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Hi again

A parcel arrived today.
Whether I should regret its arrival remains to be seen.

I suspect that will be the case though.

It was from the English Cane Company who provided truly excellent service, thank you Lady Pandora. The cane was made to order and was delivered very promptly.I’d use the term ‘implement’ usually to refer to a cane but I think the word for this one should be ‘weapon’.

We had 6 canes of different weights already. All recent punishments have been administered by Ms E using the heaviest of these. However, this new Tohiti cane is in a different league. It is longer, thicker and denser which makes for a fearsome combination.

In the ‘Dice’ video you will have noticed I struggled with our old cane, probably because my bum was still sore from the previous caning. Goodness knows what this one will be like.

Watch this space!

Take care.


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I was reading a story of a lady being spanked that was overheard by a neighbor and how embarrassed she felt that someone now knew. For quite a lot of those in our spanking community it is both exciting and a dreaded situation. It reminded me of something that happened to me, many years ago. I have already said that my ex was an avid spanker and myself an avid spankee so the frequency of spankings was, l am pleased to say, high. In the late 80's we went on our first cruise, on what must have been the smallest ship out there, the Vera Cruz, but also a lot of fun especially as l got three good spankings in the seven days.....fantastic. Anyway we were getting ready to go ashore when She decided a spanking would be a good way to start the day. Having recently showered l had not dressed so it was a simple thing to put me over her knee. The spanking was going along and was about half way through which meant my bottom was getting sore and red when the cabin door opened. I was facing away from the door but from my position l could see the feet of one of the four Women cabin attendants on our deck. My first instinct was to jump up but my ex would not have that and so there l lay, draped over Her knee. She was very calm and just said that we would be done in a little while and were going ashore so the cabin would be empty. I have no idea how long this whole thing took but it did strike me at the time that the Lady seem to take some time to leave and close the door. With that done the spanking continued until She was satisfied with the result.

I have to admit that it was both odd and a little exciting not knowing who it was that saw me in that situation. My ex did of course, but never told me, and they all wore the same shoes. I am also quite sure that the attendant did not keep it a secret either so l am guessing that they all knew but never saw any indication. For the rest of the cruise l made sure the Do Not Clean sign was up while in the cabin

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Aloha from Spinner I live on the island of Maui STI's (sexually transmitted infections) Syphilis, HIV and Hep C is everywhere on Maui where single young men and women are playing "between the sheets" and to make it more intense High School has started in the last couple weeks. Share this with a son or nephew and tell them to share it with their buddy's. Everyone got to stay Healthy here! Get the word out to young local and visitors tell them to keep their pants up if they live here or kidding brah..
If you think your going to have problems come see me. I have no qualms about giving out a dozen strikes with a razor strap on your bare ass (mentoring, a teachable moment) to remind you to Keep your pants up Spread the word..If not now then when?
Spinner HIV outreach Maui USA
I attend Church and love God and Jesus with all my heart and I hate seeing young men getting sick and I'm REALLY good about getting a point across believe me. I got razor strops, wood/plastic paddles and couple well worn bath-brushes and I love using them on men with board shorts down to ankles and restrained.
There is something to be said about focused pain and mixing it up with testosterone, adrenaline and endorphin's that ain't no tattoo but a male to male paddling on a rear that is bare.
Since the beginning of time young or older adult males have been playing, teaching, mentoring or punishing each other with the paddle to get a point across (no lying, stealing, disrespecting) and to wake you up and get you out of that rut (smoking pokalolo instead of finding work, skipping school or being high at school) just to name a few. We all get in ruts God knows I do. My Portuguese friend that has been here his whole life calls the strapping I do "a bit of Hawaiian love". So if you need a wake-up call to snap you out of this rut of not knowing when to keep your pants up, look me up. I love whippen guys with ink, guys into seeing how much pain they can take and young men that need some direction.
The razor strop, my first choice and after a couple or so strikes raises your voice. That first strike with the strop on your bare ass, the crack, snap sound of it, the reaction and welt soon after, shootz buddy, I can't get enough of it. If your a young men that needs some direction from me it truly is OK this strapping happened. I strap hard but don't harm and yelping, crying and screaming is good for reducing stress and waking you up. Some of us learn the hard way including me. We get strapped, slapped and knocked down more then once in life. Wake up one morning so deep in a rut there is no daylight. Some end up in jail and some make up their own jail in their head once like me begging to be free. All of us keep learning and growing and believe it or not I just figured it out we never stop growing till the day we drop. One thing after all these years I can't seem to shake after each time I'm finished whippen a young or older adult male feels like I got a thorn stuck in my side and I'm falling from Grace.
PS I will let you in on a secret that only a handful on Maui know. I'm Santa on Vacation here escaping from the snow. No Christmas eve male to male strapping just to let you know so wherever your at in the world don't forget to leave a little glass of milk please along with some fresh baked peanut butter cookies. It's real plain to me whether your naughty or nice. I'm just asking GIVE YOURSELF A BRAKE why not stay Stay Healthy for such a nice prize BIG Sugar Plums and sweet looking Frilly Bums for the rest of your life!

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So sorry to everyone I have not been on in a while. I have been busy with the move and wedding planning. But I get more excited with every step closer to the wedding. We have picked the colors date venue and we have my dress!! :D I'm one very happy girl. Thank you again for all the congrats.

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Hello all,I am back after an unplanned break from this place. I do have real-life demands that limit my time here but I hope to visit more often. Please don't take offence if I take a while to respond to mails or such, it is not personal. With a cheerful wave and a kiss x

Edit: By God's grace I have torn down my former profile and have crafted anew. This time I speak from the heart.

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Each time I log in I find more and more friend requests.. I have denied many only to have them request again.. maybe I sound rude by denying them but ill say two things.. ONE ive learned I let myself get close n that turns out sucky n TWO im not a good friend anyhow so I spare yas that headache :)

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got pulled over on my way to work this morning... 332am to be exact..was singin to the radio n guess wasn't payin attention to how fast I was goin til I saw the red lights behind me.. too late!!.. officer asked if I knew how fast I was goin... I said yeah...he said.. how fast? I said.. 80..he said 81... asked where I was headin... ( to work)..where was I comin from.. ( home).. took my license n registration n then came back.. he let me go with NO ticket..just told me to be careful n no more speedin... I thanked him n went on my way...ty ty ty officer...

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Views: 196 · Added: 2 days ago

I know when people first join ST , perhaps it's all new and they are just feeling their way , so they may not know what to put on their profile . But surely there is no excuse when you have been a member for a while .....I seem to be coming across too many people who just won't put any info in their profile .They may of course have their reasons , and it isn't obligatory , but its much nicer when you have an idea about the person your are contacting ; or is contacting you .Many people won't rate or friend anyone with a blank profile , so you could be missing out . Just a bit of basic info would be helpful : age ,likes , dislikes , country ...... You can say a lot about your self without compromising your privacy ..just some thing to give it a human come on , fill in your profile .

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Have you ever noticed when your on a mobile device and toggle between this site with programs such as messenger apps or texting apps that this site automatically signs you off? I am guessing that this is a security prompt that was set up by the developers of this site, which is a good thing, but it really gets on your nerves when your trying to multitask, lol :)

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Confucius say.. Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day.

Husband says to wife.. "what would you do if I won the lottery?"
Wife replies " Take half and leave your sorry ass"
Husband replies " Good, I won $12 here is $6 now get out!!"

Ive been told Im going to hell for my excessive use of the word FUCK
I have rented a bus if any of you fuckers need a ride ( PS, Im drivin)

A slightly drunk woman is watching tv and yells " Don't go there! Don't go to the church you dumb bitch!"
Her husband asks "What are you watching"
"Our wedding video"

Conversation with my period.
PERIOD: you made plans tonight? BAM Im two weeks early
PERIOD: brand new sexy underwear? BAM not anymore bitch!
PERIOD: lol what diet you're going to eat everything on that shelf and you know you will!
PERIOD: you face looks pretty good tonight so BAM pimple BAM pimple BAM pimple
PERIOD: school? bitch mode activated
PERIOD: I know I left two days ago but guess WHO'S BACK?? MUAHAHAHAHA

A wife treats hubby by taking him to a strip club for his birthday. At the club the doorman says " Hi Jim, How are you?" The wife asks " How does he know you?"
Jim says " Oh dear I play football with him'
Inside the bartender says "the usual Jim?"
Jim says to Wife "before you say anything Hes on the darts team"
Next a stripper says "Hi Jim do you crave the special again?"
The wife storms out dragging Jim with her and jumps into a taxt
The taxi driver says "Hey Jimmy Boy! You picked up an ugle one this time"
Jims funeral is on Sunday

The sexual position formally known as 69 is now called 96 due to the economy , the cost of eating out has gone up.

A little old lady went to buy cat food. She picked up three cans but was told by the clerk " Im sory but we cant sell this to you without proof you have a cat. Too many senior citizins are buying cat food to eat. Managemet wants proof that you are buying this for your cat" So the old lady went home and brought back her cat and was sold the cat food.
The next day she tried to buy two cans of dog food and was again told she had to have proof she had a dog . So she went home and brought back her dog and was sold the dog food.
The next day she brought in a box with a hole in the lid and asked the cashier to stick her finger in the hole. The cashier said "No you might have a snake in there" the old lady assured her there was nothing in the box that would harm her so the cashier put her finger in the hole in the box and quickly pulled it out and exclaimed "That smells like crap" The old lady replied " it is, I want to buy two rolls of toilet paper"

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As I write this, my life seems to be falling together and falling apart in equal measure. After around four months of hobbling about on a fractured heel, I am now ready to re-enter the hall of pain (the gym).

The quality of my rosytales blogspot is being enhanced, as our very own Viola has kindly allowed me to post some of her stories on there. And now that I again have a working PC, I can return to writing some stuff myself.

I was talking to a friend recently about online relationships, and I sent her this little section in an email.

“As for cyberlife, I have talked to many people over the years, meeting some, skype and talking with others. I feel I have been lucky, I have had no bad experiences, met no evil people, though two did try to save my soul. A very lost cause if ever there was one!
Many, have flattered me and made me feel good about myself, some have remained great friends, in one case an exceptional friend, others have been more transient. But, I wouldn't change or alter my interactions, even with the benefit of hindsight. “

That statement still holds true, however, sometimes a relationship can end so abruptly without any warning, that you worry about the other person's health. Another friend of mine says that I over-think things and worry too much about people. To a certain extent, she is right, but I only ever worry about people who are important to me.

So, if that person I am referring to should happen to read this, just a quick email to say you are OK would put my wandering mind to rest.

I wish everyone in Spankville a good autumn!

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I have come to the conclusion that this Daddy/ Baby girl thing is not for me. I had one who lost interest, one who was too strict and my latest just disappeared into air. We were together 2 months and it was wonderful, Daddy was very attentive and gave me doable rules and we communicated wonderfully. Then our time got all messed up. Him with family and pets and me with a new night job.

Our chatting and skyping and phone calls just got less and less and one day he just stopped talking. He gave no indication that anything was wrong. its like he just fell off the edge of the world.

He never replied to my texts. I know he didn't die because he is still on this site as of 3 hours ago.

Daddy , I hope you read this and know how much you broke my heart and i never ever thought you would ever just leave without an explanation. All you needed to do was tell me why and i would have to live with it but since you did what you did I feel I have the right to come on here where i know you will see this.

You made me afraid to ever open up to another daddy ever again.

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I just thought I would drop a quick note to let everyone know that we are still here and doing well. Life has just gotten so busy lately that we have not had much time for setting up cameras and such.

I can guarantee you that the spankings are still happening, although a little less frequent as we deal with vanila life stuff.

A couple of nights ago Daila got pissed with me before bed, and because we now have her 18 year old daughter living with us we have had to watch how loud we get as Daila pulls out a simple plastic fly swatter and tells me to get across the bed. I made the mistake of laughing at her with her little plastic doo daad. Let me tell you something. The way she swong that thing to my backside with a ilttle wrist flip on the felt like a whip. I even begged her to check to see if it was cutting into me. It did, in fact, leave my ass very red and stinging by the time she got done with me...and it barely made a sound.

Daila sure is creative and skilled. Not someone to fuck with thats for sure.


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So when you pass on who will hide your secretes?

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For my punishment, not only did I have to post about it on here, but I had many rounds of spankings with a paddle. First and second round were 80 on each cheek. The third was 20 on each sit spot and 15 on each thigh. It was originally 15 and 10, but my mouth got me in trouble. For the last round, I had to video tape me doing 60 on each cheek. After this punishment, I will NEVER speed again. I am lucky that I did not hurt myself or anyone else. I am upset with myself for thinking it was okay. Now not only is my bottom sore and red, but I have to sit in a hard chair and type this out...

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ok so at work today I was trying to help another associate get a can of oranges down off the shelf above my head...the cans are HUGE and I was stretchin as far up as I could on my tippy toes usin the tip of the knife to inch the can closer to the edge so I could catch it when it falls ( I do this all the time)...however I didn't know there was ANOTHER can on top of the one I was workin with n yep u guessed it...the can on top came crashing down right on top of my head... OUCHIE !... I stumbled backwards but didn't fall but immediately felt the blood. I grabbed a cloth n headed to the ladies room ... I locked myself in the stall so no customers would come In and see me and I tried stopping the blood... the girl I had helped came in a few mins later to check on me but I told her I was ok... I waited a bit longer, putting pressure on the cut.. my head was already throbbing and the cut itself stung like crazy.. I came out the stall n checked in the mirror, I wasn't able to see anything but I cleaned up the blood as best I could.. another woman I work with also came in to check on me.. I HATE that kind of attention.. I find it very embarrassin so I assured her I was fine n scooted out past her n back to work.. I passed one of my managers and he asked if I was ok n I assured him I was... I got thru the work day takin Aleve head hurt but my eyes hurt more if that makes sense n occasionally id see white dots ..twice throughout the day I had to leave my station because the blood trickled down my face or my ear.....I came home n again couldn't see anything in the mirror because of where it is... my daughter stopped by n I had her help me check it out n she said I got it good.. I have a half circle on my head from the can edge... yes I think I was blonde in another lifetime lol....

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Views: 302 · Added: 4 days ago

I am about to get a spanking for being so careless as to speeding, and getting pulled over. I know it was the wrong thing to do and am very sorry. Although I do not want it, I know it is much deserved so I can learn a lesson.

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Views: 241 · Added: 4 days ago

There are pornographic spanking videos where the woman is paid for enduring pain and then those in which we are invited to watch a sexual act. An example of the first might be College Girls Caned, tho they are in the majority. The other kind is typified by Strapping.

I dislike the first but love the second yet have a number of the first kind among my favorites. Why is this?

I think its because they are so realistically acted that they are genuinely arousing. The sexual element is supplied by the observer.

Watching Spanking Tube is itself a sexual act of course by as foreplay some videos work, for me, better than others.

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Views: 254 · Added: 4 days ago

The meanest of his straps had been selected.
No miracle of mercy was expected.
The limits of severity were tested.
The worst he'd ever given me was bested.
My promise to behave was not believed.
His name is the Deceiver, not Deceived.

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Washington and Oregon's state motto.

Anyway I'm back from my trip and will be adding some new content. Seattle was brutal going down and coming back and added an hour onto my travel time.

Happy travels folks.


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