms on this. To wrap it up, I enjoy and need to be in submission mode when I can.

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which one do you think is more effective?

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Claire was starting to fidget. He suspected that the hour spent in contemplation was wasted. She didn’t appear remorseful… in fact, her whole demeanor proclaimed she was gearing for a big tantrum, and he was not going to put up with it. He got to his feet, and then walked to his trunk. He opened the lid, and reached inside to withdraw a leather strap. His father had presented it to him several years ago, just before he wed Patience. Patience was just as sweet as her name, and he’d only used it twice in the three short years they were together, and then it was more to ease her of imagined guilt than it was to correct any misdeed. She and their babe had died in childbirth, and he’d packed the strap away, wondering if he would ever have need of it again.

“What have you to say for yourself, ‘Lady’ Claire?” he decided to be fair and give her a chance to speak before bending her over and punishing her.

Claire jumped nervously and looked around. Had an hour passed already? Her embarrassment was forgotten as she contemplated what he intended to do to her. Where was her father? Didn’t he know that he was supposed to be here by now? That rescuing her from this madman was his responsibility? She wasn’t about to suffer the indignity of another spanking… especially one with the strap he held in his hand! It looked soft and supple, but she had no doubt that it would hurt even worse than his hand! She did not want another punishment!

“Pretty words, Claire, but I think you are saying them to avoid a strapping, not because you are genuinely remorseful. Come over and kneel on the bed. You may hug the pillow if you wish to smother your cries, but I expect you to keep your bottom up high for the strap.”

“Please do not! I am not a child, and I do not want another punishment! I am already sore, Captain Chalmers. I beg of you to stop this deplorable treatment. My father is going to be upset enough with you as it is… If I tell him you whipped me with a strap, he will very likely see you hanged.”

“I doubt that, little girl. Now come and do as you were bid, else I have to put you in place and give you extras for defiance. You are a long way from having your punishments over with, and I would think cooperating in your best interests… unless you have no desire to sit for a month of Sundays when you return home…?” he asked rhetorically.

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Just a little inspiration to share with you today. Don't never give up with the things that you want to accomplish in life after a lot of hard work, tears, sweat and alooooot of dedication Im very proud of myself and how far ive come in life. I wouldn't turn it around for anything else. Hard work does pay off So for those out their that have something that they are doing and they feel like they want to give up don't keep pushing and moving forward. It may take some time but being sexy and thick is way better than being unhealthy. Hope everyone else has a wonderful morning. xoxo

6 years ago and me now.

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Hope everyone is having a lovely week, and thank you for the lovely birthday wishes, I think I may have had possibly the best birthday ever! It didn't exactly go to plan but I still loved every single second of it:) I don’t think there is a much better feeling in the whole wide world than waking up and realising it is your birthday and I woke up very early! 5am I woke up with that excited feeling flowing through every part of me, I honestly thought I might burst! but I managed to lie pretty still until 6 listening to the birds singing me happy birthday. But then the excitement moved to my legs and they started jiggerling around, by half 6 it was just too much and I had to wake Alex up.

I tried hard not to get too excited as it was a sad day for Alex, it is his nans birthday to and we had her stone setting in the morning, so it felt wrong to be happy on a day he would be so sad, I really wanted to change my birthday to a different day so I could look after him and give him lots of cuddles. but he wouldn't let me and assured me he was excited about the theme park too. I think he may be the bravest person I know. But then I let us down, I got ill. I get ill every time I use too much energy, which is unfortunate because I have a lot of energy! and by about 10am I really couldn't do much apart from lie down so the theme park wasn’t possible. It was disappointing to say the least and I felt bad because it was my own fault. But later I did find the energy to run through the sprinkler, not quite Thorpe park but it is still really, really fun. Things didn't exactly go to plan but I was still very happy, it was a beautiful day and I got to spend it with the person I love most in the whole world and that was enough for me. Then a butterfly and a fairy flew right past my face and I just knew that had to be a good sign for tomorrow and it most definitely was!

The party couldn't of gone any better, I had rested loads and when I got up I felt completely better! as if by magic, I think it may have had something to do with the fairy and butterfly. But it was wonderful getting to spend so much time with my friends, I don’t think I stopped dancing at all! and my friend made me the most beautiful headdress, it’s amazing, I love it so much. I really do have the best friends in the whole world. I just wish they lived a little closer. All in all it turned out to be the perfect day:)

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I am sorry to vent but i am blown away by this. I sent some one a friend's request.I was doing it to be friends & maybe swap stories. I get a message in my in box that was titled Friend Request!!! READ A PROFILE WOMAN!!!

What Part of my Profile did you STRUGGLE to UNDERSTAND!!! You are NOT MALE!! I have ZERO INTEREST IN WOMEN!!!!

I am shocked @ how rude the person was. If the person did not want to be friend why could they have said no thank you. Am I wrong to be mad @ the response I got? thanks for letting me vent

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What a day it had been. Burning hot, humid as hell. Clouds building through the day. It looked like storms, felt like storms, but they hadn't quite happened.

Not yet anyway.

A perfect meal. Pianist in the corner. Lovely food. Lovely wine. Who ever ordered a particular wine, only for the waitress to ask "is that the white or the red?"

The die for. Shared equally between us. Mine, bitter orange flower cake, honey and lavender ice cream and a sweet orange sauce. Hers, chocolate tart and brown bread ice cream. Never had brown bread ice cream? Try it. Make it; it's easy.

I had been worried about the lavender. An old story, set in Italy. Honey that tasted of soap. Here, I needn't have worried. Just a floral hint. A high note as it were.

Afterwards, we wandered outside to the hotel patio. A wedding going on in another part of the hotel, some of it has spilled outside.

Below the patio is the lovely park. Or should I say golf course?

Steps leading down. We know there's a lake down there somewhere. We amble down. Very slowly. She struggles down the steps in those heels.

Skirting the tenth fairway we head towards the lake, between some bushes. And the vista opens up before us.

A small lake, surface just slightly ruffled by the faintest breeze. A perfect oak on the other side, reflected. I declare it the second best oak I've ever seen. The best was in Tuscany; there was a storm approaching that day too. We got wet.

Oaks and storms. Strength and passion.

We are mesmerised by the oak, the reflection. A slight glow of orange in the sky, left over from sunset. Dark clouds moving in.

The atmosphere is crackling.

My hand finds a bottom. Did I mention she is wearing my favourite dress? She looks great in that dress. She looks great in anything of course...but that dress is perfect on her.

So my hand finds a bottom. The bottom seems keen. It is pushed back, enticing. So my hand lifts away and then finds it again. Not too hard. Hell, we can hear the wedding guests on the patio. Can they hear us?

No matter. The hand is enjoying its work. Slap, feel, slap, feel.

The hand pushes the dress up to find what is underneath. Not much in fact. The flimsiest black lace panties, covering almost none of those enticing cheeks.

The hand can't resist a little feel underneath those panties, finding a warm area, already damp and eliciting a soft moan before resuming its work.

In the distance there is thunder now.

But we are creating our own storm. So lost in the moment. Slap and stroke, slap and stroke.

The storm is getting close now, the first drops of rain.

I look down, a golf ball by my feet. When did that appear?

Back up the steps, it's easier going up in the heels than down apparently.

Across the now deserted patio. Up the grand staircase. Half way up we pause, a quick embrace.

Now entering our room. She undoes my belt. Draws it through the loops. And hands it to me.

What a woman. Sexier now than when we first met, all those years ago.

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If you guys love male/male spanking you should check out my tumblr -

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My results from my last maintenance Session............

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I am finally truly free. The chains are off. It feels really good. Im finally out of a long term relationship. I am picking up what is left of me, which is knowing that i dont need a man in my life. Unless he is over my knee. That is the kind of man that i want in my life. To All Men: Y0U cant be a cheif, unless you are an indian first!

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Breathlessly I clutch your hand hanging on for dear life,
Trying to squirm away from the endlessly descending paddle,
Each stroke bringing new flames and searing painful surges,
Gasping for air as it does it's wicked painful reddening dance,
Playing it's tune of do the crime then it's spanking time,
Then the notes lower to the tender thighs to make it's point,
New heights of regret bellow as true contrite really kicks in,
Now that paddle plays a fast symphony on already tuned buns,
Lost in a world of spanking pain it ends as quick as begun,
Chest heaving heart pounding legs quivering bottom twitching,
Sliding off your knee head finds it's way to your warm lap,
Kind palms stroke and comfort the laying head and damp back,
Chest calms heart slows legs settle bottom still twitching,
Price paid in full only forgiveness sought and now given,
Breathlessly we cherish this moment loving the closeness,
Take a picture build a statue of this one moment in time,
A moment when all is well happy and at peace in the world,
When two kindred souls collide and melt into one unique spirit.

Thank you for reading,

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Surreal it seems
the stuff of dreams
all our silken
panty days
though long ago
I was your beau
when we played out
our spanking games

Your eyes aglow
my desire grows
you taught me
oh so well
from the effort
between the falling
and the fell

All through the night
til' morning light
sharing secrets
to never tell
we broke the rules
like thieves and fools
and told the rest
to go to hell

Your amusement park
right after dark
and I knew
my heart had died
when I saw you there
wind in your hair
on my roller coaster
heartbreak ride

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Who is your favorite real life television doctor.......Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil? I like Dr. Drew, I think he is much more down to earth, would be easier to confide in, and a lot less judgemental. He also didn't need a huge television personality like Oprah Winfrey to make his career.

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I know that, as a spanker, you aren't supposed to have that feeling where you want to rub your hands together in pure "dastardliness", with that snarky evil grin on your face, wishing you could go shouting "It's tomorrow. His backside will be mine." But, that is where I currently am at.

My partner, Rob, and I will be meeting again for our every other month session. I don't want to sound too overjoyed or enthusiastic, but I am very much looking forward to our session. Rob stated he is going to be calling me this evening to discuss our plan tomorrow - as he states that, if he is going to "bare himself", he wants to make sure he takes the "lovely lady" to dinner first. It will take everything I have to not warn him to enjoy sitting while he can. He mentioned that, on this visit, he would like to take a couple of photos. So, with any luck, I should have some photos to post on Thursday. I suspect that I will also end up with a severely bruised hand again. I just keep reminding myself that he volunteered to be across my lap - so we both might as well enjoy the experience (and if photos will help him enjoy himself, more power to him).

I also have a funny suspicion that Rob is going to be going for the comic relief factor tomorrow. .So, wish me luck, my friends. At least I'll have fun tomorrow.... can't say that Rob will.

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To whine about my welted ass
Would be a bit deceptive.
To put this with a touch of class,
It made me more receptive.

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Als ich nach Hause kam, hörte ich wie meine Mutter mit jemanden sprach.
"Ich weiß wirklich nicht mehr, was ich mit dem Jungen machen soll. Du hast ja jetzt einen guten Überblick von mir erhalten, was bei ihm alles im Argen liegt. Leider habe ich nicht deine Autorität die er anerkennen würde. Du warst halt nicht nur die ältere, sondern hast ja auch bei uns jüngeren Geschwistern, als strenge Erzieherin gewirkt. Dies war ja auch notwendig. Deinen Vorschlag, deinen Neffen mal ein Wochenende bei dir aufzunehmen, finde ich gut. Ich denke du könntest ihn mal wieder in die Spur bringen. Dann lasse uns das gleich festmachen liebe Schwester. Er wird gleich nach Hause kommen und ich werde ihm unsere Idee schmackhaft machen. Natürlich nicht mit den Details und Konsequenzen, das wirst du dann machen müssen. Ich hoffe du hast recht, und es wird Erfolge zeigen, wenn man dies regelmäßig macht. Wir telefonieren dann wieder, wenn er von dir zurück ist. Tschüss - ich drücke die Daumen."
Ich hörte wie meine Mutter den Hörer auflegte. Sofort trat ich ins Wohnzimmer und baffte meine Mutter an "mit wem sprichst du über mich? Was für Konsequenzen? Wo soll ich hin?" Meine Mutter war ziemlich erschrocken und lief sofort rot an. Sie packte mich wütend am Ohr und sagte in sehr bestimmender Art die ich von ihr gar nicht gewohnt war:" hast du mich etwa belauscht? Jetzt hast du das Fass aber zum Überlaufen gebracht. Aber gerne sollst du wissen mit wem ich über dich und dein unmögliches Verhalten nicht nur mir gegenüber gesprochen habe. Alle Versuche von mir dir deine Fehlleistungen vor Augen zu führen haben in keiner Weise etwas gebracht. Ganz im Gegenteil, wie man gerade wieder erleben konnte. Du wirst am Wochenende deine Tante besuchen und ich denke, diese wird mit dir über dein unmögliches Verhalten ernsthaft, streng und intensiv reden." Bei den letzten Worten zog sie noch fester am Ohr. "Aua, was soll das? Lass los!" Polterte ich drauf los.

Meine Tante die ich schon länger nicht mehr gesehen hatte, war in meiner Erinnerung, eine attraktive Frau, die eine besondere Ausstrahlung auf mich hatte. Diese blieb mir besonders in Erinnerung, weil ich als 10jähriger Junge einmal bei ihr war, und sie mir sehr streng den nackten Popo verklatschte, weil ich im Wohnzimmer, wo ich ausdrücklich nicht spielen sollte, eine teure Vase zerbrach. Jetzt war ich fast volljährig und meine Mutter könnte doch wohl nicht allen Ernstes meinen, das meine Tante die Aufgabe übernimmt, mich für mein Fehlverhalten, meine Missetaten und Ungezogenheiten, wie einen kleinen Jungen von damals zu bestrafen? "Deine Tante wird schon die richtige Ansprache für dich haben. Außerdem hast du deine Tante schon lange nicht mehr gesehen. Sie freut sich bestimmt dich wieder einmal zu sehen. Da bietet sich das kommende Wochenende an. Ich habe deinen Koffer schon weitestgehend gepackt und ich drucke noch die Fahrkarte über das Internet aus."

Da ich keine Lust auf weitere Diskussionen hatte, bat ich meine Mutter mein Ohr endlich frei zu geben, damit ich in mein Zimmer gehen konnte und meine restlichen Sachen für den Koffer heraussuchen könntet. Meine Mutter war zufrieden, das ihr Verhalten anscheinend Wirkung gezeigt hatte, und so trottete ich in mein Zimmer. Ich legte mich auf mein Bett. Meine Gedanken gingen zurück an die Szene, als mich meine Tante damals über ihre Knie legte und sehr ausdauernd und nicht unbedingt sanft, sondern zunehmend strenger den nackten Popo klatschte. Begleitet würde das Klatschen mit den Worten: "Wer nicht hören will, muss fühlen" dieser Satz der mehrfach gesprochen würde von ihr , würde unterstrichen mit einem besonderen Stakato starker Schläge auf meinen nackten Po. Mir liefen die Tränen, ich bettelte, ich schrie, aber es wollte kein Ende nehmen. Je lauter ich würde, so strenger vielen die Klatscher aus. Ich versprach von nun an Lieb zu sein, was meine Tante mit den Worten kommentierte, das sie mir glaube, aber die Strafe müsse fortgesetzt werden, damit ich mich erinnere brav zu sein und zu gehorchen.


Wer mehr lesen möchte oder Anmerkungen hat schreibe mir.


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