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If I was one of your children and you saw me in hand cuffs. What Kind of punshiment would you give me? Fully details plz

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The cane...stick of pain.
Hurts so much!!!
Only second to a cable
Used on my ass-
Just this morning
Lost my temper
Ignored Sir-
The warning he gave
Sent to the room
Awaiting my punishment
Scared to death...
Regretting what I said
A serious offense
Sir's cable...
I'll be spanked with!!!!

It's been two months
Since the cable...
Satan's Fingers-
Touched my ass
So fearfully I sat
The circles of fire
That cable left...
Crying already!!!!

Sir surprised me-
Used the cane instead
So relieved...until...
The stick of pain-
Struck my ass!!!!
Heat radiating from beneath
Fighting to reach the surface
Painfully escaping...
Bottom burning...
Dodging each time...

Too me the cane-
Hurts the most!!!!
Second to a cable
Hitting so hard!!!!
Thankfully my thighs-
Sit spots were spared
Sir focused on my bottom
Putting lines of fire...
All over my poor ass!!!!

Finally over...
Hurting so much
Yet feeling better
Because I deserved it
I earned every line
Every single mark
By a big-heavy-thick-
Wooden paddle-
In the shape of a stick
Sir calmly wielded...
The stick of pain!!!!

I once tried to break it
But it was too thick-heavy-
So strong...uuggghhhh!!!!
Lucky for me-
Sir never knew
If Sir found out-
The cable would appear-
To whip my ass to tears!!!!
Hiding or breaking...
Implements from a Dom
Is the worst thing a Sub...
Could possibly do-
That and disrespect too
Sir hates that the most!!!!

Sir was really mad...
Never touched me-
No orgasms or pleasure
Pain only this time
I don't want sex after-
Serious spankings-
So I was ok...thank goodness
Sir calmed down-
Punishing me...
Using a cane on my ass
The stick of pain!!!!

(FYI...Still so Sore...)

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Capture me. Bound me. Squeeze my balls. Stroke that fucking cock through my shorts and make my cum seep through. Paddle my ass. Abuse me in ways unimaginable.

Clare Spanks Men
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Years ago I wrote some SpankFic, originally for my own amusement. I posted some on the old boards at,, and where the reaction was generally gratifying. I see some writing here that I have enjoyed, Janie, so I thought I would try something here. What follows is based on my real relationships with a real spanky girl. I have written from her viewpoint, including inner dialogue that seems to represent her views of my actions when I was her Daddy-Dom.

I am dividing this story into manageable chunks. I will try to post every other day around 5 PM Eastern Time Please let me know what you think.


I’ll have to tell Daddy. I don’t want to. I’m afraid he will be mad, but if I don't tell him right away and he finds out later, then I will be in trouble for sure. I shouldn't be in trouble now. Everything I did was good, all things he likes me do. I was outdoors in the nice weather. I got a lot of healthy exercise. I think I almost killed myself.

I packed a sandwich and my water bottle, grabbed a book, hopped on my bike and headed down the river trail to where Piney Creek joins the river. There is a great spot up in the woods where I can sit and be alone, read, and watch the deer. And no cell service, so no interruptions. But it is on the other side of the creek. I have always come to it on the other side, from the road, not the bike trail. Now I had to cross the creek. It looked easy, not deep. So I grabbed my pack and started across. Not deep, knees maybe. Except where it was deeper. I put a foot down and it didn’t reach the bottom. So I flailed for another spot, hit a slippery rock, and fell flat on my backpack. That knocked the wind out of me and scared some other stuff out me at the same time. I crawled back to my bike and stood there until I stopped shaking with fear and dripping creek water. Then I pedaled home. Now I have to tell Daddy. And he will want to make a bunch of silly Rules.

I told him, just like I told you, then in my best Very Little Girl voice I asked, “Daddy, am I in trouble?”

There was a terrible pause. I figured he was calculating just how bad it was going to be. “No, JoLynn, you aren’t this time. You were trying to be good, to do good things. You aren’t in trouble for that. BUT. It was dangerous. Down there by yourself. If you had been injured, what would you have done? So, there is now a new Rule: When you go somewhere, you must tell me where you are going and when you expect be back. Understood?”

What I understand is that when Daddy makes a Rule, I better say, “Yes, Daddy,” no matter how much I hate the Rule or how stupid I think it is.

“Yes, Daddy.”

I have been obeying this dumb rule. I text to say I am going to the bank. I email to say I am going to the beach. Daddy answers, “Good girl!”

Now I want to go shoe shopping. This shouldn’t be a problem. Except that Daddy thinks I have too many shoes. If I tell him I bought some shoes, he asks how many I got rid of. I try to explain that’s not how it works, but he doesn’t understand.

So I went to Shoe Tree. Just a quick trip. I’m not going to break my leg and drown at the mall. Daddy really doesn't need to know. All I got was sparkly pink ballet flats and orange tennies to go with my new pink short-all. And home in perfect safety.

Daddy is stopping by this morning. I’m dressed as his cute little, little girl in a pink sundress and the sparkly flats.

“Good morning, JoLynn. I want to tell you how proud of you I am for obeying the new Rule and telling me where you are going.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” Does he see how much I am blushing?

“Those shoes are cute with that dress. Are they new?”

“Sort of. Would you like some ice tea, Daddy?” Gotta change the subject.

“No, thank you. Is this the box for them? With this receipt, dated yesterday, when you didn't tell me about going anywhere?”

Busted! “Yes, Daddy.”

He’s talking very quietly. I am so scared.

Busted! For ignoring that stupid Rule. Which is why Daddy is now leading me back the hall toward my bedroom, leading me by the ear, which is usually a pretty bad sign. No shouting, also a bad sign. Just pulled over one knee so I am half-sprawled across my bed. I feel the hem of my cute little pink sundress being flipped up across my back. I doubt the lacey frills on my panties are going to make much difference. Crap! I hear him rattling around in the Bad Drawer of my nightstand. That’s how we talk about it together. I call it the Bad Things Drawer because all the things he keeps in there are pretty bad. He calls it the Things for a Bad Girl Drawer. So we sort of compromised.

Suddenly I am thinking of Johnny Cash, because there is a Ring of Fire in the middle of my right bottom cheek. I know that feeling all too well: the hairbrush. I think he likes the loud smack it makes, That and the fact that after a session with this brush I tend to behave exactly as he wants me to. I don’t like anything about it.

“I had just finished telling you how proud I was of you obeying the new Rule, when I find out that you deliberately broke it.” Another burning circle on the left cheek. The sound echoes in the room.

“I made the Rule so I can help keep you safe.” Another swat, overlapping about half with the first, but a little lower.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I just suddenly realized I needed shoes to go with this dress, so I ran out to the mall without thinking about telling you. It’s really safe there.” I’m not really sorry. He would have told me I don’t need more shoes. What I don’t need is this dumb rule.

“I made the rule because you sometimes make bad, unsafe decisions. (Back to the left cheek) I want the chance to stop you before you hurt yourself. (Right cheek. Damn! This brush hurts.) That means you obey the Rule (Right) or you don’t go. (Left)

He finally stopped. I don’t know how many. I lost count somewhere past 12 because I was too busy crying. Now I’m standing here in this corner, told not to rub, toes touching the walls, nose touching both walls so I can’t look around to see if he is watching. This would probably not be a good time for me to test him. Plus, I am grounded for two weeks. Grounded means I am not allowed to leave the house without permission from Daddy. And I will only get permission for actual important stuff, like going to the bank or a doctor. To make sure I don’t cheat, I have to check in when I get up and then every half hour all day. By Skype or some other video service so he can see my house in the background. Stupid Rules.

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Whilst I was doing my sketch this morning, Master was watching behind me.
“ How about we change the sketch from daily to weekly, and we can have a Friday Sketch Reveal Day. Then you can spend more time on each sketch, working on the details. I don’t mean I don’t think they’re good, they are, they’re very good, but sometimes there are times when things look odd. Hands and feet need a bit of work. “
I laughed, “ Yes, they’re very hard sometimes. “
“ You can spend time filling the whole page, so if it’s a bedroom scene, add the stuff you would find, wardrobes, windows, curtains. That sort of thing. Having a week to do it will give you more time to really get it detailed. “
I think I must have looked puzzled, so he told me to bring yesterdays sketch and see what its like.
The sketch was the girl on the settee, with a bath brush by her side.
So he said, “ I could try putting more design on the settee, the hands are definitely odd. It’s just a way of improving your talent in art. ‘
“ Okay, I will do that. Starting from when ? Today ? “ I asked.
“ No start from tomorrow. “ Master said. “ I know your fans will miss seeing your daily art work, but I think they will appreciate seeing detail. If it takes you a day to draw a pair of hands, it doesn’t matter, coz you have a week to do it. “

I am a bit nervous about this, I desperately want to make amends after my behaviour yesterday, and I want to make him proud. I do enjoy doing my sketches, somedays I can be doing them all day, in-between doing chores. Master thinks I’m past drawing poster style sketches like the one I did on Wednesday, but maybe I can do them occasionally, adding more detail to the picture. So from tomorrow thats the plan, if anyone has any other websites they know have great pictures in, please let me know. I’ve been told about Tumblr today, which I discovered was very good. But any other sites or ideas will be great.
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DirtySerf had been misbehaving for some time and during her morning spanking, she wriggled, covered her tits and swore a lot.
Master set some lines for her to do, but she had no chair.
Instead, Master slid her panties down, lifted her skirt up, told her to bend over and lean on the table.
Whilst she wrote her lines, Master thrashed her ass with his leather strap. It was incredibly hard for DirtySerf to concentrate on writing neatly whilst her ass burned and the pain so intense, but she did it. She needed to make Master proud and forgive her.
He lay the strap across her bottom, and gently stroked her hair, as she sobbed quietly, and carried on writing.
She was very sorry for her actions and will try harder.

Clare Spanks Men
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So I got a phone call yesterday .from a mentor . He reads my BLOGS daily and was very shocked I didn't get my ass wore out for. Admitting to cutting. He said even though there were no visible marks. I still did it and it was wrong. Should have gotten punshment for it. He gave me a lecture about it . Heaaled me why would I cut myself and I said (I don't know) he didn't like that answer.
He feels my Sir was to soft on me.. yes I have alot of stress but I shouldn't have cut myself for any reason. Now IAM sitting here writing my BLOG telling on myself again . I promised not to do it anymore. No matter what... My Sir will probably be mad cause I talked to my friend that's a mentor but. IAM sorry was good talking to him he lives far away . And he helps me deal with a lot.. for almost year now sorry Sir

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Really craving a discipline bare bottom over my knee which babygirl wants to take that offer?(:

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Driving my battered old van down a country lane I came across a lady who had broken down. I managed to fix her car for her quite quickly and she was so grateful she offered me a reward - anything I fancied. I told her, slightly embarrassed that I wanted a sore bottom. She couldn't find a hairbrush in her bag and neither was her or my footwear suitable. Sorry she said, looks like you're out of luck. Then I thought what the hell and snapped the aerial off my old banger. She bent me over the bonnet and laid it on good.
A couple of weeks later my bottom was no better so I paid a visit to the doctor who informed me it was the worst case he had ever seen of van aerial disease.

Clare Spanks Men
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Anyone remember getting spanked when you were in diapers?

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Francesca14 is by far the best account on here such an obedient girl very naughty and supportive of daddysir

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Babygirl wants to reward me by allowing a spanking of my choixe settle the amount of bratty behaviors and driving her what should I equal her bare bottom to what cost should a bratty girl get? Comment spanking suggestions and I’ll post the results

Clare Spanks Men
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So todays question is rather easy, I was watching a video composed of various diaper positioned females being spanked. Now to -me that is very difficult if not impossible position. I cant see myself doing a diaper position for a spanking- I think I would have to be strapped down before I get spanked mercilessly.

So to you! the reader I am asking what is 1 position that you have done or thinking about doing a spanking position that you yourself questioned?

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I got home from work tonight and my journal was sitting on the stool of my makeup table, I haven't written in it for 21 days. Mostly because I have been doing assigned research on poly dynamics as Sir is looking to add another Sub to our dynamic in the future, I have been researching and writing notes for us to go over but I didn't write them in my journal because I thought it was better to keep them separate. Sir wrote in my journal that I better have 21 days worth of notes by tomorrow or I'm getting a serious spanking. I hope he is happy with my notes, because I can see how it looks like I've been ignoring my journal, but I have been researching and trying to learn. If he feels like it's not enough, obviously I will accept my punishment, but I should have talked to him more about the research so I didn't end up in this situation. I don't think it's really fair if I get punished, but I respect Sir's decision and I will gladly accept it,to end the guilty feeling that I disappointed him.

Clare Spanks Men
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So. Let me u all in on something .I live with friends that are pill addicts I mean over the top pill heads. He is passed out on love seat she is passed out while eatting food . Good God . I don't do pills at all . So IAM sitting here babysitting two grown ass people she is 57 he is 56 I have. Cleaned and cooked and cleaned again. And done laundry.. it's really hard to deal with my shit when I have to deal with this... Took I give up... What's next..dammmm I don't think there is a long enough ass whooping to get rid of my stress.dammmmm

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yay I can finally write on the blog now I'm a happy lady xx

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I'm wanting to take a naughty boy over my knee and check their temp for them. Give their bottom a good rub. Then I want to switch places and get mine checked to.

Clare Spanks Men
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things in life sometimes have a way of getting the better of us......ive let this happen......i miss you mommy and need you to forgive me for my distance. i just need you mommy.

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So start of a new day. Going to clean and cook. And deal with my daily hell I live in. Changing my name to Cinderella. No lie that's all I do is cook clean and laundry... It is what it is .I guess .. my daughter messaged me yesterday. I didn't say much to her... Her morgtage is coming up so she wants to play nice so she can try to get half from me boy she is in for a shock. Hmmm don't think so... Disrespect me u don't get a dime....

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