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#HUGS I am sure you have received a message that ends with the word *hugs* and you always knew people care enough, when they write something this nice? I am happy to help you understand the true meaning behind acronyms. *you are welcome* #StrictMotivation

if you need some help reaching your worthy life goals, get in touch for My long distance working, kink inclusive life coaching. no self demeaning, no tricks, just get better. #StrictMotivation ~ (c) 2016

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My very vanilla wife and I were looking at my phone at breakfast this morning as we usually do while completing the NY Times mini crossword together. I hit the back button one time too many, however, and GUESS WHICH WEB SITE POPPED UP!! (Sorry, Honey.) Yes, dear, I do love a good spanking video.

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new pics in my photo gallery: love your pantyhose

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This tight gymnast butt in her tight butt hugging leotard needs a spanking! How would you spank her?

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Someone in boxed me this question, so here is my stance on being a disciplinarian, and beliefs. First I would like to say I am flattered that you value my opinion, on this topic…thank you ;)

1. My beliefs are the following…. Never fake it! Don’t pretend to be something that you are not! If you are dealing with a real spanko, trust they will be able to spot a vanilla immediately!

2. Be Attentive to your spankee’s needs

3. Be consistent, real spankos hate a disciplinarian, who is not consistent to their spanking needs, makes it seem like you don’t care, and may possibly be a vanilla

4. Be caring! Don’t beat your spankee like a slave! This is not about how hard you hit, but more so getting your point across, so keep that in mind next time your trying to tear a new ass!

5. Be fair-don’t spank someone without hearing them out.

6. Be Understanding—you have to be understanding with your spankee, and always make sure they understand why they are getting disciplined!

7. Always pay attention to your spankee’s body language, which can tell you a lot, if they really had enough, what implements seem most effective, why they are behaving the way they do, if they need more spanks! So watch the body language. If your spanking some1 for example otk style and u tell them after the spanking u can get up now, and they are hesitant, or don’t move at all, trust your job is not done! Please continue!

8. Good disciplinarians know the importance of after-care-if your disciplinarian cares about the integrity of your skin, and how you are feeling, or how he or she is coming across to you, they will understand the importance of after-care. In my opinion spankers that really care, will make sure you get after-care. Most spankee’s want to feel secure, and loved and showing concern for their pain and feelings shows that you are a compassionate disciplinarian.

9. Find out what type of spankee you have, pain tolerance levels etc., because every spankee is different. Don’t spank Tisha, how u spank eve…. feel me? Some spankee’s might only require an otk with your hand, and others a belting with their panties down! So make sure u know what kind of spankee your dealing with

10. Never spank when angry-give yourself a chance to calm down, and put the spankee on a time-out to give them a chance to think about what brought them to this point! Reflection is good for both spanker and spankee

11. Be trust-worthy!

12. Make sure u always keep your word cuz I feel if your word aint shit, neither are you! Don’t be a liar, that is the worst thing to be when you’re a disciplinarian, or anywhere else!

13. A good scolding or lecture before, during and after a spanking helps bring the point home a lot faster, without it the spankee may feel their lesson was in-complete, I think real disciplinarians know the importance of hearing your spanker lecture you!

P.S THIS LAST RULE IS VERY IMPORTANT, MAKE SURE WHEN YOU ARE DISCIPLINING SOMEONE THAT IT IS ALWAYS CONSENTUAL, MEANING you have their permission to discipline them, because if they say no, and you do it anyway, you could get in serious trouble, so be careful make sure they agree, or you have something in writing if this is not a partner or girlfriend/boyfriend, just cover your ass! o pun be careful !!!!!

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you may say, you are not tired, nor sleepy, and other fibs: how cheeky, but this must be said #go2bed, a good nights sleep is strong medication #StrictMotivation

Unwise choices in the past often hold us back from becoming who we would wish to be. It is important to address and let go of those dysfunctional patterns. Though no-one can change the past, you will get help to not be a victim of circumstance but a victor and get empowered to move on and grow from it. We will modify your behavior to ensure a better present and create a brighter future for you, through a do-able, individually tailored step by step approach.#StrictMotivation (c)2016

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I was at a family event last weekend. It was not fun because of one particular family member. She wouldn't accept that I didn't want to talk to her or that I didn't want to listen to what she had to say. I walked away, I spoke to other family members but she would always insert herself into the conversation and start verbally going after me about things that hadn't happened. I tried hard to avoid her but she was like an annoying fly that wouldn't leave me alone. After about half an hour of her constantly bugging me I made the stupid decision to drink. I don't think it would have been too stupid of a decision except that I knew drinking wasn't a good idea because of a couple of health conditions and medications that I take and the fact that I was very drunk by the end of the event.

I'm very sorry about making the stupid decision to drink. I knew it was not the best option and I knew I would get into trouble because of it. I'm very sorry.

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this weekend is the first in forever that we haven't had some family function to go to so I should be able to stay home n relax BUT I have 4 lil girls who wanna spend the night on Friday.. one 11 yr old, her 8 yr old cousin, and another 8 yr old cousin with her 2 yr old sister.. they will probably arrive around 330pm on Fri... the two sisters will leave about noon-1pm on Sat n I know they said they wanna bake some bread so we have to squeeze that in sometime... the other two will leave sometimes around 3-4pm... then around 5 pm one of my daughters is comin to visit with her 3 boys ( 9, 5, 4) n her 1 yr old daughter and the boys have informed me they wanna make rice krispie bars AND peanut butter balls lol.. so we will be busy for sure... I cant wait.. :)...PS AND Poppy n I might just get in some phone time too ..

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Apparently the real world is thinking of us these days - this sculpture is in the Tate Modern!

Ow! Ow! Ow! I just have to rub!

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in my gallery titled: learning to love femdom

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I've only posted one video so far but I'm looking for feedback on what my friends want to see in the videos. What to wear, (I have a large wardrobe of shorts and underwear that I can post a picture of) what to use (So far I only have a leather paddle but will be buying a wooden one very soon) and how to punish my naughty bottom. Thanks ;)

PS-Basically wanting to give myself instructed spankings. If you have a request inbox me or comment below. Spanking also turns me on very much so if anyone wants/suggests stroking or any other related demonstrations feel free to let me know. I love creativity.

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To everyone who added me with all the sweet messages. I didn't reply... what a jerk.... Sorry! I forgot that you couldn't go back and see who all sent them once you hit add... so I couldn't message you all individually and respond to your comments.

Wanna chat? I'm friendly. Most of the time. Send me a PM and i'll reply :D

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#RiseAndShine dont waste your time trying to control circumstance or other people’s reaction. Just fix your own behavior. #StrictMotivation

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How would, or did, you tell your spouse about spanking?

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I would like to know which girl you would like to give a hard spanking! I know they both need spankings but I want to know which one you would prefer. The girl in the blue tights or the girl in the purple tights.

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I had a horrible night. I was supposed to be in bed hours ago and I am wide awake. Serious questions. Are you morally compelled to tell your disciplinarian all of your mistakes and bad behavior? Do you keep it to yourself out of fear of being disciplined?

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Molten wax trickling
Like drops down a pane
Exposing inner whitness
Opposed to outer blackness
Desecrating cylindrical
Perfection with quickly
Hardening ridges from
Pieces of its disappearing forrm
Weeping the loss
Yet standing erect like
Soldiers waiting silently
For battles eyes nervously
Flickering completely
Unwavering until...

This is what it was supposed to look like but I can't format it on here like that..

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Lost you once
Found you again
A woman outside
Little girl within
Independent and Strong
Scared and Weak
Daddy's little girl
Never cry please

Like jewels that sparkle
Diamonds that shine
Gold, Siver, Platinum
Never to die
Always your Pearl
Forever in your eyes
Daddy's little girl
Always inside

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If you like me have a cheeky and annoying little brother there is only one thing to do and have him over your knee but if you only have a sister and she is the same do exactly the same to her

Northern Spanking